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let's see if this might be fun and discreet :)

the event is here for viewing, session 1, 2, and 3

let's use this thread for discussing if anyone wants to, i'm going to take some notes for my one-day-cross-referenced list of questions and answers and topics and...lol...

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welcome! been wanting to do this for awhile....



waking up is really cool. my inner being is the bomb. i really like how they are always with me, around me and how they instigate conversations and stuff with me..we just had such a nice exchange as i was waking.......they companion me now. i really am never alone.

ah. more please, inner being. i want to play with you too and appreciate how you pace things and temper things and just plain slow down enough for me.....

pondering a bit the economy of abe...i think it is this workshop where they bring out the word "afford" in their conversation with us....made me sit up!

i afford....i afford the vortex experiences to my inner being. we are a team. it feels to me like they give everything to me but really, i give everything to them and then they show me the way and provide me with everything that i've created for them to create...cause...they hold it all into place with their focus while i stir up the contrast and launch the desire for the expansion..i afford it to them, they focus it into being, and then they help me experience it with them. i afford it to them, they ensure that it is available to me, and the best moments that are available to them are when they are able to experience them with me in my form....meanwhile they can always experience it "without me" but with me is the best for us...and also for them, that's as good as it gets and that's good to know, indeed.

morning miss waterlily, morning miss indeed. you are so lovely, it is lovely to see you play.

Don't fan the flames of loss. It's uncomfortable to what you really know. Natural, but uncomfortable, and unnecessary. Session 1 Jan 28, 2012

So this is some of the newest Abe material haugh.

Looking for a new take on things, but not seeing much that's new.

okay...session 2 about 7 minutes in abe starts redefining "path of least resistance" ...i think this is the first place it's discussed of two in this workshop....(for those that don't know in this seminar abe says the path of least resistance is not necessarily the path of ease...and esther didn't feel that made sense and a hotseater question and the reason is bc it's rough when you slip out of alignment but continuing vortex oriented focus levels it out again and is what makes it the most successful path would could choose in...it's inner being laid out.

We want you to know that whether you come to this chair and express verbally something that you've been thinking
about, wanting to know, that your contribution to this experience is coming through the vibrational ethers of your
beingness. That who you are, and what you have lived and what you have come to and what you now know and most important what you now want in relationship to what you now know and even more important: what you now want in relationship to what you have been living, but what you now are experiencing vibrationally in relationship to what you now want. That's what this conversation that we're having here together is really all about. It's the conversation of how to assist you in coming closer vibrationally to the things that you have already identified that you want. You have been sifting through life knowing what you don't want and knowing what you do want, and you've been setting forth a vibrational current that has established who you have vibrationally become. Does that make any kind of sense to you at all? Do you get it that every time you have an experience that a desire is born within you and that the larger part of you becomes that desired outcome. And we only use outcome in the temporary expression because it's not an outcome that is ever final, it's the coming out of that which you have been processing and it's as far as you've come.

So, when you give the larger part of you this expanded beingness, that expanded being, (that larger part of you who is
expanded because of what you have lived and who be's because you are eternal); that expanded part of you stands in that vibrational steadiness. Holding that place-marker. Holding that vibrational wavelength, and it is a signal that you can't
get away from no matter what. You cannot get away from it, you are in a vibrational and emotional relationship with who you have become constantly, eternally, forever more. Deal with it.

(audience laughter, Abe smiles)

We want you to be aware of it because when you are consciously aware that there is a vibrational attitude or beingness that has occurred because of what you have lived then you can start feeeeling your way into emotional and vibrational alignment with it.


opening statement transcription is here in full


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