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"How you feel is your point of attraction." 5/24/ 2014 Abraham. Stamford CT. 


"And so in order to explain this point of attraction we are talking to you about this vibrational standpoint, this vibrational basis, and we are calling it a vibrational grid. There are lots of words that could be used to explain it, but the point that we really want to establish; the point we really want you to focus upon is that you are vibration more than you are anything else, and it is your vibrational offering that causes everything to come into focus to be. So, everything about your body, everything about your acquaintances, everything about the way you move through life, everything about they way everything touches you is about your vibrational offering over which you have complete control but don't usually exercise it all that well. Most people are offering their vibration in response to what they are observing and they are not all that particular about what they are observing.

So for most it sort of goes like this: You see something, you have an emotional response to it, that emotional response brings more like it which you have another emotional response to which brings more like it which you have another emotional response to; and these emotional responses are only indicators of vibrational standpoint. Vibrational stance.

So when you decide that you want to exercise more control over your vibrational standpoint; if we were standing in your physical shoes the way we would go about it is: we would decide that we would approach it from an emotional basis rather than from a thought basis.

So as we began here today we said to you: Do you like the way contrast causes you to focus? Now we want to say to you: Do you like the way you are able to feel within the contrast that surrounds you? That's a much more productive way of putting it to you. Do you like the way you are able to feel living in the contrast that surrounds you? And if the answer to that is yes then that means you're focused in a way that you're not contradicting the vibration of who you really are so you're in alignment much of the time with who you are; so you're tuned in, tapped in, turned on and your point of attraction is wonderful because you have the leverage of source energy. You have the leverage of all that you call good right there offering a vibration with you and when you are in that vibrational patterning only good things can come to you. Did we get your attention at all about that?

Do you know that you can control your point of attraction? Do you know that you can control the way you feel? Well if you know that then you know everything and so; you know everything! (audience laughs) That's all there is to know; once you know that you've got it figured out and the rest of it is just exercising the knowledge that you know until your really really really really really really really really really really really really sorta good at it. (audience laughter) Till you're just kinda sorta good at it. You don't have to be really really really good at it, you just have to be sorta kinda good at it, because if you're sorta kinda good at it then sorta kinda good things keep coming to you. And the more things come that you appreciate and the more you do appreciate; the more you focus upon those things that you appreciate then the more you practice that vibrational patterning.

So, when we talk about  your point of attraction; we're talking about all of the things you draw to yourself, yes. But we're talking about much more than the cars you bring or the money you bring or the physical friends you bring. We're talking about your bringing to yourself, better said: your allowing of yourself, better said: your blending with yourself. Your allowing the blending of who you really are to be present and focused in this time space reality. In this precise moment in time." April 14, 2012 Houston, Texas Abraham Hicks Publications

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April 21, 2012 San Antonio, Texas Workshop Open Excerpt

"So this grid is you point of attraction. And this is the thing that we really want you to hear: Once you've established an emotional basis, and that's what the gird is; it's something really general like "I feel secure." Well, if you feel secure; oh what a good grid that is. "I feel worthy." Whank! Worthy is treacherous word for most of you, but if you feel secure and worthy and loved; if you've got those kinds of things going on in your grid, in your basic point of attraction, then you grid is filling in with all kinds of lovely details that are vibrationally matching those feelings. And that's what we want you to get the sense of. The vibrational grid is the emotional, which means very general, very basic, very source-like, very soul-like; it's your basis of attraction.

But your grid is something you practice all day every day. You practice it with the things you say. When you point out things going wrong in your life you're creating a grid that's gonna fill in with more things that go wrong. When you feel like someone is cheating you or wronging you and you focus upon it and get that grid activated then it fills in with all kinds of evidence of that. And the thing that is so interesting is that you'll observe something unwanted and as you focus upon it you create the next grid for the next seventeen seconds which equals the next point of attraction.

