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~ I love watching the trees sway in the breeze right outside of my window.

~ I love watching the clouds roll by as they seemingly are forming a Vortex... my Vortex of wonderful things.

~ I love how cool it is to easily access all of you delightful beings and your words of comfort, wisdom and juxtaposition.

~ I love that I woke up not feeling connected, and within 10 mins of "listening, reading, minding my vibration", I feel just as connected as I ever was.

~ I love how supportive, open, and generous my husband is... I love how our relationship is so filled with allowing each other to BE.

~ I love how quickly I can access the internet on my phone.

~ I love knowing that contrast is a friend!!

~ I love knowing that I hold the power, the key, the brilliance.

~ I love how good it feels to laugh at myself.

~ I love knowing that All is Well.

~ I love my job.

~ I love money.

~ I love being in love with myself... and how that overflows onto others.

~ I love it when I'm so happy that others stop me to notice how happy I am.

~ I love it when my house is quiet.

~ I love the winter.

~ I love how quickly I type.

~ I love how even though my sisters and I are very different, I can truly appreciate how brilliant they are.

~ I love how love feels.

~ I love knowing that I AM LOVE.

~ I love my vision board and glancing over at it as if it's an old friend reminding me of what's coming.

~ I love allowing.

~ I love my ability to sing, dance, write, paint.

~ I love how silly I allow myself to be.

~ I love how easy it is to re-orient myself to the Vortex.

~ I love my senses.

~ I love knowing LOA.

~ I love being deliberate.

~ I love pedicures.

~ I love my body.

~ I love how beautiful my skin is... it's freckles, it's softness, it's flexibility, it's protection.

~ I love this rampage of love... it feels so good...

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I love this idea and I was just re-reading "The Power" which is all about...


and things you love so...

I love that hubby cares about me

I love my friends and my group

I love cats and kittens 

I love turtles, tortoises, frogs (of all things!) butterflies, puppies and how dogs smile so much! llamas and alpacas, ladybirds, birds.

I love rainbows, waterfalls, grottos, caves.

I love a roaring fire, candlelight, freebies, laughing, music

I love the colours mint, aqua, turquoise, aquamarine, teal, silver, black.  Sometimes red or purple too.

I love LOA, the Secret, the Power, facebook, PI!

I love that a lot of nature is green, another colour I like

I love the internet, my new computer (I think!) my Iphone, my Ipod.

I love that this computer has lasted so long!

I love free game trials.

I love going to concerts, theatre, cultural places I LOVE gorgeous architecture.  I LOVE travel

I love chocolate, icecream, chocolate fountains, bubbles, warm bubble baths ahhh!

Perfume, pretty jewellery, some clothes, my faux fur lined jacket, the 2 new trainers and cool too. 

I love the savings, I love the overdraft!

I love cool dreams 

I love sleeping in

I love autumn leaves.  I love fine weather

I LOVE parks and walking in them.  Libraries are cool.  Places I can use a computer free or very cheap


I love my eyes, my eyelashes, my hair and when I am slimmer, my waist is awesome!  My shoulders and back.

I love that I sometimes look younger than my age!

I love my camera and camcorder


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