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Let's do an I feel good today becase(fill in the blank) thread...

I feel good today because,

I'm thinking about hitting on the grocery guy I have a crush on or at least seeing him at the store very soon where he works again.

I'm planning more walking, hiking, time in parks because the weather is just starting to shift in OR and become a little spring like.

I get to watch my favorite tv shows online everytime I miss them on network tv.

I got to pet Bella, a sweet black cat I met a week ago and help her come out and be more friendly back at the humane society today.

I saw plenty of contributions to this list today of people focusing on good and appreications and desired visualizations today.

I just at my favorite diet bulk chocolate mint patty candy!

I got to watch Eat Pray Love today!

I live where I am right now FREE and I've decided the universe can provide me with another free nice local or CA based place to live in the LA area!

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I feel good today because it's my birthday and I got to spend some time with some amazing friends.

Happy Birthday!

Thank you :)

I feel good today because:

I went to church and heard LAW of Attraction talk!

I rested a lot this afternoon.

Tomorrow it's going to be an easy day as well.

I got my nail polish color correct the way I want it finally.

I talked to my mother.

One of my favorite tv shows is on now, "Once Upon a Time!"

I feel good today because:

Some of my favorite tv shows are on tonight.

I get to eat pepperoni.

I got to see some acquaintances today.

A supportive email came in when I was down on the emo. scale.

I have some of my favorite diet candy to eat tonight.

I think of cats often.

I'll listen to some Abe later and I'm looking forward to it.

My favorite British soap opera turned out to be an extra hour long last night! It is Downton Abby. I was thrilled!

I feel good today because I am connected and aligned.

I feel good today because I am appreciating my relationships with others.

I feel good today because I am empathetic.

I feel good today because I am focusing on the beautiful parts of my life.

I feel good today because today is going to be one of the best days of my life!

Happy birthday for yesterday!!!

I feel good today because.

I enjoyed my noontime meeting with friends/acquaintances much more today. I was directely as well easily to where the Social Security Admin. is located.

I got my shopping done, and my vitamins were buy one get one 1/2 off at GNC!

I get to sleep in tomorrow because my appointment isn't until the afternoon.

I saw the guy I have a crush on.

I was in awe as I saw at least a dozen guys buying nice things for their ladies at the grocery store later on this afternoon, it was quite a site! It made me think totally of how many women were being appreciated.

I feel good today because:

I saw the guy I have a crush on again!

Things went pretty well with my new Dr. today.

I'm eating my favorite diet mint peppermint patties right now! MMMMMMMM

A favorite tv show is on right now, I'm watching it, it's ONE TREE HILL

I'm making a new female friend online with things in common.

I have a very helpful hand held massager for all of my muscles.

I get to play online games today, and listen to Abe on the AbeTV thread!

I feel good today because I had an instant manifestation at the dentist.

I feel good today because I got my hair cut and recoloured.

I feel good today because a new understanding of how LoA all fits together, came to me.

I feel good today because I started a new diet and I'm feeling pretty good lol.

I feel good today because I was able to pivot on some important issues.

I feel good today because I've been in contact with a really cute person on line.


I got to spend time with a guy I have a crush on!!!!

I took it easy all evening.

I slept very well last night.

I got the things I wanted done done.

I chilled out much more than over the weekend.

I'm planning on being peaceful/easy/calm all week.

I'm much farther up the emo. scale than I was only 24 hours ago.

I'm looking for things to get me in and keep me into the vortex.


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