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let's see if this might be fun and discreet :)

the event is here for viewing, session 1, 2, and 3

let's use this thread for discussing if anyone wants to, i'm going to take some notes for my one-day-cross-referenced list of questions and answers and topics and...lol...

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session one, opening statement, notice Esther is visiting with Abraham (in the story that abe is telling about the car damage and what came next)  asking "what does this mean about my vibration".....almost 30 years of Abe and she still has reason to ask. so energy readers that can tell us where our vibration is...even if they can't tell us anything else but that discord because they are only tuned to discord....they can at least tell us what our hang up is.

and isn't it nice when an energy reader can tell you where you are, where you want to go and how to bridge yourself to there. yay abraham!


After 30 years with Abe, Esther still occasionally needs to ask.  It means the work for her is not done yet, it's never done.  And if it's never done for her being so close to Abe, then it's never done for us and we can relax and take it easy on ourselves.  It is OK

exactly!...or...i agree!...lol...insert appropriate quip here indeed. notice that's not the same thing as asking for actual guidance..."what should i do?", just ...what's my vibration...how'd this get put into motion by me?

Guest wants to know how he can know he is eternal

The first thing that happens is you have to care about it, you have to want it, you have to want to know it. And the next thing that happens is life experience will just give you knowledge about it. You can't ever come to know something that you haven't decided that you want to know, so we like it when you say "How can I come to know that?".

(answer culminates instructing hotseat to get to know his guidance and the eternalness of his being will be obvious to him)

Love this one too, mmmmm! Thanks, great as always :D  By the way, do you happen to know exactly what Abe meant by "to get to know his guidance"?   Knowing Abe, I would think they meant his guidance system? Or his intuition?  or both? ...lol...mmmmm I'm finding this very interesting.


what i should have said was "that eternal part" that is our inner being..that's what they said...but then they talked about the feeling approach and i left the thought there cause what i was really paying attention to was that you won't learn anything that you haven't made the decision to learn. i should repost that so it's more clear. thank you pilar.

DS, yes, I knew that you were paraphrasing that part, and a wonderful paraphrase at that... I just wondered about the point on getting to know your guidance, and so now I know what you mean, guidance from inner being, and now you added "that eternal part" yes, that's very good too. I understand...

And about "you won't learn what you haven't decided to know", I like that a lot, very powerful for me too. It's what prompted me to read the quote. Actually all of your quotes are like that! lol, it's true, for me anyway.  And you know I find so true  what Abe says here, I can say it from experience., because when I've asked that way I've always received! Always. When I really want to know something and I ask my IB, I do get my answers... I like this perspective, thank you my dear for highlighting it for us :) xoxo

it's good for playing nice with others too...recognizing that they don't hold a question that's relevant to my current focus or intention let's me focus elsewhere and enjoy them where they are...maybe get a peak at their vortex and just pay attention to them there ;)

something i've been pondering...words don't teach abe says over and over again...but i've noticed that attention to words bring life experience that then remind you of the words...but now you are feeling them, now you are understanding them...so choice in what we pay attention to is choice in what we learn.

my favorite thing that i've noticed is consistent about you is you pick the most soothing of quotes, pilar. i'm way into relief...i like that about you. i do highlight stuff based just on the intellectual highlights...what i'm liking realizing is that i'm also summoning experience that will show me how what i'm learning intellectually feels. to feel it in the midst of living. the continuum that's always continuing. i'm wanting to settle into the continuum of surprises and delights and things working out for me. i'm wanting to acclimate to the feeling of a continuim of things becoming more and better for me consistently, reliably, in ways that i am able to apply, it's a new response-ability...i've new abilities in how i respond, in what i think/feel/do/say next next next next. faith comes and goes and sometimes we layer in levels of knowing that shore us up on our off days, that provide pathways back to what we want to think and feel.

i'm chattering. and listening to session one again :) one of these times through i'm going to type out where they poke around at how they are using "outcome". i like that kind of stuff.

muawh! zzzzzzzz soon!

lol...i have no idea what to put about that now, pilar. i see what you mean now! hhhhm!

but first


DS, very interesting what you wrote.   I know what you mean about words.  And speaking about words, thank you for those lovely words about me, that's so sweet. I love those words...hehe.  I'm really into my communication with IB too.  It's been so for years now, but this relationship keeps expanding it seems each moment... not just each year, months, etc...but each moment.  And I also refer to it as "they" or "them"...haha, I perceive it with a certain multidimensionality. I often refer to "it" as "them".  Actually I get a feeling of 2 of them. One that is more aware than the other, haha. And out of the 3 aspects, them two and me, I'm the least aware...lol!!!!! And that's fine, they treat me special because of it...lol! This is so much fun.

I read the post you sent this morning about IB, it's lovely. And as to the little note below this one... where you say,  "i have no idea what to put about that now, pilar. i see what you mean now! " haha  Actually what you wrote this morning about IB really says a lot. Great stuff.

xoxo enjoy your day, your radiant presence here is much appreciated. 

44:50 in session 1..."First thing that happens is you've got a feeling going on, and it doesn't matter where you got it. Esther had a feeling of vulnerability going on; it doesn't matter where she got it, the fact is: there it is, which is leading to light little experiences that are unwanted. Now when those light little experiences that are unwanted come, she has the option of making another choice of thought. But, the motivation wasn't very strong, it was easier to complain...it was easier to observe what was going on than to remember who she really is and to try to see it through the eyes of her broader self. So she weakly observed it in a way that did not serve her and so. ...it's not like the universe is teaching her a lesson and saying "Well, if you didn't like that then you're really gonna  not like this", but it sort of plays out that way doesn't it? So then she had a choice to think a different thought but didn't. And so then law of attraction brings here something that matches that. But what we really want you to get in all of this is:

You are always on your way to something wonderful even when you are not enjoying where you are. Some years ago we said it's like going through a bad neighborhood on your way to something really fun. IOW there's always something good that is out there if you will allow yourself to live it. But the feeling of vulnerability that comes or the feeling of unworthiness that comes is the simple by-product of observing what-is and just taking it as reality, just taking it as a done deal rather than saying "Well this maybe what-is but I choose to see it in a slightly different way". Jan 28, 2012 www.AbrahamLIVE.com

Me too!!  I love it actually :)

thanks DS

And thanks to you too, Waterlily, your quotes are great too.  <3


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