Some years ago we were saying to you in those very early days, when we were talking to you about "If you want and believe it then it is" and we were describing to you as we were wanting you to feel how important what you're thinking and feeling in every moment is that its like when you get focused upon something unwanted its like you are spewing this red inky mist out there (gestures in front of Esther indicating forward). Sort of shpewwwww! (gestures again a spewing from facial area out in front of Esther) And, if you'd just stop talking now, mediate, take a nap, listen to music; do something that stops the spewing it would dissipate. The "wind would blow it away". (mimes a breeze blowing past Esther) And your point of attraction would improve immediately. But if you keep spewing it it keeps being there and it keeps being your point of attraction and so, that's a good mental image; isn't it? 

We want you to realize that every seventeen seconds (and we don't want you to put a timer on yourself; Esther tried it the other day and it doesn't work well at all), we don't want you to put a timer on yourself but we want you to be aware of how brief a time it takes to find something that feels good, something really general and focus upon it just for a little bit to establish a point of attraction that will fill in.

So let's say you find a thought that feels good. And, choose thoughts that feel good easily, don't work on this, don't be valiant. (pauses to indicate significance) Don't dig into this; just try to find something light that feels good. And as you find it and focus upon it just for a little bit, just for a few seconds; in the absence of resistant the grid will fill in. And what that will mean to you is another easy good feeling thought will flow to you. So as you maintain that for another seventeen seconds; more grid filling in. It's not surprising to get a really good phone call after 68 seconds of really good grid work. In other words, it doesn't take much before manifestations that are noteworthy begin happening. You'll find your flow through life improving immediately as you concentrate with a sort of determination on tending to the only thing that matters and the only thing you CAN control.

Oh, and it's such a big thing! You can control your point of attraction! Don't you think that's something? You can do it if you'll try and you don't have to try very hard, you just have to know how to go about it in the way that' easier. And the way that's easier is first: stop trying to fill in your own grid. You'll probably hear people try to do that today because you are used to doing it.

Filling in your own grid goes like this: Because I want to be happy I want to live in that house with that person and have that much money. And as you hear us talking about deliberate creation you say: But Abraham you taught us every bit of that! You taught us how to be deliberate, you taught us how to be aware of what we want! Yes; we are encouraging you to think about what you want; but today we are encouraging you to think about your grid.

You see, you've done enough sifting through the contrast to put enough in your vortex to keep yourself busy for twenty or thirty lifetimes. And contrast will continue to come to you, you don't have to worry about no longer contributing to your vortex, it's happening all day every day anyway. We want you, for just a little while, to focus on one thing and one thing only: What am I doing vibrationally? What's my point of attraction? What's my grid? And the next thing we want you to focus upon is: I'm not gonna try to fill it in. I'm not gonna try to fill it in. Because when you have an idea of something you want or need and you focus upon it but it isn't happening yet so it's the absence of it that you are focusing upon; now you establish a grid that includes the absence of what you want rather than the presence of what you want.

Do you see how that works? People do it all of the time. They want more money so they think about more money and they think about all the things they want do with more money so they create this big ol' honkin' grid of the absence of the things that they want and then they say: "I've been doing this work for a long time Abraham; why is it not working out well for me?" (mimics funny voice, audience chuckles). That's exactly what they say. And we say: Because you've missed some of the finer points. And the finer points are: you have to be aware of what you are doing with your point of attraction and it's much easier than all of us have been making it out to be.

So you are following? (audience, yes) We are eager to talk with you about anything that is important to you; there is nothing off limits. It will flow perfectly you will see. Because, oh! Wanted to give you this one piece. Don't want to leave out the most important part.

You established a grid before you even got here in this body. In other words, you have a grid of eagerness and well being and love and worthiness going on. So that underlying grid is the grid that's really in your vortex. That's really what your point of attraction is; and when you create a grid that opposes that, that's what negative emotion is. We've got the dueling grids going on, you see. This basic grid of well being and of expansion and of joy and of freedom that is the basis of that which you are, and if you let something that you are focused upon in your physical time space reality cause you to create a grid that opposes that; that's what negative emotion is.

