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You can only get to where you want to go by an insensitivity to others' needs. Because if you are sensitive to others' needs, you train yourself form your own gap management, and you can never get in the vortex.
And there's a chorus of others, we can hear the daytime talkshows now, there's a chorus of protests about your and our encouragement of insensitivity to others' needs. But.. if you let them guilt you into coming out of the vortex, not only do you have nothing to give them, but it makes a mockery of all the good work you've done together that's over here waiting for you, for all of you.

Abraham, Maui, HI, 2008-12, CD2

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Oh what a great quote!

I have a hard time getting my head around that one in regards to marriage....like sharing childcare, taking turns sleeping in. I still have some growth to do in that area. Deliberate creating "should" be possible for one partner without the other bearing the brunt of day to day life, and without having to apply a lot of focus on eliciting from the other what you want...like a nap :-)

But, the way I am seeing it now is that if you do decide to elicit from the other via focus, if that is what they want to do then they will find pleasure in the activities, and if they don't, then they will flow smoothly and even have fun doing it, but they will bounce back to their normal selves soon after you turn your attention back to yourself. And so the matter of "who does this person want to be" comes into play, and I guess you then make your decisions accordingly.

Still working that one out for myself a bit. But I've made my decisions on the ground, so it's all good. I'd be interested to see more conversation on this. Especially personal experiences.

Take the breeding aspect out of life though, and this makes perfect sense to me. Still working out that childcare thing though :-) I think it's something that is being worked out in a mass consciousness arena too. It is my intention to step out of that arena, though, and just work it out for myself!
This one is related!

"When we say you come forth in the perfect balance, we're not just
talking about the perfect number of toads and frogs, we're even talking
about the perfect number of ideas. In other words, the balance is so
supreme. But sometimes, we know, when you're standing in the middle of
a mess it's hard to accept that. You have to step back into a broader
perspective in order to grasp the perfection of well-being. And it is
even a harder thing to grasp that the reason it is working to perfection
is that every particle of consciousness within it is selfishly doing
'what is best for me.'
And as long as that is the basis of your
vibration, as long as you are only doing that which feels best to you,
then the survival of All-That-Is will always continue to happen in the
uplifting way that you would want to orchestrate if you had that
orchestrative hand."
-- Abraham-Hicks, Tallahassee, FL, 1/15/00
I've been pretty insensitive lately haha i find it funny. Like my parents will tell me someone died or some tradegy happened and instead of agreeing with them and saying how bad it is i just say "that's not ideal", lol.
You're a hoot. No, I don't know if that's insensitive -- I think it's a humorous way (in your own mind) for you to deal with the idea of tragedy, when you don't want to really delve deeply into the bad, woe, sorrow thing. You acknowledge, perhaps, that they are seeing badness in it from their perspective, at the same time that you're lightening it up a bit for yourself. I do that, too. Not that you are trying to be funny when they are expressing their sadness or frustration -- you are simply acknowledging it without totally dismissing it altogether so they know you've "heard" them.
It helps me to look at it this way: it's not so much about "insensitivity to others' needs," as it is sensitivity to my own needs, my own thoughts, my own desires.

I think when I focus on the word "insensitive," it connotes something negative. Not that Abe is wrong -- I believe they are talking about how, for example, I might do something I really don't want to do, or edit my behavior, because of what I think someone else wants, rather than what I want. So, as I raise my vibration by really listening to my own needs and honoring my inner voice/Source, others seem to choose things that make the way smooth for me -- they don't resist, or if they do they are easily convinced, or if they protest, I find a good, positive way to still hold to my own desires, and it just feels good all the way around.

For me, though, it might mean this: it's not so much ignoring others' needs as it is just simply focusing on my own, and thinking about how that works out, and then acting out of that choice and that feeling. What's interesting for me is that when I do that, what others think becomes a moot issue -- and I guess, really, I don't notice. It's not a kind of flippant "I don't care," because if I have to be flip about it, then I obviously still care, or I wouldn't have to convey that attitude. It's like this really wonderful positive force that just radiates out the good stuff all around, and what I thought would be a problem, isn't. It involves loving me, and by loving me, I love others, which is something I love doing and feeling.

Not there yet, but I do experience this more and more often all the time.

And I know that if I'm pissy when I'm trying to get "my way," then I'm obviously still not listening to something in me, because to really listen to my needs and be sensitive to myself would result in me feeling good.

So it all comes out of a blessed, good-feeling place in which I am confident that the goodness is going to be there for every single person concerned. My "insensitivity" feels good, and it feels good because I know it's good not only for me, but for others, too.

So even though I understand and appreciate the meaning of this quote by Abe, I find I stumble on the word "insensitive" -- for my own reasons, not because it's a bad word for them to use! So I do a "reframe" of the thing, and it helps so that I think I get what they're saying, with different words.

Mary Jo


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