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Are you now appreciating the contrast of your time and
place? We're asking conceptually, not specifically,
as you look at those... things you do not want. We're
asking you, "Can you accept that the Universe is big
enough for all to create whatever they choose? And
what someone else chooses need not affect you unless
you are choosing it by your vibrational asking?" And
many of our friends say, "Well, Abraham, when you put
it that way I guess I cannot disagree with that. I'm
certainly, in my human form, not wanting to disagree
with the laws of the Universe. But still, are there
  not extreme situations where there are those
things that are so abhorrent that they deserve
scrutiny and attention from the physical format?" And
we say whatever you like is appropriate. Whatever you
choose to give your attention to is your choice. And
whatever you give your attention to will activate a
vibration within you. And whatever activates a
vibration within you will eventually manifest into
your experience. And whatever manifests in your
experience is always a perfect vibrational match to
your vibration. The way you've been feeling matches
your vibration, your vibration matches the way you've
been feeling. And everything is in perfect order when
you understand the management of Law of Attraction.

-- Abe -- Albany, N.Y., 10/1/01

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Make a decision of what you want, give your attention
there, find the feeling place of it -- and you're there
instantly. There is no reason for you to suffer or struggle
your way to or through anything.
Kansas City, MO -- 8/29/99
Q: I always try to get a big picture of the world and what we're
doing--and it's like I can hold almost everything, but then there's
just some things on the smorgasbord, and I go--that thing--people are
still killing whales and killing each other and molesting kids and
somehow that balance of not putting my attention to it...then I
think, well, that's somehow saying that that's okay. I get stuck

Abe: Here's the thing. It's a quandry between doing something about
something--so many say if you don't do something about something then
things don't change.

Q: Yeah.

Abe: And putting my head in the sand which might feel better to me
but it doesn't feel like it's helping humanity.

Q: Right!

Abe: And what we're saying to you is, as you're seeing things not
wanted and you feel that feeling you described as you see it, and
within that you feel desire within you that things be different, now
your work is to find harmony within your own rocket of desire; which
means every time you turn back and look at things not as you want
them to be you are in discord with your own rocket.

Q. (Laughs) Yeah.

Abe: So what's the question; there's a problem...?

Q. No, that's me walking through the world sometimes. I'm very
idealistic and there's this discord, and I don't really know how to
manage it.

Abe: See, what you're defining here is the exact process of
perfection that you knew you would be embarking upon as a leading
edge creator. You did not say "I will choose an environment where
everywhere I look things please me."

Q. Yeah, yeah.

Abe: You said, "I will choose an environment where I will be
stimulated to better ideas, and when the better idea comes, I will
attune to the better idea. I won't keep looking back at what caused
the better idea to be born." That's the discipline that is
required. There are those that would say to you, "Well, we need you
to keep looking at the problem because we've discovered we can
motivate you to the action that serves us more by keeping you looking
at the problem. You're more likely to give up money to support our
organization, or you're more likely to give your money in order to
keep our dream afloat."

Q: And that keeps the problem going.

Abe: If we can keep you aggravated about all of this.

Q: Right, right.

Abe: And what we're wanting you to say is, "I felt the aggravation.
I felt the rocket of desire. I asked the universe on your behalf for
a resolution. I know that when anyone asks the universe always
answers, so helps on the way. And I'm going to do my best about
helping us all to receive the help that is on the way by holding
myself in vibrational harmony with the signal that I've identified."
Oh. That is creating at its best, you see.

Q: Okay, okay.

Abe: And there's so many well-meaning people who see the contrast;
give birth to the rocket of desire; feel it powerfully; shout it to
the universe; the universe is answering; and then they're campaigning
against what's wrong holding themselves apart from the solution. So
even though solutions are happening all over the world, they never
have access to them, because they are so vibrationally different from
the solutions that, even though they're happening, they never get to
see a glimpse of them.

Q: Okay, okay.