So you sorta getting the picture of this? We want you to help you to help you (gesturing physical help nonphysical help physical). We want to help you to help you (gesturing Abe helping nonphysical to help physical); we want you to help each other (gesturing inner being help physical being, physical being help inner being). We want you to mind your own business, really; don't help each other, don't help each other, don't help each other. (still speaking of inner being and physical being and contradicting last sentence.) Somebody else with their nose in your grid; hawck ckkk chkkk! Don't help each other. But you want your grids to stack up, you want your grids to line up with one another. The basic grid of well being will bring all kinds of wonderful things and before you know it you've got some really specific grid building going on. We don't want you to stay general forever, just general until you're stable. And then, once you're stable it's way fun to start thinking in specifics."

Session 1 Opening Statement

"The Vortex is the holding pattern where all that you've asked for is; the grid is your vibrational stance and when you strike it right with who you are, when you strike that vibrational stance with the core of who you are and therefore everything that you've put into your vortex then everything that is in your vortex that is wanted flows in. Your grid fills in with what you call manifestations. The grid fills in. The grid fills in. It fills in with an emotion first. It fills in with thought. It fills in with impulses. Then it begins to fill in with dialogue with others. It fills in, it fills in. It fleshes out into what you call manifestation." June 2, 2012 Boston, MA Abraham Hicks Publications. www.AbrahamLIVE.com

When you find vibrational alignment with You, you personally thrive. You feel good; you look good; you have stamina; you have energy; you have balance; you have clarity; you have wit; you have abundance of all things that you consider to be good. You thrive in all ways when you come into Energy Balance with You. Vibrational Relativity - that's what it's all about.
--- Abraham
Excerpted from the workshop in Asheville, NC on Sunday, May 1st, 2005 # 716

"The grid that he (Guest) is speaking about equals your point of
attraction. It's the vibrational basis that in some way you have
established so it equals your current point of attraction. You were
born with a Grid, and you know that opinion that we were talking about,
that Source Energy opinion that we were talking about? There's a Grid
there, a powerful Grid of Well-Being. You would call it a general Grid,
more general than you often want it to be, but it's a powerful Grid of

So, in terms of what we just said to you as we began here today, you
have the opportunity of aligning your grids, the grid which means what
you're thinking about right now, and the Grid which means what the
Source within you knows right now. When those grids STACK up, when they
LINE up, when they LOCK into place, the Energy, the Current, the Power
that flows through you, to you, from you (savoring smile)...that's what
people who are standing back who don't really understand it call
"masterful". There's a leverage in that alignment."

From the workshop in Phoenix, AZ on 6/30/12

..If it is your desire to understand how this all fits together, then this will be a very good opportunity for us to chew on that.

Do you like being here focused here in your physical bodies? And do you understand the advantage that it is to you and to all-that-is?

Do you understand that as you know what you don't want, you know what you do want? 
And when you know what you do want, you know what you don't want? 
And in all of that there is a focusing, and that focusing is a summoning?

Do you understand that when you focus on anything, just for a short period of time, that you activate a vibration within you?

