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We’re going to show you from where you stand, if we were standing in your
physical shoes, the effort that WE would be making, if we were standing in your
physical shoes, of soothing ourselves, if we were standing in your physical
shoes, back into alignment, with Us, so that we CAN stand in your physical


 Albuquerque, NM, 9-1-04

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Hear what we are saying, we have written a book about,
Ask and It Is Given, ASK AND IT IS GIVEN, Ask
and it is given, not ask and beat your brains out ..

ASK, and it is GIVEN,
you see.

You don't have to suffer, or struggle, or work hard for anything.

So if we were standing in your physical shoes we would
begin today saying,I ask and it has
been given.

When you define what you want, and you think about why you want it,
you clean your vibration up right away. And it comes easily.

Boca Raton, Florida,
This might be the best process of all. lol. I say that a lot, I think. But what I like about this one is you use your habit of listing positive aspects about what you want, which is easy to switch from future tense into what-is tense from...which folds "making peace with where you are" into the technique, and is doable in any conditions.

Or maybe I'm just looking for something to be enthusiastic about right now. ;)

What I like about you, Cyndi, is you are prolific in your Abe sifting, and always leave something good for others to enjoy in the process.

What I like about PI is all this stuff is here instead of in my computer. And sometimes there are conversations that spring up around this stuff. That's can be fun if you get a really good player.

What I like about what I am wanting is that I am enjoying the journey on my way to it. What I like about what I am wanting is the freedom of focus and activity that it allows me. I like flexibility in my day to day activities. What I like about what I am wanting is that it is well supported by the success of others. What I like about what I am wanting is that the only glass ceiling is the one that I myself impose, and I can shift that upward as my comfort level grows. What I like about what I am wanting is that it utilizes my guidance system and translates into monetary gains or losses...or opportunity to bank without evidence on what I feel to be right and true in any moment. What I like about what I am wanting is that it only depends on me and my willingness to participate.
If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would take great delight in this
leading edge environment. And we would DEVOUR the details of this life
experience. And if we find something we don't like, we would CELEBRATE! in the
knowing that we abhor that. Because in knowing that we abhor that, we KNOW that
there is an equal commensurate launching of a rocket of desire and we KNOW that
in our knowing of that, the world has become better.

And then we would do everything in our conscious deliberate power to begin
turning our attention to what we believe we have just asked for until -when you
get good at this, when you take the hit and then go to Who You Really Are, you
can begin to walk this planet keeping up with

Who You Really Are.

Washington, DC, 5-10-08, bi-monthly tapes
It is not your job to make something happen--Universal Forces are in place for
all of that. Your work is to simply determine what you want. . . If we were
standing in
your physical shoes, our attention would be upon bringing ourselves into
with the desires and preferences that we have launched--we would consciously
feel our way into alignment.

Manifest Your Desires: 365 Ways to Make Your Dreams a Reality, pg 105
(Originally from
Ask and It is Given)
"If we were standing in your physical shoes, in relationships, in groups, in
even in places where we live, our attitude would be - I'm temporarily here for
the benefit
that I can receive and give. I'm temorarily here. Don't make statements
like "this is where I belong forever and ever". This is just something that felt
good. The wedding vows would go something like, "I like you pretty good,
lets see how it goes". And we would apply that to everything. We'd say
that to perspective employers, but not to their face.."I like you pretty good
lets see how it goes"- to perspective lovers "I like you pretty good, lets see
how it goes"....

You feel just right for me RIGHT NOW- I wouldn't feel this impulse to
participate here if there were not some value for me- but please don't ask me to
always be here- because the perspective value will always keep changing and
changing, and I must go with it, because I must keep up with who I am.

Los Angeles CA 2-2-2008
Abraham: Well, most of you are a little bit impatient and you want to jump
in to the middle of things with your action in order to try to facilitate
them. Where what we would do, if we were standing in your physical shoes,
is we would align ourselves with our own desires and let the Manager called
Law of Attraction work things out. And by that -- let's take the example of
the lover. So you realize that you're feeling uncomfortable. And you could
offer the words that say, "I don't want to do this any more"...

Q: Which I did.

A: Which felt uncomfortable for you to offer and felt uncomfortable for him
to receive. Or you could acknowledge that you notice that you're not a
vibrational match. Now this is the thing that is hard to hear but when you
think about Law of Attraction as you know it to be, it makes perfect sense.
So let's say you are focused upon the things you like the most about this
person. And you beat the drum of those things. Maybe there's 10 things don't
like and one thing that you do, but you beat the drum of the thing that you
like. You beat the drum of what you want, which is not the predominant part,
let's say, for sake of our example.

So what happens is you activate within yourself the very best that you've
seen in this person, which means you activate that in them, which means your
relationship gets better. But let's say the part that you've activated,
which means the most to you, is a very small part of who this person has
practiced being.

Q: Right.

A: And so, as you make yourself not a reflector of who this person is, but a
reflector of only a part of who this person is, you stay in alignment, but
you lose your connection with this person because you begin offering a
vibration that is different from who this person is. In other words, as you
look at this person in his entirety and you beat the drum of everything that
he is, you're a perfect reflection of who he is, and it's logical that he
would be in your life forever -- all of the parts. But if you're only
beating the part that means the most . . .

Q: A-ha.

A: And what causes people to hold people they don't want in their
experience, to the point that then they have to offer some overt,
uncomfortable action in order to change it, is being sloppy in your
vibration by being an observer of what is rather than a deliberate offerer
of what you want to see.

