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Most physical beings are aware of influence but have only a partial understanding of influence. Instead of benefiting by the influence that could enhance your experience, most of you are in a position of protecting yourself from influences, and so, the end result is not benefit but detriment. In fact, the benefit of influence is the precise reason you have chosen this dimension, shared with so many others and so much influence.

A New Beginning II



As we observe your world, we see the power of influence from others as a tremendous hindrance to your own individual creative thinking.~page 29, A New Beginning I-9th Printing


And here, we will speak to you about the primary hindrances that prevent you from that constant deliberate control. And then we will offer an *exercise that will assist you, tremendously, in that deliberate control.

As you are intending, and thereby creating, one of the most common hindrances is the influence from others.

As you receive stimulation of thought from others, you may begin to think upon that thought and thereby create in the direction of it, and the Law Of Attraction will assist you by bringing forth other thoughts that are compatible, or in harmony, with that thought.

Unless you are very clear, in every moment, you maybe influenced by the thoughts or words or actions of those who surround you to create something that you do not want.

The second hindrance comes not from the influence of others, but from the influence of your own habits - habits that have been developed at a time when your intentions were different than they are now.

When you are responding out of habit, rather than out of deliberate thought, you may be creating in a different, or even opposite direction than you really want in this current moment.~pages 22-23 A New Beginning I-9th Printing

(* Segment Intending is the exercise promised at the beginning of this quote and it's overview begins a few paragraphs after this one.)


Most miscreating occurs when your mind is drifting, or wandering, during those activities that do not require conscious concentration, such as driving your automobile or taking a bath or grooming yourself. Therefore, it is of value for you to be focused upon something at all times, for your marvelous thinking mechanism is not content to be idle. If you do not deliberately give it something to think about or to focus upon, it may be stimulated by thoughts or words or actions that surround you.~page 14, A New Beginning I - 9th Printing


If you do not take the time to identify and state your dominant intentions, then your creating is more easily influenced by others - or by your own old habits~page 23, A New Beginning I - 9th Printing


Until you have made a decision about what is important to you, all stimulation of thought draws your attention. And, as you give your attention to anything, you begin to create in the direction of it. And that is the reason that there is much value for you to break your day into segments and to intend clearly what is most important to you within each segment.~page 27, A New Beginning I - 9th Printing


No one can create in your reality. It is all your doing, every time.~date unknown, but it is said often in various ways.


"Your influence is far more than one on one.
As you are living happily ever after, you are a vortex through which pure Non-physical Energy flows. And the more you allow pure Non-physical Energy to flow into this time and place, the more the vibrational level of your planet is raised. So that more beings, even when they are not asking openly, can begin receiving this influence.”


More quotes in the thread. 

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As simple as this sounds, I liked this quote you put up: If you do not take the time to identify and state your dominant intentions, then your creating is more easily influenced by others - or by your own old habits~page 23, A New Beginning I - 9th Printing
Does this one qualify?

Sacramento Ca. 7/27/02

You don’t feel anyway about anyone without them helping you to feel that way. It’s really cocreation. We’ll even go further and louder and blunter: If there is someone you don’t like, they don’t like you either. We have never seen it otherwise. We have never seen someone to adore someone that the one they were adoring didn’t adore them back. Now someone is thinking, “Now wait a minute, there was that man I loved with all my heart and he didn’t love me back.” We say you were offering him insecurity, you were offering him worry, it wasn’t that pure vibration of love. When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on, they can’t offer you anything else. The LOA wouldn’t put you together even when you live in the same house. You would rendevoux differenty.
Here's the longer version:

[questioner is having difficult interactions with his stepdaughter]


… and you gather up this new resolve that it is going to be different in your experience and then you walk right into the face of that. We want you to understand what it is that youre bumping up against thats making you so nuts.

It isnt her choosing things that disagree with your choices. Thats not whats making you so uncomfortable. It is her own personal discord that you are bumping up against that is making you uncomfortable. We know the trap. Its like, Well Im only responding to what shes taught me. And this is the thing that we want so much for you all to hear from us here today:

You teach each other your respective responsive vibrations. In other words, you dont feel any way about anyone without their helping you to feel that way. Its really co-creation. Well even go further, and bolder, and louder, and blunter. If theres somebody you dont like, they dont like you either!

We have never seen it otherwise. We have never one time, ever, known someone to adore someone… that the one that they were adoring, didnt adore them back!

