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 MARCH 10, 2012 Albequerque NM

Hotseater: So, with the previous man that you spoke of a gap and a void? And I guess um, speaking from the beginning of the grid I see beautiful things happening; I'm gonna start a practice, I see all that at the end and it's gonna be beautiful but I guess there's like a fear, an anxiety; that gap that's kinda like...

Abe: (interrupting) Well, before you go further (we want to hear everything that you're saying, but let's just set this, since we're talking about this grid in a new way and) we think that as you begin to get your thoughts wrapped around it that it will be easier for you to move forward.

Hotseater: looks interrupted and attempts patience :))

Abe: So, when you think about...you see we want you to imagine a grid and the only thing you do with it is find emotions that feel good. You don't try to imagine your practice, you don't try to imagine the people that will come. You don't try to imagine...that was a sort of scripting process that we talked about years ago; and that's goal setting that a lot of people talk about. That's specifics that you don't want to get into right now. In fact, hear this: it's the most powerful grid statement that we are every going to make to you; WE DON'T WANT YOU TO TRY TO FILL THE GRID IN AT ALL. WE DON'T WANT YOU TO APPLY ANY SPECIFICS TO THE GRID. We want you to create an emotional grid  and trust that the universe will fill in the specifics. Get it?

Hotseater: Mhm (nodding yes)

Abe: Now, through life you know what you don't want; you know what you do want so you've put a lot of specifics into your vortex. And those specifics will be the ones that fill in, we promise you. But if you don't get hung up on needing to fill in the specifics..that's what makes that void for you, that's what makes that gap. Because when you get specific about something that you don't know how it's gonna come, where it's gonna come from, who's gonna bring it, when it's gonna get there; in other words, then you introduce resistance to the mix where if you stay general and you just concentrate on creating a grid about a subject that is a feeling thing and you trust; we'll say it again, these are the powerful words: AND YOU TRUST THE GRID WILL FILL IN WITH THE SPECIFICS,  then, as they fill in you'll recognize them. You'll say "I did that, I did that, I did that, I did that, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right, that's right, that's right, that's right." They'll  come with ideas; the grid will fill in with ideas, it will fill in with impulses, it will fill in with meeting things, it will fill in with opening a book and words just popping out to you; 70,000 words in the book and you saw five of them and they were just the words that you wanted to see because it's the grid filling in. All kinds of things will begin happening that are undeniable to you. This is my grid doing it's work because I did my work with the grid. You following?

Hotseater: Mhm (nodding yes)

Abe: So now, we want to continue the conversation; we know we've headed you off a little bit here because we put it in a different place but continue as you were and then we'll just climb your tree again. (audience laughs softly, hotseater didn't really catch that last part)

Hotseater: Okay, so I'm taking boards to get where I need to go, I did have one setback and I feel like my emotions got the best of me, because ummm

Abe: (interrupting) Well don't tell this story because you see this is grid making. Everything (Hotseater: yeah) is grid making. Everything that you are doing is grid making. And so here you are. You've got seventeen seconds to create a grid. How do you want to use that time? You wanna talk about the setback?

Hotseater: No (shaking head no)

Abe: So, you see what we're getting at? And the tendency is to keep wanting to explain where you are, when where you are isn't where you want to be, so why make that the basis of your grid? Pretty soon you're all just going to sit here and "oommm" (audience laughs, hotseater has lightened up and is laughing too)


So, talk to us some more and we'll climb your tree again.


Hotseater: Okay. (pause...gets it, laughs, pleased now)


Abe: This is helpful, don't you think? At your expense.


Hotseater: Yeah.


Abe: And benefit. And benefit.


Hotseater:Yes. (to "and benefit")  Okay, so you made a lot of sense to me today with emotions because feeling has a lot to do with it


Abe: Yes, yes. yes (interrupting during last sentence almost, then just does as hotseater says "so" again Abe says ..) So I love the track I'm on. And I'm really eager for it to become more, and I know that it will. And I like the idea of it filling in. And I realize that my work is simpler than I've made it out to be, and I've been doing a good job and it's getting easier and better for me. And I know that the outcome will be good.


Now see, these are really general statements, but they are general statements that induce an emotion that feels good. I know I'm on the right track. Now, "KNOWING" is an emotion, "I feel eager" is an emotion. "I'm feeling satisfied with where I am" is an emotion. "I'm happy that things are unfolding" is an emotion. " I like this" is an emotion. I feel good about where I'm at. I'm exciting (Abe is taking off again now) to see what comes. I'm eager to see how my grid fills in. I believe in the law of attraction. And I KNOW I have the ability to focus. And I like that Abraham is teaching me to focus on what really matters which is how I feel. And how I feel is happy. How I feel is satisfied. Or how I WANT to feel is happy. How I WANT to feel is satisfied. Even if you don't quite feel it yet, you can say "I want to feel there, I'm looking forward to getting there" In other words, you don't have to say it if it isn't, just use the words. (Hotseater is nodding) I like my grid filling in. I LIKE it filling in with me doing well on these certifications. I like being good at this. I like what will come next. I know I'm on the right track. See what we're getting at?


Hotseater: Yes.


Abe: Now, for some, it doesn't feel like enough but it is. It's not only enough, it's all that you can do. And it's not only all that you can do, it's the most important thing that you can do.