We've been talking about this for a long time and some of you have been around for awhile with us. And these days we are describing that vibration that occurs because of your focus as a foundation or a basis, or a sort of "grid".
The grid sometimes is hard to get your thoughts around. But envision something grid-like. Whether it's a skeleton or a structure. And imagine the grid of it. In other words you can see through it. Your house is sort of grid like before they put the walls in; once the frame work is up. You can see through it, you can see the basic structure of what it's going to be; but you can't really get a sense of what's it's like to be in it, to live in it or even to look at it until more is filled in.
And of course more does fill in, doesn't it? The walls come; exterior and interior. The roof comes; the insulation goes in. The paint goes up, the exterior rock or whatever. And so, it continues to evolve and become, but in the beginning it's a basic structure that does fill in. And when you began the house or whatever it was, you knew that it would begin with a foundation, with a grid that would fill in. And we think it might be helpful if you began to look at your point of attraction in just that way. Because you are moving through your day to day experiences interacting with one another and you are having emotional responses to what you are observing, yes? In fact for most people your emotional response is all about something that you are observing. It doesn't have to be; you could be conjuring it in your mind, you could be imagining it. But most people are offering most of their vibration and therefore most of their emotion in response to something that they are observing.

So let's say that you are moving through your day and you are observing different things and in your observation of them you're having emotional responses to them. And we would like you to try to imagine that each one of those emotional responses is an indicator of what kind of grid, what kind of foundation, what kind of grid you've got going on that will fill in (emphasis verbal on "that will fill in"); it will fill in.

Now it might fill in quickly on this very day. Or on this very hour. Or within these few minutes that are surrounding you. It could fill in quickly if the intensity of your focus is significant enough that you establish a vibrational grid with enough attraction power. In other words, you can get going on things and something can be so emphatically offered in your vibration that your grid will fill in so fast it will knock your socks off if you're not aware of what creation is all about.
But sometimes your grid fills in more slowly. Because you move along and you sorta kinda feel that way and you sorta kinda feel that way and you sorta kinda feel that way and you sort kinda feel that way and then you feel a little more that way and then the grid fills in with somebody else that will talk to you about it. And as the grid fills in with somebody who will talk more with you about it then the grid becomes more substantial. A more substantial point of attraction.
So let's call this grid, and you understand what we mean by it; let's call it your point of attraction. Your point of attraction that you have more control over than you have been exercising, but in either case, whether you are controlling the content of your vibrational grid deliberately or by default, just by observing and feeling and observing and feeling; in either case it is filling in (slows down for emphasis on "it is filling in").

So, as it starts to fill in, what are some of the first things that fill in? Ideas, more ideas that come to you, more thoughts. Impulses. Your impulses come from that. You would call them inspiration sometimes, especially if they are good to you impulses. But your impulses. When to stop, when to go, when to go over there, when to call this person; those impulses are all part of your grid filling in. People rendezvousing with you, the things they say to you, the things that happen in your experience around you and with you are your grid filling in.

So what we would like you to consider and we know that you are here wanting to be deliberate creators; you understand (yes) that you create your own (yes) reality (yes). You get that, yes? In other words you've been listening to us for awhile and what you offer vibrationally and what comes back to you is always a vibrational match, it always always is. But as we break this down just a little bit and we help you to decide to be more aware of what you're doing with your grid which means be more aware of what your emotions are telling you.

We think that if we tell you that what you feel is an indicator of a grid that has attraction power that you might be more aware of how you feel; but even more important, you might be willing to deliberately alter the way you feel by your deliberate choice of focus. Because you can focus. You have the ability to create your own grid; you really do.
Do you believe that? Most people don't. Most people just create a grid based upon how they feel about the last grid that attracted stuff. So it's sort of this cycle: you had a grid, it attracted stuff, you observe the stuff and you created another grid. And then that grid attracted more stuff and you observed it and then you created another grid. Where we're wanting you to take control of the basis of the foundation of that which you are attracting.

