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Recently someone asked what "JEstherHam" means, so here's the story from the Abe cd where I found it

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"JEstherHam" is a term made up by a lovely girl who sat with Abraham, (can't remember when), and it's function for her is to acknowledge that Jerry summoned, Esther allows and therefore Abraham is here.

Abraham expounded upon this fun remark and put it in this perspective (paraphrase from memory):

"Jerry was step 1, We are step 2, Esther is step 3.

We are a team, all components complementary and of equal import."

J is for Jerry, Esther is for...:-) and Ham is for Abraham.

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SO FUN! The Hicks have started a blog and are signing it Jesterham!
Here's the first & only post so far. I love the chatty, lighthearted earthiness of Esther who is actually doing the writing, I think, under Jerry's careful presence and Abe's omnipresent enthusiasm.

Here's what they wrote, and a link to the actual blog page below.

Most Gorgeous Day Anywhere, Anytime
Good morning!

Marc Mollicone(IT Master), Alan Moore and Ahnalira Koan (Web Gurus), and Jerry Hicks (as Himself)
During a highly productive and very fun web interface meeting last week with our talented web gurus and IT master, we decided to keep in touch with all of you a little more through this blog. We’re not sure how often we’ll chime in, but this morning, we were just feeling so much enthusiasm for life, and for you, that we thought it was the perfect time to take our first step into the blogosphere. So, good morning from Jerry and Esther. We have a feeling that Abraham will be chiming in right along with us from time to time and that really is the way we like it best. We have said from the beginning of our work with Abraham, that this is about “their” work, not about us. But the blogosphere is calling, so here we are.

Our kids and grandkids from Texas are here in Del Mar this week and so life is looking particularly beautiful to us. We had a couple of days of overcast and rain, but this morning we awakened to the most beautiful ocean EVER! and we thought we’d like you to see it, (feel it) a bit, too. You just can’t see something like this, and not understand, to the very depth of your being, the Well-Being that surrounds us all.

(This picture is taken from our back deck.)
Our granddaughter brought recipes from her cooking class along, and so yesterday we purchased the ingredients and all necessary cooking equipment to make cupcakes and sugar cookies. And now, my new favorite thing is cooking with Kate and frosting cupcakes with Kate and Luke. And frosting Luke was fun, too.

We all went to Cirque du Soliel on Sunday night and were thrilled with everything we saw. The kids (and we) laughed at the clowns and were in awe at the talented performers, but I think my favorite part was sitting next to Jerry (a long ago circus performer) feeling his involuntary muscles moving in response to what he was watching. I think his body was remembering his time on the flying trapeze and tossing girls in the air. My how things have changed. He hardly ever flings me up over his head.

Wherever you are and whatever you are dong, we hope it is really, really fun.

Our love,

When I first saw this reference, Jestherham, I thought it was magnificent.


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