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Kicking off with a quote...more to come in the thread.

Just train yourself, not to suffer over the choices, but to delight over your ability to make a choice and then to completely put yourself into the choice - even if it was just drinking water instead of Pepsi, or Coca Cola instead of beer.

In other words, it doesn't matter what choice you make, revel in the choice and line up with it completely and give yourself over to it completely, and you will ready yourself for getting inside this vibrational escrow because life will never cease to be a myriad of choices.

It's just that the plethora of choices get better and better and better and better and better.

Alaska Cruise 2008, CD 3

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Nice, i'm often a confused monkey.
Glad you like!

If it isn't a "hell yes", then consider it a "hell no", at least for now

date unknown
If it makes your heart sing, then it's to your advantage. If it makes you
feel lost, then it isn't.
But the relationship that we want you to
rekindle is the one between you and You.
And then everything appropriate
to who you are flows easily into your experience.

Abraham-Hicks, San Diego, CA 8/13/05
I love this quote!!!! The relationship that I have made a priority is the one I have with myself. And, I am a living example of the beauty that follows when that is my focus. Thanks DS! Namaste. :)
wow! I LIKE THIS :)
Make a decision.
Then make it right.

"'Make more decisions about what?' our friend asks. Make more decisions
about everything. In other words, as you are getting into your car,
make a decision that you will enjoy your ride to wherever you are
going. As you turn on the radio, make a decision that you will find
something that is stimulating and uplifting. As you make a telephone
call, make a decision that you will get your point across and that you
will uplift the person with whom you interact. As you order your food,
make a decision that it will benefit you in all ways. That it will
fuel you and satisfy you in every way. As you put yourself in your bed,
make a decision that you are going to rest well and you are going to
wake up refreshed. As you pick up a book, make a decision that you will
glean something from it of benefit. As you turn on the television, make
a decision that you will find something that will satisfy some question
that you have been asking. As you go to a gathering, make a decision
that you will glean something from it that will be beneficial and that
you will give something to it that will be beneficial. In other words,
make more decisions.

"So many of you are so sure that somebody else is controlling your life
that you just blunder through life guarded. In other words, what's your
goal? 'To stay out of trouble.' What's your goal in life? 'Well, to
avoid disease and stay out of bankruptcy and to hopefully not get too
bad of a relationship going.' Most of the decisions we hear from you
are what you don't want, where what you are wanting to talk about is
what you *do* want."

-- Abraham - Tape G5/13/95
you know...i think in part i've still been holding those goals....nice to have the chance to snicker at myself about it! freeing, i can feel that.
i do...i want to do all the things that i was told would get me in trouble and completely get away with it...hell..not even be noticed unless you are in collaboration, cleverly disguised as responsible adults, only give away that i'm "up to no good" is that i'm self-directed and happy...like hanging out till the sun comes up, like talking to strangers, like going out alone at night, like walking in a park, like going where there are lots of men and just observing them (have you been to a home depot with coffee in your hand and a list of little home improvements to wander though for as long as it takes you? lol...they are stacked against the not in a hurry and feeling cooperative. and some of them are "alarmingly" good looking on top of all that...average guy style like the kind you can hug and hang out on, really considerate but a little rough and tumble cause he's strong and frisky, but they are all working so you can't possibly meet one of them...just looking :)

what were we talking about? must have good..i'm high and all abuzz and figure it's time to go do something fun...that lifted my energy just enough to move me, but not send me scrambling to make sense of it. yay! while i'm out there is daily doings...i'm going to ponder...what? how funnily i protested that i wanted to understand the beliefs of the vortex before i could feel them....how nice it is to have given in to that....to realize that it's not cheating, it's reality: the vortex is a feeling that makes what you are perceiving new again while nothing has changed...not even the belief...just the feeling while perceiving the belief...in SOME cases. for example...in the case of the beliefs that are on the loa and money cards...the way abraham demonstrates mocking them if you read them while out of the vortex....you see the belief...but without the feeling....you aren't actually knowing it, experiencing it....hell...seeing it for what it is. your vision is still blocked by that mote in your eye...kind of thing, i wonder? who knows or cares, just something to ponder that lets me off the hook, is kinda funny and is definitely abe and vortex centered. i'm golden. big smile at ya'll and i'll check in again very soon unless i don't.


(god i love it here.)
While you are ocasionally stimulated by something that is outstanding or more
unusual, for the most part, you have become numb to life experience, for it
seems to be coming at you faster than you can cope with it and so you literally
close down, out of self-preservation.

We are wanting to offer you a joyous alternative:

By making more decisions in every day about what you want, you will
automatically sift through all of the data, all of the words and all of the
information that is coming to you. You will receive that which enhances what
you want--while you will not receive that which does not apply.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you will feel refreshed. Instead of feeling
bombarded, you will feel stimulated--and instead of being closed to life, you
will be open to life.

A New Beginning I
"You can be happy or sad, it doesn't matter.
You get to choose. You can go this way or
that way. You get to choose. Figure it all out
as you go. There's not one right path. There
are many right paths. Do anything you can do
-- which means think it or speak it or do it --
that makes you feel a little better."
-- Abraham-Hicks, Boston, MA -- 10/10/99


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