Abe: You have to find vibrational harmony with where you want to be
before the universe can deliver it to you, you see.

Q: Okay

Abe: We wouldn't attempt in any way to try to convince you that
there are not things that are happening in your world that you don't
want to happen in your world. But we will say to you that looking at
the things that you don't want in your world will never make your
world more as you want it to be.

Q: Right. Yeah, yeah.

Abe: It will only drag you down into the discord of that. We'll
also say to you that, as a creator, you are better off with those
things you don't want in your world than if your world was, by your
standards, perfect in every way today. Because those things cause
you to reach beyond what is, and if there's not reason to reach
beyond what is, then you stand still, and none of us can do that. In
other words, there is only motion forward--contrast assures that, you

Q: Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Abe: We want you to begin to make contrast your friend. Let it be
all right that there are unwanted things around.

Q: Yeah--that's a whole different shift, yeah...

Abe: And let's talk about why. Let it be all right that there are
things you wouldn't choose because there are others who would choose
them....We are ALL free or none of us are free. And so, if you like
being able to choose the things that you like to choose, then it must
be all right with you that others choose the things that they want to
choose. And you say, "All right, I can go there within reason, but
what if they choose something really awful, like molesting a child?
What if they choose something really horrible like killing the
whales?" ...And we say, it still has to be all right with you that
there are things that you don't want them to choose. Oh, that's so

Q: It IS hard. (laughs)

Abe: "I want them to choose within reason, only things that I would
choose." And we say, "Then somebody gets to choose what you would
choose." And you say, "Well, can't we just all agree on what's all
right for us to choose?" And we say, "How's that working out for
...It turns out that it's all being orchestrated from that broader
perspective. ...The balance of intent is coming forth from that
broader non-physical perspective. The variety is supreme. Because
out of that variety, each genius consciousness gets to choose
something more. Do you know the discord and the squalor and the
suffering and the poverty and the negative emotion and the illness--
all the bad stuff that you see or hear about in your environment, is
not because blessed spirits are coming forth and choosing bad
things? In every single case, every bit of that suffering or
sickness or badness is because somebody's locked off their signal

Portland, OR 5-8-01
It is our expectation that your life
will continue to get better and better.

Alaskan Cruise, tape 7/8/07B, weekly tapes
And when you see those things that you are not wanting in your experience, do
not talk about them. Don't write about them. Don't join groups that worry about
them. Don't push against them. Do your best to ignore them.

Remove your attention from the things you do not want while you give your
undivided attention to the things that you do want.

Abraham, on the dvd, "The Secret" (the Original, not the Expanded version)
Abe on maintaining wellbeing

Jerry……How do we get the things we want to be perfect. Do we have to
just keep at everything all the time?

Abe You do not. Once you reach the place that you are accepting it,
as it is .In other words it is your attention to lack that causes the
negative creation. And so in the moment that you are no longer giving
your attention to lack, you have it made!.

That is all. In other words, once you acknowledge wellness as the
natural state, and you release your guardedness of illness. Wellness
will be your experience.

Once you accept abundance as you natural state of being, and you stop
resisting not having enough money Abundance is your natural state of

Once you have accepted harmony within a relationship as the natural
state of being and you stop focusing on the lack. Harmony will be
your natural state of being.

And so the answer is No you do not have to continually keep hammering
away at what you do want. But it is important for you to no longer
think about what you are not wanting.
Abraham-Hicks tape G-9-22-91
The more in sync with Source Energy you are, the better you feel. And
the more out of sync with Source Energy you are, the worse you feel.
Abraham-Hicks Apr/May/June 1988
We would never suggest that you learn to lay your hand on a hot stove and
endure it, just feel the pain and don't say anything. Grin and bear it. Keep a stiff upper lip. Be
strong. That is not what our message of allowing is at all! We say, yell bloody murder, get
your hand off the stove as quickly as you can, put it in a bucket of ice water, do anything you can to
soothe yourself. And then begin in that moment reaching for thoughts that allow Source Energy to flow
through you in the natural way. And then take the value and the benefit from the contrast that
helped you decide more clearly what you want.

