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~ I love watching the trees sway in the breeze right outside of my window.

~ I love watching the clouds roll by as they seemingly are forming a Vortex... my Vortex of wonderful things.

~ I love how cool it is to easily access all of you delightful beings and your words of comfort, wisdom and juxtaposition.

~ I love that I woke up not feeling connected, and within 10 mins of "listening, reading, minding my vibration", I feel just as connected as I ever was.

~ I love how supportive, open, and generous my husband is... I love how our relationship is so filled with allowing each other to BE.

~ I love how quickly I can access the internet on my phone.

~ I love knowing that contrast is a friend!!

~ I love knowing that I hold the power, the key, the brilliance.

~ I love how good it feels to laugh at myself.

~ I love knowing that All is Well.

~ I love my job.

~ I love money.

~ I love being in love with myself... and how that overflows onto others.

~ I love it when I'm so happy that others stop me to notice how happy I am.

~ I love it when my house is quiet.

~ I love the winter.

~ I love how quickly I type.

~ I love how even though my sisters and I are very different, I can truly appreciate how brilliant they are.

~ I love how love feels.

~ I love knowing that I AM LOVE.

~ I love my vision board and glancing over at it as if it's an old friend reminding me of what's coming.

~ I love allowing.

~ I love my ability to sing, dance, write, paint.

~ I love how silly I allow myself to be.

~ I love how easy it is to re-orient myself to the Vortex.

~ I love my senses.

~ I love knowing LOA.

~ I love being deliberate.

~ I love pedicures.

~ I love my body.

~ I love how beautiful my skin is... it's freckles, it's softness, it's flexibility, it's protection.

~ I love this rampage of love... it feels so good...

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oh yes.


that's better.







ah yes.


i remember this.

(thank you very much)



Very nice Ziz... I love your rampage!
i just did a rampage of love with people i work with today :) it works wonders on all our vibration, my entire staff was swept up in the vibration! its was such a fun workday!
Thanks, Ladies! I had a blast doing it. And, Dee... it DOES work wonders... you are so right! That's really the point, for me.

I love how quickly my body restores and rejuvenates itself... it is amazing!

I love laughing.

I love how all of my relationships are reflecting the love that I feel.

I love how beautiful I feel.

I love how restful my holiday was...

I love that now I feel restored, revived and in the Vortex!

I love noticing moment to moment.

I love it when I stop and look around me and take it all in.

I love solitude.

I love alignment.

I love reading a book for the 2nd and 3rd times and awakening to more stuff that I never noticed before!

I love doing what I want to do.

I love freedom.

I love financial freedom.

I love my ability to give thoughtful reflection about what I want.

I love how easy my life is...

I love how our planet restores itself.

I love rebirth... renewal.

I love how doing a rampage of love feels...

I love loving.

Make lists of positive aspects. Make lists of things you love—and never complain about anything. And as you use those things that shine bright and make you feel good as your excuse to give your attention and be who-you-are, you will tune to who-you-are, and the whole world will begin to transform before your eyes. It is not your job to transform the world for others—but it is your job to transform it for you. A state of appreciation is pure Connection to Source where there is no perception of lack.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the book "Money and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Health, Wealth and Happiness" #539

Go WaterLily!!! Go!


I love that you shared on this thread!

I love this cup of coffee I'm sipping on before I take on the day!

I love that I am placing alignment as a priority in my life again.

I love being aligned with Who I Am... that feels soooooooooo good!

I love myself.

I love my body.

I love financial freedom.

I love how powerful I am...

I love my husband.

I love how kind, gentle, compassionate, spiritual, forgiving, generous, sexy and loving he is!

I love my job!

I love how everything that I want falls into place in perfection.

I love feeling connected to Source at all times.

I love wearing my hubby's sweatshirt and how warm it keeps me in the winter.

I love my new slippers.

I love my iPhone... it blows my mind... LOL

I love my voice.

I love my skin.

I love how I can pivot into happiness by appreciating my life and everything in it.

I love the relief I feel when I remember Who I Am.

I love peacefulness.

I love when it's cold, grey and rebirth is about to burst through!

I love how good I feel when I rampage about love.

I love being a part of something so magnificent as a website that has all of these amazing LOA believers who share wisdom, insight, love, laughter... that is so awesome!

I love watching dogs make decisions... it's so funny... they only go by their instinct... talk about living in the NOW!! Fantastic!

I love knowing that All is Well and that my happiness is never contingent upon another.

I love driving long distances and listening to music.

I love dancing in my car!

I love dancing anywhere!

I love remaining calm.

