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note something new...the abe chat room is closed to moderator only chat

rampage of appreciation for threads in which i can take notes and the "paper" stays where i left it! appreciation for bookmarks and menus of links cause my goodness this stuff AND happiness is quite prolific and it can fly by so fast all i caught was the feeling but i also want to go back for the logic BECAUSE...when i don't have the feeling the logic CAN ....not always...but can...help me find it. and it definitely works as a great way to maintain it and advance into finer tuned discernment, and that's what i want.

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we are always getting what we want as we focus and flow through you, the question is are you getting what you want by the focus that you hold as we focus and flow through you. 59 minutes session 1

not a quote, folks....just notes for now.

esther gets unsettled and abe talks her back down in trance, just past one hour

the stop, drop and roll of abraham :)

.....esther yesterday signed instead of "our love, esther and jerry" (esther always signed for jerry) (esther is unsettling again, abe waits)....yesterday esther signed WITH HIM instead of for him. abe and esther are in tears. session ends.

i hold her in my heart...she loves him so much and it's easy to fan the flames of loss regarding him. i know she misses the physical ness of him but he is right there and i know this with all that i am. hang in there esther....this will be more and more joyful for you....a linear experience from one end of the scale to the other...remember the car accident....WAY FUN!! once you got into alignment again. you can do it. and we love you and won't offer any pain to you...we are stable knowing jerry is right here. right here right now and loving you so much. he's right here right now. right now he's here. share your moment with him as best you can and cry as much as you need to until it no longer makes sense. you don't have to be perfect for us. you already are. you don't have to be perfect for him...you already are. all is well.

Beautifully said DS, so much love for Esther.  The whole workshop was amazing, appreciate your notes, a lot to ponder from this one.

session 2, 1 hotseater says he goes from specifically negative to general but what he's describing in his example at work event is actually an attempt to jump from specifically negative to specifically positive.  he then says what's happening is he just keeps spiraling down instead of feeling better in his "going general" attempts. abe doesn't state it but asks him simply to focus on the feeling of the grid that he wants in the conversation. mentions that even focusing on the emotion that THEY are in this hotseat experience with him are actually being more specific that he really wants to be..even as they are only focusing on the emotions of the grid.

session 2 hotseater 1 "layering of the grids" discourse happening now about 20 minutes in between deliberate creators doing grid work and others focusing by default. discusses "that one that doesn't want to come along" next (not a quote in quotes, that's my expression)....redo the grid again specific to that one person now that the general feeling has settled down and it's just that one that's still holding on to the discord. shows how to focus upon them.

momentum discussion now. if a person's momentum is "trouble, somebody needs to do something about this, blah blah blah" and you lay over them your deliberately created grid they will float up because at the basis of their desire there is a match...that's why they are so upset!

session 2, hotseater 2...he's really good at seeing what's up with others and helping them but not so much for himself. abe suggests he lay his own grid regarding himself and practice that.

there will always be those that are not on the vibe of that, that don't verbalize that, because they can't.

we don't want you to wish for that (the vibe of love and knowing this) bc they aren't all going to get it and you have to be alright with that. you can't want it for them, you have to want it for you, and if you have it for YOU then more of them will have it too, but you can't worry about the ones that don't get it because there will always be those that can't.

hotseater 2 session 2

i intend to remain emotionall available to you unless you are specifically ecstatically creating and then I'll join you there. love them where they are no matter what.

should read emotionally UNavailable

the ONLY thing you do with your grid is focus on emotions

abe is saying...

we don't want you to try to fill the grid in at all, we don't want you to try to fill in ANY specifics at all, just focus on emotion in your grid work and the universe will fill in the specifics that the vortex is already holding for you (because they were put there by the contrast that you lived...by the time you are doing grid work you are dealing with stuff that's already created in the vortex in very specific form that is based on what we lived.

session 2....hotseater 2 or 3..i've lost track...the woman with dark hair. abe is stopping hotseater from speaking on specifics... says some stuff and then...."talk to us some more and we'll climb your tree again, at your expense" they invite her to talk again...and then just go ahead and start speaking for her building a positive grid...they never really let her speak the specifics of her problem that she wants to talk about. abe says it feels to some like it's not enough but it's the most powerful work there is. 

ya, they (abe) have to go through a process until it's really clear and THEN it's so easy to 'splain. lol...thank goodness for the summoning and their willingness to keep circling and 'splaining till we get to that point though, tis really easy to RE-abe. 

Hotseaters Interrupted Thread, Promises Thread (note to self) :)

conversation is here (tha's a link there)


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