Now, some are thinking.. Oh wait a minute. There was that man that I loved with all my heart, and he didnt love me back. And we say, you were offering him insecurity. You were offering him worry. It wasnt that pure vibration of love.

When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on — when you are connected to your Source and holding someone as your object of attention and you are genuinely offering that feeling of love and appreciation — they cant offer you anything else! The law of attraction, that manager called law of attraction would not put you together… even when you live in the same house. You would rendezvous differently. You would come home when shes not there; shed come home when youre not there. Or she would be unavailable or shed be doing something else. You would really have to work hard to seek out those incompatible moments, when you are in that place of pure positive energy. It just could not happen, you see.

So. What were suggesting to you - and we are certainly understanding how it came about - your dominate vibration about this girl - is bringing you nothing but grief. And somebody should do something about it — and its not her.

Sacramento, CA 7/27/02
Love it, thanks for dropping more. Love the last paragraph: somebody should do something about it indeed.
The greatest gift that you could ever give to another is your own happiness, for when you are in a state of joy, happiness, or appreciation, you are fully connected to the Stream of pure, positive Source Energy that is truly who you are. And when you are in that state of connection, anything or anyone that you are holding as your object of attention benefits from your attention.

From Chapter 17 of Ask and It Is Given

Do you think that in this case we can see 'benefits' as 'being influenced by'?
As you think, you feel. As you feel, you radiate, And All-That-Is (physical and Non-physical) is affected by your offering. That is your power of influence.”

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of opportunities in every day for creating by default, and unless you have made a very strong and deliberate decision to give your conscious attention and focus only to that which you want, you will find yourself participating in negative creation many times in the course of only one day.

page 35
A New Beginning I
9th Printing
You have the ability to offer influence
that is many times stronger than any
subliminal, unconscious or cellular
memory. Your attention to your now is
many thousands of times more
powerful than any of those sorts of

Abraham -- 7/24/93
ABE on Prayer
Burlingame, CA
Tape 3, Side B, about half way through

Questioner asks about a doctor’s experiment where there were two groups of
ill people, one half of which was prayed for and one half of which was not...
the prayed for group all did remarkably better than the group not prayed for.
They didn’t know they were being prayed for, and the pray-ers did not know
the people they were praying for.

Questioner asks about the “mechanics” of our influences over other people,
positive and negative... how can we be sure our influence is positive, and
also how can we be sure no one else can affect us negatively, etc. How do our
thoughts and feelings influence others? And theirs influence us?

Abe says first they want to say... they can understand how something like
this would happen because --

“WE know that when you are holding someone as your object of attention and
you are connected to Source Energy, which means you are expecting good
things, you are in that high pure fast vibration as you hold them,
appreciation is a very good state of being to be in while you are holding
someone as your object of attention. It’s like shining, it’s like opening a
vortex of well being and focusing it, and so it is, it can be, beneficial.

We’ve noticed, however, as we’ve watched people praying for themselves and
praying for others that there is variety in the way people pray. Some people
pray in a way that is beneficial to the recipient of the prayer and some
people only amplify the problem.

And so it is interesting to us that this group of pray-ers apparently was
understanding how to ask for and anticipate... in other words they were
apparently focusing on the well being, rather than on the problem that they
were praying for. Sometimes people will say “why are my prayers not
answered?” and we say everything that you’re asking for is asking for is
always answered, whether you are verbalizing, as in a state of prayer, or
whether it is just a desire that is bubbling within you. But in your mode of
praying, if you are a vibrational match to what you’re praying for, it always
flows. If you are more aware of the problem that you are trying to solve,
then you are offering resistance at the same time you are offering the prayer.

Now, so, let us begin by saying it is absolutely possible, and likely, that
you or anyone could hold someone known to you or not known to you as your
object of attention while you ask for well being on their behalf and you
could influence that.

Now that comes to the other part of your question. ‘If a group of people who
don’t even know me can hold me as their object of attention and improve the
condition of my being, then could they do the opposite? Could they wish me
not well being?’ And we say one who’s connected to the stream of well being
is many times more powerful than one who is not. In other words the ratio of
comparison.... in other words you have to be connected to source energy
before that influence is very powerful. And so it is not possible for you to
hold someone, someone at a distance, as your object of attention and wish
them harm because in your not well wishes you are not connected to the Source
Energy and so you have nothing to offer.