Now, how does that feel to you? Makes sense, yes? Something you can sort of get your thoughts around? 
So now, Abraham (speaking for us) You are sort of giving us the idea that we are surrounded by our grids of our own making. And we say yes! You've got a grid about your physical body, you've got a grid about your relationships, you have a grid about finances, you have a grid about a lot of different subjects and all of those grids mmmm blend together in the sense of how you feel basically. In other words, if you've got a strong sense of security, it's probably bleeding over into all of your grids. But if you've got something going on in your life that is causing you to particularly focus upon something, it's really got your attention; that one thing, whether it's something you really really really really like or it's something you really really really really don't like, it has the potential of really influencing the grid or the foundation or the attraction point for you. And so, if there's something going on that you find yourself obsessed with, and you don't feel good emotionally as a result of your attention to it, (it might be something in the news, it might be something political, it might be something that's happening in your family or to you specifically) but if you've got yourself really focused a lot on something specific and it doesn't feel good to you while you're thinking about it, then, we want you to know that you are establishing a grid that's gonna fill in with more unwanted stuff.

In like manner, if there's something going on in your life that's really ringing your bells, it's making you feel high and happy, you are waking up thinking about it, you are finding yourself wanting to talk to everyone about it; then you've got a grid going on that's filling in with a lot of other things. And it doesn't just fill in with the things specific to the subject that caused the grid; that's the thing that we really want you to understand, it fills in with other things that are vibrationally same but it can be on a myriad of different subjects. So what we just said to you is: find one thing to get happy about, establish a grid and live happily ever after relative to every thing else in your life. Or, find one thing to be UNhappy about, establish a grid and use it as your basis for for all kinds of other things that you don't want to come to you.

Don't you like knowing that you are the creator of your grid? And if you are the creator of your grid then you are the creator of your point of attraction and if you are the creator of your point of attraction then you are the creator of the impulses that come, the thoughts that come, the ideas that come, the rendezvous that come, the coincidences that occur. Those coincidences; you think that they are coincidences in a sort of chancy way; but they are not coincidences in a chancy way. They are coincidences; they are incidences that cooperatively come together, they are converging of similar vibrations, you see. And don't you like knowing that you have so much control over all of that? And doesn't it make you want to work on your grid? 

Now, we want you to know that the grid is a vibrational basis. And at that vibrational basis is the essence of everything that you want. If you've been listening to us for awhile you've been hearing us say that you can be or do or have anything that you set your mind to. Anything that you focus upon, without except you can. But there is an emotional, vibrational grid like basis at the root of everything you want. You've heard us say: Everything that you want (whether it's a relationship, or a material object or a pile of money or a physical condition or a circumstance or an event), every single thing that you want without exception, you want it because you believe you will feel better in the having of it. And so that's what we are talking about with the grid; we are talking about the feeling better with the having of it or without the having of it; the feeling better with having the knowledge that if you create an emotional grid that feels like the essence of what you think you will feel once you get what you think you want (did you follow all of that?), if you can FEEL it before you get it, if you can feel the grid, if you can feel the basis, if you can find the emotional place; that simple but powerful nonresistant vibrational place, and at the root of the grid are emotions. And we think if you would focus emotionally on your grid, in other words, if something happens, let's say that something happens, it's an awkward situation with someone you care about. And you find yourself having those same normal, knee-jerk thoughts that you often have when this happens with anyone, but especially with this person; it's been going on for awhile. So you have your response, which means you have just established a new vibrational foundation, or you have added to one already established, but the emotion that you are feeling of uneasiness or even anger or frustration, is your indicator that you can keep this going; you certainly have the free will and the right to do it, but if you keep this going even for as long as seventeen seconds; it takes seventeen seconds to establish a grid. Seventeen seconds to establish a grid. And as you identify something and you stay focused upon it for that little bit of time, what's gonna happen is it's gonna start filling in with other things; other things like it. And so, the sooner you can catch yourself with conscious awareness that you've got something going on that you might not want to wait until it fills in; in other words, it's easy to know you want to establish a different grid when all kinds of manifestations are occurring that you don't want, but deliberate creation really is about holding yourself in that good feeling place. So if you will think about this emotional grid in an emotional way and ask yourself "What are the emotions that I am feeling?" and more important "What emotions do I prefer to feel?", you can catch this at the early subtle stages. In other words, rather than going off with law of attraction feeding you all kinds of thoughts and memories and bringing to you all kinds of other things that match it, and other people that agree with you about the injustice that you've just lived or other people agreeing with you about the injustice and living it around you, in other words you can get a whirlwind (oh, sort of like a vortex!) of all kinds of things going on; it can come to you really fast, can't it? But if you are wise enough to know that seventeen seconds is establishing a grid here and what am I wanting to do with my grid right now, right here right now, right here right now? Because every moment is new you know? Every moment is new. We don't want you to think that you've got a bunch of grids piled up that are going to play themselves out because that's not true at all. The grids that you have been creating and living in the past have nothing to do with what you are doing right now. Because your point of attraction is right now. This is a fresh new day and a fresh new moment and a fresh new grid in this fresh new moment and you have control over what you do with your grid right now. 