San Rafael, 8/3/02
In every moment you revisit whatever you think is hindering you, you activate
it again. And it becomes the hindrance NOW, and will eternally be so, unless
you get off of it. We've never known anyone who was ever able to deactivate
anything that they were talking about. You've just got to practice activating
things that feel GOOD!

Abraham--Sacramento, CA 7/27/02
Abe: A lot of humans would believe that the perfect place for them would be a place where no bad things ever happen. Where no guns are ever fired or where no feelings are ever hurt, or where no one is ever feeling vulnerable or fearful. In other words, get rid of everything that would cause any of that so that those of us who are physically focused could just look around, and in our looking around we could feel good. And it isn't easy for most of you to accept that in that, what seems like ease from a place of frenzy, would soon turn to boredom and complacency and lack of desire and lack of summoning energy and therefore lack of life. Balance is really about the contrast that stimulates one to desire.

Guest: Does anyone, any being project into the physical with the specific idea to play the role of a contrast?

Abe: Yes.

Guest: For a nation or a family?

Abe: Yes.

Guest: Really?

Abe: Often.

Guest: So if someone is being, they are trying to fullfill the role of the bad guy, so to speak?

Abe: But from the nonphysical it is never seen as the bad guy.

Guest: I understand that.

Abe: It is seen as a difference in opinion. In other words, from the physical perspective, most of you believe that your beliefs are the right ones, and if you disagree with someone then they must be wrong. But from the nonphysical standpoint it is not seen as right and wrong; that's the right one and that's the wrong one; it is seen as the powerful diversity that stimulates thought. And from the nonphysical perspective you enjoy the diversity that stimulates thought so much that the diversity is well worth the thought that it stimulates.

From the nonphysical perspective, you would never whittle away one bit of contrast. You see the difference, once you accept, understand, know this difference, then it is all fun and clear and there is ease in it. When you understand the difference between seeing contrast, seeing choices as choices; I choose this, I don't care so much about that; I choose this; rather than believing that that's going to jump into your experience if you don't do something about it. There's a difference between choosing what you do want and trying to push away what you don't want. And the difference is that when you try to push away what you don't want, you don't really push it away; you choose it. In other words, when you say yes to something, you include something you do want in your experience. When you say no to something you don't want in your experience. So what's happened to physical mankind for the most part is that you've become so oriented about pushing against what you do not want, but rather than pushing it away you are including it. And the more you include it, this is what you were talking about earlier with your information coming from the philosophy of Jung, is that in the pushing against that which you do not want, you are not really pushing it away but including it in your vibration and the more you include it, then the more enemies you have to push against and the more you push against them the more you include it. And so it becomes more and more and more until you are consumed with the thing you do not want.

Nonphysical does not push against anything, but chooses.

Orlando, FL GS Spring 97
1997-02-15 B
What trips you up is that most of you do not understand the difference between contrast and resistance. Contrast helps you choose. Resistance is choosing what you don't want, you see. And that's what trips you up. When you look at contrast and it helps you conclude what you do want and then you stay in pure vibration with core. But if you look at contrast to conclude what you don't want, then you don't exclude it, you include what you don't want, you muck up your vibration, you are not a match to the energy of your desire and you feel frustration because of your contradiction of your energy. Very often people will talk to us about a relationship where things keep occuring that they are not wanting and we say, you have to understand that it could not keep happening to you if you were not holding your vibration there. In other words, if you could find a picture and hold a different picture, it has to change. The laws of the universe do not allow you to get something different than what you are vibrating.

3.30.1997 Orlando, Florida Abraham-Hicks.
This helped me a lot DS, thanks.
Welcome, Judi. Abe has also said that contrast is simply "variety". I like that word better, contrast really is more accurate though because of the semantics of how it actually works...one end of the spectrum creates the other.

Loving Abe. Everyday.


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