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August 8, 2011
Abe-inar Beta Test

Abe: There is someone else ready for us, or not?

Jerry: Yes Abraham. She is reaching us from Queensland, Australia; here name is Gail. She wants to know if she can get too happy for her natural therapies clients?

Guest: Hello Abe.

Abe: Well, you can be too happy for some people because if they're not in the vibrational vicinity they won't appreciate you. But you can't get too happy for your own good. Where is it that you are working?

Guest: Well, we have a natural therapies clinic. And what I've found is that I can feel really great and go in there and that the people that you're working with just want to tell you what what their problems are and that's pretty normal. But I find that if I'm feeling really great or going fast and I'mfeeling like a floating sensation that they don't want to catch up. So, do I lower my energy just a little so that I can connect and to show them I care? I know its a strange question because you should never lower your energy at any time but its more of a connection with the people that I'm trying to help.

Abe: Well we don't find it a strange question at all. We think it is maybe the most pertinent question that we have EVER heard and we are happy to address it here with you now.

Here's the most important thing to understand: You are right when you say if you were to empathize with someone who isn't feeling good your attention to their not feeling good would lower your vibration because you can't focus upon their problem and their solution at that same time.

Guest: That's what I tell them.

Abe: But there is something...this is interesting and we've not spoken about this before...this whole conversation today; have you been listening to what's been happening before?

Guest: Yes

Abe: This whole conversation has been pointed toward the idea of focusing upon what is wanted rather than focusing upon what is not wanted (of course, that's always what we are talking about), but we've been talking a great deal about how what-is is the thing that often holds people back from where they really want to be, and how in releasing resistance about what-is; it sort of opens the floodgates and allows what is wanted to come fully into view. So, by your making peace with what-is with them, there is a releasing of resistance. In other words, its not an acceptance of where they are and its not a saying to them "you're going to stay here for evermore", but its a..it may be what true compassion really is. Where you are truly understanding where they are and holding no negative judgement around where they are; it's just the beginning place. Its sort of like: on any journey that you're taking, you're not ever negative about where you are, you're just on your way somewhere else and where you are is really irrelevant to the journey that you are about to take (except that every journey needs a starting place and it doesn't matter what the starting place is). So, as they're trying to explain to you (sometimes in more detail than you want) about how they're not feeling good and about where they are, if you can relax and sort of make peace with it and say to yourself in your own mind "Well of course this is where you are, you're beginning a journey somewhere else." so that you're not trying to get them off of it so fast that they dig in and try to explain it to you more. We promise you that if you will UNDERSTAND where they are and not be in a hurry to move them off of it, not be in a hurry to explain something else to them; but let it be alright with YOU where they are because where they are is where they are and it HAS to be alright because where they are is where they are, so as you let it be alright with you....you see they are not wanting to make peace with where they are because they don't want to be there and we really don't want you to make complete peace with where they are because we don't want them to be there either, but by making peace with where they are AT THE SAME TIME that you acknowledge the journey that you are upon; it releases resistance. It will keep them from feeling like they need to keep explaining to you how bad it is because you've already let them know that you understand it. Of course you understand; that's why you are working together, you understand that you see.

This whole conversation today, (we've enjoyed this with you) this whole conversation today has been really been about letting it be alright where ever you are and in doing so releasing the resistance that keeps you from whatever it is that you're wanting. In other words, as you realize that being where you are cannot be avoided; where you are IS where you are, and you look for reasons to feel good about where you are, there is a releasing of resistance that allows the vortex (which is always calling you) to call you with less and less resistance. It seems counter-intuitive to many of you because it seems like you should at least be acknowledging that you don't want to be here, sort of like let the universe know you don't want to be here so that the universe doesn't ask you to stay, and we say the universe, your vortex, your inner being is calling you toward something that is so much more and the only thing that is keeping you from moving gracefully there or easily there or quickly there or even in the direction of there is your attention to something that is a vibrational opposite or a vibrational resistance.

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Almost everyone is still feeling sorrow, or wishing it could be better, or hoping for the best, where there's still some resistance in it. In the compassionate, complete acceptance of the OK-ness of where you are ... there's a complete and utter absence of resistance.

In the utter absence of resistance, this powerful vortex takes you right in to clear view, takes you right in.

Denver, Co 9/3/11

Utter compassion is a complete and not freaking out awareness of where someone is. That is utter compassion.

Just think about it. If there is the slightest discomfort as you look at where someone is, you've got nothing to give them. So utter compassion must be the okay-ness of where you are, the all-rightness of where you are because after all, it's temporary, and it's the beginning of where you're going.

Can you feel it? It's huge. It's the missing piece. It's the piece that medicine is looking for. It's the piece that everyone who's wanting to feel good is looking for. It's what's missing in relationships that aren't working. It's the piece. The okay-ness with what is. Because it's so temporary. And because IT, this blessed 'what is' produced this. And without this blessed 'what is', this expanded beingness, which is the promise of eternity, could not exist.

Denver, CO 9/3/11

How can we not worry about health?
Questioner:  Hi Abraham. I just want to say thank you to Jerry for his excellent, beautiful story telling
of Sara. I hope there is a sequel to Sara at some point in time.

Abraham:  It is nearly finished. And Esther says, “Ten times better than the first.”

Questioner:  Ah, fabulous. Before I get to my question, yesterday, after I purchased the tapes, I
decided it was so beautiful, and I felt that Energy that just, please let me just hold on to this, and
so, I went to the park with Jerry on my ears and just laid in the grass and watched the clouds and
I can tell you it was... I mean, I felt like I went on a vacation to Hawaii or something. That’s how
refreshed and eager I am right now. It’s wonderful.

Abraham:  It’s sort of your nature, we notice.

Questioner:  Yes, it is. I just want to say I just flashed on something. My husband has been very

worried about his health, and I just flashed on that I, in my stuff right now, or in my high Energy,
I zapped in, I think, into his worry.

Abraham:  Yes. It’s not easy to watch someone doing something without, in your observation of
them doing it, you take it into your vibration too.

Questioner:  So, I have to remember to set my Tone and just keep going.

Abraham: You have to just remember that all is well.

Questioner: All is well

Abraham:  Step back from the details that are hammered at you in such distorted proportion and
accept that your Earth spins in its orbit—that’s big. That’s bigger than all the things... That’s
bigger than all the things you worry about put together. Just think about the water content. That,
too, is bigger than all the things you worry about. Think about gravity. That’s bigger and better
than all the things you worry about. In other words, you have so many evidences of Well-Being.

We can barely understand why you get focused on some little clump of something that holds
you. It’s like all of the radio stations in the world pleasing you but that one, and every day you
listen to it and complain about it. There are 500 others. You say, “Nope. I’m going to listen to
that one until it’s off the air.”

Questioner:  Thank you very much.

Abraham:  Indeed.

Abraham Speaking in Seattle, WA — June 21, 1998

©Jerry & Esther Hicks


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