March 10, 2012 Abraham Hicks Publications. Transcribed from youtube clip: http://youtu.be/E6KZRPJ_NN8 


Who is it? (Abraham sounding like a lady answering the phone sweetly)
Someone's calling you. It's the hook.
When you ask a question then the answer exists. And when the answer exists the answer is calling you. The question is are you so invested in the question that you can't hear the call of the answer. Ohh that was really good wasn't it!
Abraham Hicks
Alaskan Cruise 8-18-2012

It's nice to know, that you can ask the Universe anything, and get your answer!

Do you accept that there is a point of attraction? Let's just say, the point of attraction you've got, your grid, is not ready for what's in your Vortex. It's ready for something, but it's not ready for what's in the Vortex.

LOA is not going to leave you in a void, in a vacuum, it's going to bring what you're ready for.


There are people who want relationships and they want them SO much, they put emphasis on NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW. 'I'm not ready for what I really want, but I'm ready for something, NOW NOW NOW--

'Oh, that's not what I wanted?! That isn't what I wanted at all.'

But you wanted it NOW. But you wanted it NOW. Did you want it now, or did you want to be ready for it?

Washington, DC, 10/20/12

Humans are very interesting creatures because everything is cued up for you and the cooperative components are really beyond verbal description. But you've become so accustomed to the law of gravity that you rarely even put it on your list of things that you appreciation even though it is so essential to everything that you are experiencing. And the law of attraction is so consistent and wonderful always yielding to you evidence of how you are doing and is the basis of all of the wonderful things that you are living and yet few really put it on their list of things that they are appreciating, but the more conscious realization, the more conscious awareness, the more conscious consideration, the more conscious appreciation, then the more things happen. We just want you and they where your opening words; to not take for granted the grid filling in because if you will acknowledge that everything that happens to you everything right down to the last detail.

Everything that happens in the vicinity of that which is you is in part because of your point of attraction and in large because of your point of attraction. So if you will begin to observe and define and consider and then adjust your vibration accordingly
Meaning adjust your level of joy accordingly you will discover just how much creative control that you have over everything that surrounds you and a big part of it is observing it as it comes. We started there yesterday its really the piece that we think you would apply a new. We know that in years past we've talked about it but it hasn't been something that's been on the forefront of conversation. If you will spend more time deliberately intending and more time watching the details of it unfolding and more of the time self appreciating what you've put into place your life will become immediately blissful.

From the 2012 Alaskan Cruise

Transcript by Mike

This reality that humans claim and cling to, is such an arbitrary thing.
You are billions of people with billions of different perspectives of life experience,
literally creating billions of different worlds and yet pretending that it's all one big world
that you are all sharing equally. And it's not even close to that you see...
You are on these vibrational islands with Law of Attraction spinning- on your individual vortexes,
giving you exactly what you are a vibrational match to.


We are all one Energy Stream, but what makes the separations or distinguishes the differences is perspective. You are a unique and individual perspective.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Los Angeles, CA on Sunday, January 31st, 1999 # 41

"How you feel is your point of attraction." 5/24/ 2014 Abraham. Stamford CT. 


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