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Here's a thread for quotes from Abe on Karma/Fate/Destiny/What Goes Around Comes Around

more quotes to come in the thread....


"You don't pile up your point of attraction; you only pile up your propensity to offer vibrations in any moment in time.

(That's new; that's a new way of saying that.)

You only pile up your propensity to respond in any moment in time, and in any moment of time

(This is quite exciting, isn't it?)

in any moment in time you can choose to respond differently once you know about the grid. Once you know. Once you know that right here right now you can look at that (what ever it was), and you can have a knee jerk response to it that creates a new layer of point of attraction because your grids are moving forward with you as you are moving forward."

Session 1 about 28 minutes in...

March 10, 2012  Albequerque, NM www.AbrahamLIVE.com


(note: whenever a new concept or way of saying something is coming out it is easy to misinterpret until you take the overview look. the "knee jerk reaction" that they are speaking of here is the grid-created one that we build for our self, rather than a default one that we have been "knee jerk responding" with PRIOR to building deliberate topic- specific grids ~DS)

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Guest: When things come into my life that aren't necessarily good. I ask, "Why do I need this contrast? How'd I create this?" and try and find a reason for it being there.

Abe: Well we can make it really simple for you. The reason that it is there is because you were not focused upon what you wanted.

It's sort of like - if you drive your car into the ditch, do you sit there for a long time and try to comprehend why you're in the ditch or do you just start trying to figure out how to get out of the ditch?

And it's the same sort of thing - in other words, you got in the ditch because you weren't paying attention. And you get out of the ditch by paying attention. And for a while after you get out of the ditch you usually pay more attention for a while. In fact - sometimes even when you see somebody else in the ditch you pay more attention for a while.

But - there is really - we think that what's complicating this is that it is true, and we really recommend, that you make the best of whatever happens. So sometimes when you're in a place that you don't want to be, it is to your greater advantage to say "Well, I received this clarity from it and I received this value from it." rather than saying "Well this was just really dumb thing and no good has come from it." And so, it is always good to do your best to look for the positive aspects.

But, we would not spend any time looking for the lesson or looking for the value when you're in some spot that you clearly do not want to be in. We would just start saying "Wait a minute, it's not luck and it's not chance and it's not karma and it's not what somebody else did. I had my vibration, my attention upon something that brought me right here. And now I'm here, I'm really really sure I don't want to be here. I think I won't do that again. I think I'll start thinking about things that feel better to me when I think about them."

- Abraham-Hicks, Asheville 10/24/04

Back Story: Abe has conferred with the crowd about whether they would rather have longer Q&A’s with fewer people or shorter Q&A’s that would allow more people. After a brief process, they’ve decided to go for shorter Q&A’s:


Q: My question is about karma.
Abe: There isn’t any.
Q: That’s (stops and laughs)....
Abe: Next. (Laughter from audience.) Back row....
Q: You said 'fate' one time. We're fated.
Abe: Say it again?
Q: You said we're fated. That we are fated. And what did 'fated' mean? I connected that to karma.
Abe: Well, karma in the way most people mean it, there isn’t any of that. Because....
Q: But 'so you reap,' karma, fate and all....
Abe: Well, there is that. In other words, what you sow you do reap because Law of Attraction says that which you offer vibrationally is that which you bring back. But it does not pass on from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime in the negative sense that people mean because when you re-emerge into nonphysical, you re-emerge into pure positive energy, and when you come forth into your next incarnation, you come forth from that place of pure positive energy.
Q: So all of that that I was taught as a child and all this that I’ve been working through is all bullshit?
Abe: Yes. (Laughter from audience.) Yes.
-- Abe -- North Los Angeles, CA, 3/22/03

(The question had to do with serving the world to make it a better place and if we had a destiny before we came here)
We want to say to all of you: "How is it that you justify your existence?" Or better said:
"By what authority do you ask for things to come to you?"
As Esther called on the telephone this morning and asked for some ice We say to her: "And by what authority do you make this request?"
"Well, I am the person in the Penthouse" Esther said. (Laughter) "...by that authority...or I am a person on the cruse ship, and by that authority"
And we said... the answer that we want to hear from everyone, if they hear the question:
"By what authority do you ask questions or do you ask service, or do you ask for the improvement or do you ask for anything?"
We want your answer to be:
"By the authority that I am the Center of the Universe, by the authority that I am Source Energy and that All That Is seeks to answer the request that I offer".
In other words, we don't want timidness from you. We don't want humility from you and we don't want servitude from you. We want an understanding of your power and an unequivocal expectation of resources to flow to you. And from that knowledge..oh! you serve the world in a powerful way.
That is what you planned.
That, sir, is your destiny.
Hawaiin Cruise 2005

.. you cannot want the wellbeing of another without the wellbeing coming right back to you. And you cannot feel the anger toward another without the anger coming right back to you . You cannot feel the upliftment without uplifting, you cannot feel the anger without deflating.

Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape G 10/31/02


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