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Ok, the title says it all, this is a ONE-LINER FAVORITE ABE QUOTES THREAD.  This means quotes with no more than a line long... well, a 1 and 1/2 line would be ok sometimes, but that would be the exception, not the rule haha :)  


As most of you know, we have a couple of other separate threads for the longer favorite quotes, and for the links to those threads click on "main menu" under the "Abe by Topic" heading (above).  


So having clarified that...


I'll now start here with a few...



"A decision tells that all Energy is going there." - Abraham-Hicks

(Thanks to Reinis for sharing it.)



"You are living a good life because you feel good. You don't feel good because you are living a good life." - Abraham-Hicks

(Thanks to DS)



(I don't have the sources/workshop info for those quotes in this case, and I don't even think the  transcribers remember. But if anybody knows I would love to know.  I think that knowing the workshop source is important because many times people want to read or listen to more about a particular subject in the manner that Abe explained it there, and so they have what they would need to know first.



"You are a saver of others. Which means you promote needing to be saved" Abraham-Hicks 7-31-2010

"Saving people just promotes their weakness." Abraham-Hicks 7-31-2010

(Both quotes, thanks to DS)



"Patience is only a virtue you have to develop when you want things that you're resistant to." Abraham-Hicks. (Thanks to Marcy)



"The Universe always yields to the most practiced vibration."  Abraham-Hicks 9.14.2010

Thanks to DS)



"Have fun with this. Be playful about it..." Abraham-Hicks - San Rafael 2/10/08

(Thanks to Abequotes)




That's it for now :)

your turn now...haha




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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!  love these games. linking this somewhere, can't help it and expect to be put up with and even enjoyed for it


and i have one....o o o ...i have one!


If you can't hold a thought, you can't be a deliberate creator.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. thanks! tasty good, delish!

Nice one, DS :)  And yes, please do link it when you can, that would be great.  Here are a few more one liners:


"Appreciation of contrast is allowance of solution." Abraham-Hicks 3/27/2010 - Orlando, Florida . (Thanks to DS)



"Your path is not narrow and straight. It is flexible and fluid and expanding and delicious." - Abraham-Hicks  (Thanks to Reinis)




"...When you ask it is given, but at some point your have to stop asking and start expecting..."
~ Abraham-Hicks
Extracted from their CD: Think and Get Slim

(Thanks to me..lol..)




More later :D



Here's one:


Savor more; fix less. 


From "Ask and It is Given."


Perhaps this is my favorite:


"We want you get your hands in the clay of your life and we want you to like molding the clay."


That is very, very rich.



very very rich, agreed. i want to like molding the clay! sometimes i actually do, yay!


"The more general you can become, the more ease you will feel right now. " copyright www.abraham-hicks.com spoken 12.04.2010 in Phoenix, Az VOC Workshop

The Universe is responding to who you FEEL you are. 12.04.2010 copyright www.abraham-hicks.com

Your observation of a situation - no matter how remote you believe yourself to be - makes you a co-creative partner of the experience.

Abraham-Hicks.com copyright protected for material integrity.

The Vortex Book, page 6

I love the one you posted LS, thank. It's so wise  :)

A few more more One Liners :D



"Your emotion does not create. Emotion is your indicator of what you are already creating."

Abraham-Hicks - North Los Angeles, CA, March 7th, 2000



"You’re not creating with your affirmations, you’re not creating with your visualizations, you are practicing a vibration that lets it in." Abraham-Hicks - 9/22/07 Detroit, MI



"Let go of the tangibles and reach more for the emotionals." Abraham-Hicks, Portland, 7/17/2010
(Thanks to DS)




"Focus is the name of this creative game."  Abraham--HIcks 8-28-2010
(Thanks to DS)



"You can't make a good decision from outside the vortex." Abraham Hayhouse Online Event 2-19-2009
(Thanks to DS)



"Your satisfaction doesn’t happen ’til you let go of the problem and accept the reality of the solution." Abraham-Hicks - 2010-05-27 Philadelphia closing
(Thanks to Reinis)



"The law of rendezvousing" is more accurate than "law of attraction" Abraham-Hicks - paraphrased by DS





From CD, "The Astonishing Power of Emotions, Excerpts from Art of Allowing Workshop", Track 4 @2007

copyright for material integrity: www.abraham-hicks.com

Abraham: Nothing that you want is upstream.

(this thread is fun! I just heard this one...)


"What life shows to you is always what's active in your vibration."   (Abraham-Hicks, Kansas City 09.14.10)


the more ease you feel, the less resistance you hold ~ meditation cd physical wellbeing track copyright for material integrity www.abraham-hicks.com

wow this thread is really delicious, love these one-liners, thanks again for chiming in DS,  I like to reflect on all these goodies :)




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