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Is there a limit to how strong someone can develop a certain desire or vibration? And if there isn't one, why is it that everyone I meet and see seems to plateau at some point during their life? If the idea is that the LOA increases your desire for something the more time you spend with it, why is it that people always seem to reach some limit in terms of how hard they're willing to work for something? And why do people lose their passion for certain things?

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Hi SuperFob. Why people plateau has to do with their beliefs and values. In simplistic terms, a person may believe further growth requires a sacrifice that they feel inadequate or unwilling to pay.
I have definitely reached a limit in how hard I am willing to work for ANYthing.
and, it seems that the less hard I work, the more I get, and the more easily. What I want is either mine, or it isn't, and I know by how easily it is showing up in my presence. The only work that seems necessary to me is in allowing myself to understand that I can truly be blessed with what I want, and that there is no price to pay, and earning it is going about it the hard way, and for me, the futile way.

I think that there is a natural passion for anything new...but once we take a good look at this new thing...few things in life really are desirable to retain as you continue on in your journey. But...it is a lot of fun to examine each new thing on the trail of life...
To your last question first -- I think people lose their passion for certain things for a number of reasons. Tastes change; preferences change; priorities change; challenges become greater than the desire, so they turn into impassable, insurmountable obstacles, and the "sour grapes" attitude sets in; and for a lot of people, things just get old. They get bored easily, so when the novelty wears off, they're on to some new adventure, always on the hunt for that ONE THING they can really sink their teeth into . . . and very often never find it.

As far as work goes, that to me is a relative term. A lot of people think I work hard, and can't imagine being able to do what I do, even though there are millions of us out here. I do put in a lot of time, but it's mostly play-time -- there's very little about my occupation that I don't like. So I don't consider it hard work at all. Hard work to me is twelve hours in a muddy ditch with a shovel and a spud bar, or swinging a sledgehammer all day, or pulling slips and slinging tongs on a drilling rig. I've done those things. What allowed me to continue in that vein for many years was my attitude that it was a better work-out than going to the gym. It's mostly about mind-set. And once you find something you love to do that allows you to live the way you want to live, the concept of "work" goes right out the window. So then you'll eat, sleep, and breathe your chosen occupation because you love it, and it loves you, and it's a happy marriage.

Is there a limit to desire? For some, obviously, yes. But not for others. Not for the Elvis Presleys and Ozzy Osbournes of the world; not for people like Bill Gates, or Stephen King, or Dean Koontz, just to name a few. How hot is the fire? How badly to you want what you want? Is your will powerful enough to drive you over, under, around, and through the challenges you meet so they CAN'T become impassable, insurmountable obstacles?

These are questions only YOU can answer. The only limits are those you believe exist. My philosophy is . . .

. . . Aim for the stars! Any fool can reach the ceiling!
This is one aspect of the LOA -- Abe in particular -- that I have wondered about. I am without doubt that they would have an answer for this. I'm moving in a different direction so it really isn't an issue from my own perspective, anyway. And really, what I say is probably not a very significant departure from Abe's perspective.

I think that underlying or within any desire we have for something tangible that we can see, taste, or touch, etc., is a desire to live in the moment -- to be truly happy with what we have -- to be content, and, as Patra says, not have to work so hard for what we desire. I agree with that -- it's not about struggling to raise a vibration -- for me trying to raise it, in some ways, works the opposite way.

The more content I am, the less I want the things I thought I wanted in the past.

So to me, that says that I simply want to experience joy and love in the present moment, and let the future, and my needs, wants and desires, take care of themselves.

I've had, recently, a more powerful feeling of the moment-by-moment trust that crowds out worry. I'm not so much in the position of trying to avoid or fend off or potential discomforts, because I believe that every single thing that comes my way is perfect, discomfort or no. And I am no longer living in the constant effort to keep my vibration where I want it in order to get anything, because I already believe I'm guiding myself (on a consciousness level) to the perfect places, into the perfect situations, having the perfect feelings I need to expand.

If I lose my passion for something, it's because it's time to move on to something else. If that passion re-ignites, then it's time to play with it again for a while. "Go with the flow."

We're inundated with messages from birth that if we decide something, it is forever. We marry, and it's to be forever. We make a career choice, and it's to be forever. We set our society up so that it appears to be difficult to be a person who likes variety in terms of career, relationships, and many other games in our journey. We make a "negative" out of change -- we see it as financial or personal hardship. But some of us have a "talent" for liking variety, and discover that it's not a hardship at all -- it makes the journey a lot of fun. It's not for everyone -- we don't all design our lives the same way.

Plateaus are just as desirable as the energized moments of desire, passion and the illusion of forward movement. They are likewise to be embraced. I notice for myself that as I write, I see that I have created a judgment about the plateau as "bad." This is a note to myself, to remind myself that the plateau, with its perhaps dull, or lacksadaisical feeling, is actually just as valid and good as the roller coaster.

We no doubt design this plateau in order for us to take a chill pill and allow what we desire to come, or allow a new and improved desire to take its place. And perhaps that new and improve desire and focus is to simply live our lives in a constant state of relaxation and ease.

Mary Jo
brilliant. wish i'd said that. loving the fleshing out of the plateau. not at all a departure from the essence of abe...in fact..smack on it. and better...because it is from a human perspective. and THAT is what they are wanting to see...a human who is receiving benefit from their twenty years of talking through esther. i bet they are doing a happy dance right now and staring right at you, mary jo. you didn't even use their terminology...and i find that particularly challenging. peanut gallery exploding with applause. ignore us please. we talk alot, but it is truly irrelevant except that the appreciation of you...benefits us.
Pounds and pounds of appreciation --

the benefits just bounce all around and back again!
The issue here is not desire related, it is belief related. People don't succeed because doubt type blocks pop up and kill the manifestations. The desire is nicely flowing but the faith is not there to back it up often. That is where the problem lies.
I still think it boils down to WHAT you want, and how badly you want it. The rest are details. But that's just my very-much-simplified perspective.

Oops . . . I put in 4 cents instead of my usual 2 . . . sorry . . . I'll go away now . . . :-)
Hi, Dee! LOL! I'm always glad to see a smiling face accompanied by a sense of humor . . .

. . . this didn't cost me another 2 cents, did it . . . ? . . . I could be going broke here . . .
Six cents? Or is this your sixth sense, Pat?
It's my common sense, MJ -- although that's also a relative term, I'll admit.

What you want and how much you want it determines what you're willing to do to get it. That seems pretty basic -- to me. Maybe from another point of view it's more complicated.

Of course, if being content with where you are and what you have with no particular rainbow to chase is what you want most and what makes you happy, you're already there -- and then guess what? Good things happen unexpectedly exactly because you have no expectation. That's the other side of the coin -- from my POV.


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