It is, however, possible to negatively influence people. It usually takes
more of you to DO it and over a long period of time but it usually in that
case takes your physical interaction with them... you have to get their
attention, you have to encourage them, through whatever you are offering,
to vibrate in harmony with not well being. In other words, your television is
enormously influential as it influences people toward feelings of
vulnerability or feelings of not well being, because there is such a constant
hammering of the deficiency of your physical apparatus.

You are powerful beings in your influence as you are connected, and it is
important to realize that -- you see, when you are praying on behalf of
another, what you are really doing if you are in alignment with Source
Energy is you are saying “Source, I would like to use my vortex to focus
well-being toward the fulfillment of what this being truly desires”. And so
if this person has absolutely made a decision that they are no longer wanting
to be in this physical experience, if their decision is they are wanting to
make their transition, no amount of your focusing could alter that, because
you can not step on their creative toes. So what you are doing is acting as a
catalyst or adding focused energy towards the fulfillment of what they are
Another thing that is really worth talking about is, sometimes.... and
we talked about this here earlier with our friend ... when we say: if you are
summoning more energy than you are allowing, it can actually cause more
contradiction within you. In other words, let’s say that a room full of
people took one individual person who was sick and this person, while they
are sick, and they really want to be well, they’ve got all kinds of belief in
sickness, so their energy is very very jumbled relative to the subject, but
they have strong resistance to the well being. And that’s why they’re sick,
in fact. But in this case it’s very very strong. And if a group of you were
to use this person as your object of attention while you all focused the
energy of well-being upon them, you would actually cause more contradiction
within their energy. In other words because you would be attempting to summon
more energy on their behalf than they were vibrationally allowing. Does that
make sense to you?

And that’s why these studies come up with all kinds of different things
because there are really a tremendous amount of variables.

Also, the one who is doing the study who has a premise that he is wanting to
support or approve, by Law of Attraction attracts the subjects that will
support what he is trying to prove (laughter). So Law of Attraction is in
place. In other words, he automatically attracted those who were wanting the
well-being, he attracted people who knew how to pray in an influential way.
The whole thing is about Law of Attraction more than it is about anything
else. Good

Questioner - Very interesting. Thank you, that’s very helpful.
"Your greatest detriment to your powerful ability to create
positively in your world is the negative influence from those
that surround you. And when you allow it, you are creating
by default. Follow your bliss and remember that unless you
feel good about yourself, you have nothing of value to offer
to any other. Choose your surroundings wisely -- this is
your own life. You have that option. In reality, you have that
obligation. If you don't live your dreams.....who will?"
-- Abraham-Hicks
The most powerful influence you can offer:

Friends, there is absolutely nothing in this Universe
to be guarded against. You exist as beings that
vibrate in a place of absolute Well-being. Tell
yourself that again and again. Know it. Feel it.
Allow it! Be the evidence of it! Be the evidence of
it for others -- so that they will know it a little
more, and trust it a little more. Let your life be
the one life that is not out of control, so that you
can give one other person the reason to believe that
all can be well.

Abraham - G 2/1/92
(Abraham calendar, p. 47)
Abe …….you said you still cannot see someone hurting someone and
feel good about it. Now we are wanting to give you something which
will broaden your awareness here, when you see someone hurting
someone your tendency all of your tendency is to right away take
sides.In other words the one that is being hurt you feel one way
about,while the one who is hurting the other one you feel quite a
different way about, and yet the one who is hurting the other,is
hurting too. In other words whenever you see doing something like
that what you must acknowledge is that this is a disconnected person
that you are seeing. And a disconnected person is a person who is in
pain in other words whether you call it anger or fear or guilt or
loneliness or frustration , that disconnectedness when it is that
strong is a very strong discomfort. And so as we acknowledge
something like that happening, we acknowledge that that the
perpetrator of the crime so to speak is disconnected and we
acknowledge him as wanting to be connected . In other words his overt
behaviour is an attempt to try to bring some balance into his
experience , he is just going about in a way that will not help.
Now let us tell you why what we do can be of value , while what most
of you do is not so much of value As we see the author of the pain
who is in pain as a disconnected being and then we give our full
attention to who he really is and what he really wants , that's the
way we stay in a Pure Positive Place because we don't address the
lack of the situation and because we don't address the lack of the
situation, we don't become those who perpetuate more of it. Where
you, and it is very natural very common thing, but as you see him as
doing something wrong and therefor you are pushing against him then
you get disconnected by your attention to it. You have no pure
positive energy that you can offer to it and you become part of the
stream of consciousness that keeps purporting and adding too more of
that sort of disconnected behaviour
Abraham G-9.27.92


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