I love loving.

oooo...i love dancing in my car!


lol...wait...and i love flying my freak flag too. i don't care or stop or even bother to flirt when other drivers stare. (yes, abe has used those words exactly...funny, huh?)


being true to my weird self...lovely.


and laughing at life...what a predictament i am in...this life that i live! lol...


i love realizing that worry over how my breath smells is about as low as my self-esteem goes...and that that provides me with MORE than enough discomfort...thank you very much. ...unless a fellow that doesn't smoke decided to live life with me...then i'd have to consider it...cigarette...kisses. hhhmmm. ;) my contrast is mild now...i love noticing that!


hunger puts me in shock, as does being cold. anybody touches my air conditioner or cold weather outside occurs...lol..my reptilian residues all completely freak out. lol. hang wringing..stress...okay..i'm still real....

 i love that this is my drama...i think i pick well.


i love knowing that i'm hovering, procrastinating, waiting for the vortex to gently, easily light up what it is that i want to hope for now. i love knowing that i am the target of my vortex and that it will attract me to itself, all i have to do is be willing...and i am.


i love ease and flow. i hope for more ease and flow...and i love collecting data on what it is that i want. i hope to know what it is that i really want for myself.


(i'm in a slightly different space..that's as high as right now i can really go without having to really work at it...and i've quit working hard at this...i'm just going to float. don't care how long it takes...i like where i am at and know that it gets better from here. thanks for letting me borrow the thread)

oh...i love my life. such a little hum we have going on. cleverly disguised as a normal family in the suburbs. lovely. i love the trees just outside my home, i love the light as it changed through out the day. i love the privacy of my space and the contrast that is so well placed. i love the vision i had the other day of my two female children entering a room...i knew it was significant because i was seeing things in my mind..but it took me a while realize the FEELING....my oldest was smiling. i was in the vortex and coming out the topic was children and this is what i was/am attracting. i love knowing the semantics of that and having that 'dream' to have been shown me...evidence of what i am vibrating. i love abraham. i love my three kids. i love my home. i love my lifestyle. i love my mind. i love the evolution of abraham's communications, i love watching elicting, asking and giving as it is manifesting, i love my youngest child's skin which right now must be dried and clothed...rascal climbed out of his bath. i am love i am because this is what i choose to be for myself, logic bridge by logic bridge laughing as they stick. amen. i love the baseball player's conversation at last. amen.

I love these posts, ladies!

I love how this site emails me when someone adds a reply!

I love how that action reminds me to come in here and do a rampage of love!

I love how relieved I feel in this moment knowing that I'm following my EGS.

I love how easily I laugh at myself and life, itself when I am aligned and paying attention to my EGS.

I love how loved I feel right now.

I love this website!

I love the people on this website... so much diversity... it's fantastic!

I love feeling well-rested.

I love feeling excited anticipation for my new puppy!

I love how meditation grounds me.

I love how I can see something as "not good" and it leads me to exactly what I wanted... the contrast that propels me into wanting more and then the freedom that comes afterward... I just love that.

I love the people that I interact with on a daily basis.

I love the accessibility of material and tools on this website and the internet.

I love the idea that I might be seeing Mike Dooley in March!

I love Notes from the Universe.

I love being in the Vortex... feeling so groovy.

I love my wonderful handsome sexy man!!!!!!


I love you P. I adore you P. I think you ROCK P.

P's the best.

I feel you and your energy all around me right now. I'm so happy to have talked to you tonight P.


I love my living room window and living room itself and my great big couch. i love how greenery in a room enriches the feel as i look around. i love the warmth and softness of my bed, the many layers of mmmmmm and ahhhhh, i love my foam pillow and mattress, i wake up in the same position i go to sleep in often and wake with body feeling refreshed. i love my kitchen countertops and appliances..dishwasher still a favorite...ceramic stovetop how i love love love a smooth stove top! sparkling clean just wipe it off!

i love chocolate milk and hot chocolate, i love coffee in the morning, quiet around me and a smoke. i love the trees moving gently in the south florida winter of coolness..a bit cool outside for variety...i can dig it with layers and a scarf!

i love the gentle joy of my little dogs, the beauty and ease of them, the softness of their skin and fur and their play, the simplicity of who they are...they are simple basking and love. i love petwipes to wipe them off keeping them smelling fresh. i love doggie toothbrushes and mouthwashes and i love watching tv on the iphone in the backyard.

i love the stability and promise of my life right now. i love what i am looking forward into ....more ease and flow, more money, more stability in my outlook, more pleasure with myself and my kids and this world.

i love a thread like this and making into it ready to relish...feeling stable and fresh! thanks ziz!


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