Do you believe that Law of Attraction is responding to you? Do you believe that there is a vibrational basis that is at the point of your attraction? Do you believe that you can control it? Do you like the idea of it being this grid? Don't you sort of want to work on this grid? Don't you want to get out a notebook and create your relationship grid and your financial grid and isn't it gonna be fun when you turn through the pages and you realize it's all the same thing? It's all the same thing! It's all the same thing. Secure. I love feeling secure! And I love feeling capable and I love feeling eager and most of all I love feeling happy!


We would like to zap you all..we..well, we'll zap you, you just see if you can get the zap or not; we'd like to zap you all with an awareness of the extraordinary and we mean that in terms of numbers and intensity of non-physical awarenesses and assistances that are focused on you right here, right now. We would like you to know how much, not support, because you don't need support, but positive attention is flowing your way. And when you make small efforts on this grid you'll harmonize with it; you'll resonate with it, and your point of attraction will shift to that powerful place. And as soon as today, lots of peices of evidence will show up in your personal experience to make you trust and believe and know the power of your goodness, of your worthiness, of your point of attraction. You see?


Hotseater smiles at Abe

Abe: Something more?

Hotseater (shakes head no) Thank you. (leaves seat immediately)

(Note: This is my observation of Abe's hotseat method that we get to see in these "hotseater interrupted events":  This is how to transmit the feeling when the logic has taken them as far as it can and they are acclimated to the tension of trying to figure out how to think things into place. That tension, by Law of Attraction can only get bigger and leads to festering which we then as humans seek other humans to help us with, thereby transmitting our tension and specific topics of discord to them if they don't know better than to engage, and/or are also acclimated to the tension of trying to control thoughts to control conditions...or are acclimated to  ANY topic at the setpoint of tension~DS)

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Backstory: Hotseater sits down and wants to speak to their inner being, not actually to Abe. He launches into a very long story that Abe interrupts several times and tries to get him to focus more productively, then after ten minutes have passed with this hotseater:

March 31, 2012 Session 1, last few minutes of session www.AbrahamLIVE.com copywrite Esther Hicks

Abe: We're not even listening to what you're saying. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah (waving hands in front of Esther) Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah (audience is laughing, hotseater appears delighted) It's just more of the same, more of the same, more of the same, more of the same. You gotta get to this feeling place. You gotta get to this feeling place. A feeling place. So when you know what you don't want, you know what you do want. So, do you feel bamboozled? Do you feel taken advantage of? (hotseater: yes) Do you feel that they presented something to you unfairly? (hotseater: yes) So, you feel ripped off, bamboozled, (guest: yes) you feel like a great injustice has been done. What's the opposite end of that? What's the opposite of that feel like?

(pause, hotseater has no answer)

Appreciated. Respected. (hotseater: yes!) Loved. Adored.

Do you think that these people and what happened represents the whole of the way the universe feels about you? Or was it just one little piece of some (hotseater: just some little piece) It's just a little temporary piece.

So, the basis of your grid: you love respect. You love to give it, you love to get it. You love doing things well. You like to present things.

The whole reason you wanted that bar/lounge: you wanted to provide an atmosphere where people could relax, a sort of safe haven, (hotseater: yes, a party every day) A sort of place where people could sort of leave their troubles outside the door. Just as an environment of well being. You like that feeling of respect and appreciation.

You like to feelyou like a place or a state of being that is sort of separate from the frenzy of the world. Separate from anything that is unsettling. Sort of a place where you can just be. Just be. Just be. Just be you and all of the wellbeing that surrounds you. All of the appreciation that you feel for others and others feel for you. Its so delicious to rest in a feeling of appreciation and well being. It's so nice to know that there are so many options out there and that there are people all around the area that are looking for a place that feels just like that. A place that they can just leave everything behind and that they can just sit for a little bit in an environment.

Your building represents this grid. It's this place, it's nice and dark in there, it doesn't really matter what it looks like because it's nice and dark in there. (audience laughs, hotseater: how do you know that?) There's comfortable music that is playing and it's a nice place to be and the people who are there are easy going and glad to see, nobody's talking about troubles in there, it's a place where everybody sort of leaves their troubles outside the door. In fact it might even be nice to put a sign outside on the door with a big bucket there that says "empty your pockets and your mind of your wearies and your woes, just leave it all here and come on in here where it feels really good to all of us; we welcome you in here where it feels so good". You might even name your bar "The Grid" Name it The Grid. (audience laughs and applauds) Name it The Grid (hotseater: Thank you, I was looking for name to change!) No one will know what  it means and no one will care, but you will know. You will know. It's the vibrational basis of wellbeing, you see. 

And as you rest in this place, it is our promise to you that in time all of the people in the area and people from far and wide will flock to this emotional center place. This place of well being that you have provided and the reason that you have provided it is because you experienced something in the beginning of it that took you so far from it that it caused you to launch a rocket of desire, when you say if it weren't for your family you just want to run away and leave, in other words you just sort of want to run away from all of it, you don't want to run away from that; you want to run away from the tension. Go to the grid. You want to run away from the discomfort; go to the grid. And it is our promise to you that as you rest in this place of wellbeing it will fill in with more and more and more, starting with good ideas, starting with employees that are happy to work with you then customers will start coming, ideas ideas ideas ideas ideas ideas ideas. One after another You will rendezvous with circumstances and events that will take you to a place where in not very long you will remember this life turning moment when you discovered that you have control over the only thing that matters, and that is your point of attraction. Everything that comes to you is based upon how you feel right now. And how you feel right now is really really good.

Good time for segment of refreshment.

Session ends.


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