Abraham, North Los Angeles, 8/17/03
Be easy about all of this. We make far too much of all of this. Really! You
know, life causes
you to put things in your Vibrational Escrow so that expansion has happened and
inevitable. And when you care about how you feel and you are guiding yourself
more and
more to good feeling thoughts, then you are deliberately coming into alignment
what's in your Vibrational Escrow.

Life is suppose to be really good for you. And it's suppose to be simpler in the
sense that
these are the basic tenants of your human experience. These things are always

• In your physical form, you are an extension of Broader Consciousness.
• You are Source Energy in a physical body and the basis of you is success and
and joy.
• You are an Eternally Expanding Being – and that is the reason that you have
come forth
into this time space reality.
• The contrast that surround you – sometimes you think you do not want – serves
enormously and helps you to specifically and uniquely identify that which is
important to

In other words, those things that happened you when you were three or four or
five, you
might not be actively aware of, but they are in your Vibrational Escrow. So you
might say I
am unconscious in that I can't speak about them – but we want to say to you that
everything that is in your Vibrational Escrow you can feel. While you may not
know exactly
how you want it to play out, you do know that you want to feel good, you do know
you want to feel joy, you do have a vibrational basis of understanding of what
you are
reaching for.

And so if you will make the emotional genre, that which you are reaching for,
rather than
the intellectual, then whether it is subconscious or conscious will become
irrelevant. When
you reach for the feeling tones of things, you always activate the vibration in
its most full
conscious active state – and that's where the most powerful deliberate creating
• So you came forth deliberating intending to explore contrast, understanding
expansion would be constant.
• And then you said, "I will let my feelings be my guide. I will care about the
way I feel and
I will allow myself, by sniffing out the best feeling thoughts I can find moment
by moment
– to come into my expanded awareness of Who I Am.

So we think caring about how you feel is the surest way to be conscious. And if
we were
standing in your physical shoes, we would be consciously aware and always
seeking a
conscious awareness of how we feel. That would be what we would be working on.
would not be trying to sort out thoughts or facts. We would be aware of how we
feel. It
would dominate our vocabulary. We would be saying things like, "I feel awareness
and I
feel enlivened. And I feel expectant. And I feel certain. And I feel
anticipation. And I feel
exhilaration. And I feel positive anticipation." That's the best way to feel. "I
feel eagerness.
I feel hopeful. I feel secure. I feel easy. I feel worthwhile. I feel eager. I
feel expansive. I feel
exhilarated. I feel stable. I feel interested. I feel sure. I feel …" And of
course you can feel
that we are feeling for the best feeling side of the equation. But as you decide
that you are
going to be an articulator your quest for these feelings, what begins to happen
is you
begin to dominate your vibration with the thoughts that revolve around those
feelings and
you'll shore up your point of attraction and then Life will give you the
evidence of it and it
will be irrelevant how conscious or unconscious any of the thoughts are because
feeling will be that which is dominant.

Abraham - Alaska Cruise 7.08.07A
Everything is about life. The only question that, if we were standing
in your physical shoes, we would ask ourselves is, "In this moment,
am I making the best use of my life?" In other words, "As the idea of
my mother comes, am I choosing the most uplifting thought about her?
As I focus upon my mate, am I choosing the most uplifting thought? As
I focus upon my physical body, am I choosing the most uplifting
thought?" And most of you are not. Most of you are choosing the
loudest thought. Most of you are choosing the most present or the
most obvious.

When the question is, "Am I making the best use of this moment, am I
choosing the thought that is of the highest vibration -- which is the
same thing to say as "Am I choosing the thought that feels the best?"
Then you cannot help but live out your experience in the way that you
have intended.

Excerpted from the workshop in Tarrytown, NY on Sunday, October 18th,
The vibrations within you are now out of alignment, and when you are
out of vibrational alignment, there is no action that will solve the

You will not find effective action or words, or ever thought or ideas
from your place of misalignment. In fact any of that which is
attempted from your place of misalignment will only serve to make
matters worse.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, our every effort would be
pointed toward one result: We would be looking for a way, any way, to
feel better. We would do our best, from where we stand, to find a way
of finding some sort of emotional relief about this unsettled subject,
because when some relief is discovered, you are on the way to an
alignment of energy.

Astonishing Power of Emotions page 29
So whenever anyone tells us that they are feeling a time shortage, we
say you are spending too much time micro-managing your life.

We'll give you a list of things we would do if we were standing in
your physical shoes and, of course, you've got to show up for work,
you've got to do the things you've got to do. But this is where our
emphasis would be if were standing in your physical shoes.

Everyday our opening mantra or affirmation would be...Today, no matter
where I am going, no matter what I am doing, no matter who I am doing
it with, it is my dominant intent to look for what I am wanting to see.

Looking for positive aspects all day long, as positive as you can find
from where you are...that is the work.

I'll be aware of how I feel and no matter how I feel, I'll reach for
something that even feels a little better...that is the work

Abraham (no date given)
"The rule of thumb that we would use if we were standing in your
physical shoes is:

Be as specific as I can be, and still feel good. And just notice that
when you get too specific, that you turn up stream then just let go of
it and turn back to a general thought".

~ Mexico Cruise 4-8-07
What if Source were standing in my physical shoes?

It is not your job to make something happen --- your work is to simply
determine what you want. If we were standing in your physical shoes,
our attention would be upon bringing ourselves into alignment with the
desires and preferences that we have launched. We would consciously
feel our way into alignment.

(No date given)


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