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Abe on Resistance

Are you aware that the only thing that ever keeps any of you from
living precisely as you are wanting to live is your own level of

Extract from Abraham-Hicks Jan/Feb/Mar 1996 newsletter

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ah heck, pilar. i just have no stamina. i peaked at

Just plain 'no thank you' isn't resistance. Resistance is that
belief that I don't have the power to choose."

~ Abraham - Norfolk, VA, Oct. 24, 2000

Bless my soul for the timelessness of the internet. Will play in these more soon, or now, but had to exclaim out loud...oh my! or...damn! if you prefer.... but that one up there is my favorite right now. for personal reasons, of course.

note to self: pilar comes bearing quotes. watch for her posts. can do something action oriented with the lift from that quote and then come back for more once i've spent that.

You know, DS, that IS my favorite one out of this collection too, and for personal reasons too. LOL!

I'm glad it was timely for you.

"When the success of another makes your heart sing, your resistance is gone and your own success soars."
Getting into the Vortex, Guided Meditation CD: Financial Wellbeing.

suddenly the power of distraction takes on sacred contexts :))

distracting others or self to feelings of ease. to feelings of fun. this is service to ourselves and those we love.

morning chew toy. yummy good. thanks ET


Your life-experience is causing you, constantly, to become more than you have ever been, as Source or as being in this physical body. You are the leading edge of that which is Source. Source is so exhilarated by the discoveries that you find, and you have to become one with that exhilarated feeling in order to really feel complete. We would use words such as, It isn’t that I don’t feel free. It’s that I can’t quite find the way to be who I have desired to be. It isn’t that I think I can’t do it. I just haven’t figured out quite how to do it. It isn’t that I don’t know what to do. It’s just that I don’t know exactly how it is going to play out. Maybe I don’t have to know what to do. Maybe knowing that it is out there for me and that Source is calling me toward it is enough for me. We think that you are looking for clear signposts along the way and you don’t get it that it’s just the choice right now of which thought feels a little better. We think that you are trying to make too much of your motion forward. Your motion forward has already happened. You lived the life that gave birth to the motion forward and Source was so in agreement with the motion forward that Source became one with the motion forward. So the motion forward has already happened. You don’t have to work for that. You have to RELAX for that. You have to LOVE YOURSELF for that. You have to LET it happen. You have to ALLOW it to happen. You have to be aware of the fact that it IS happening. You have to recognize that you ARE worthy and that it IS unfolding and that the Universe IS working for you. It’s happening in the best possible way for you! When traffic feels like it’s not flowing, it’s happening in the best way for you. When your body feels like it isn’t working, we want you to say, “It’s happening in the best way for me!” We want you to begin to assume that it IS working, it IS working, it IS working! I just can’t see where it’s going. But it IS working because it is ALWAYS working. It is ALWAYS working. The Universe is ALWAYS yielding to me in the best possible way that I will allow right now. When you say “It IS working,” you allow it even more. When you say, “It’s not working,” you disallow it. You’ve launched all kinds of rockets of desires. Source has lined up circumstances and events to accommodate them, and can you see how an attitude of “It’s working! It’s working! See, there’s evidence there! I see evidence there! It’s working!” softens your resistance and allows what is working to work even better? Can you feel how saying “It’s not working” offers a vibration that does not allow it to work even though it is lined up to work? You have done enough living and enough dreaming and enough imagining and enough asking that you have a very strong current that is pulling through you and when you don’t let yourself go with that flow, there is a part of you that just cannot comprehend what is happening that is not letting you go with the flow because the flow is so real to you. Rye, New York, 10/05

Just plain no thank you isn’t resistance. Resistance is that belief that I don’t have the power to choose. You are not powerless!”

~ Abraham-Hicks - Norfolk, VA, Oct. 24, 2000 


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