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And it is nice to have a human friend who holds you as their object of
attention and adores you right into your connection. But we want you to
experience greater independence than that. We want you to say to your
lovers, "I love you, but I don't live for you. Because Source Energy flows
through me. You are a catalyst to my well-being, but you are not essential
to my well-being. Because I've got that figured out on my own. I have
reached for thoughts that give me relief and I have relieved myself all the
way into my full connection of who I really am. And now we can just dance
and play together."

Can you feel how you take them off the hook?

In other words, do you know how many lovers would flock to you? ALL OF THEM!
if they knew that you would allow them to be as they are and you would not
hold them responsible for your happiness.

That's what everyone wants.

How much bondage is there in believing that your happiness depends on me, so
I've got to figure out what you want, and stand on my head in all those
different ways, and it's not even possible!

The greatest gift you can give anyone is to be happy.
And we will take that further. The greatest gift you can give to any
partner, past, present or future is to be so connected with who you truly
are that they are irrelevant to your connection.

And when they are irrelevant to your connection, then you are going to have
a really good time together.

San Diego 2/7/04B

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Anybody got that "be more like your cat" quote? It's long and all about correlating the natural behaviors of cats and "the perfect relationship"...the quote culminates with a similar statement something like "sounds like the perfect relationship to me, yes indeed"

Anyway, found this in one of Marcy's post and couldn't resist..

Jerry and Esther were saying goodbye to LC, (Lovable Cat) and Esther said, "Goodbye, LC, we're going to be gone a really long time." And LC looked at Esther and said, "I don't care." And Esther said, "But LC, you are going to miss my sweet face. I'm not going to be petting you every day. I'm not going to be looking out for you. I'm going to be gone a really long time." And LC said, "So long. Goodbye. I'll be fine. In fact, I won't even think about you while you're gone." And something within Esther, while she adores this little cat, really would feel better if LC would miss her a little, because, isn't suffering in the absence of someone you love, proof of love? But, we're really wanting to help you to feel the absurdity of that, even though it's rampant in your society.

Excerpted from the workshop in San Antonio on Saturday, January 25th, 2003
Here 'tis:

If you really want to find the perfect human relationship, look for someone who is cat-like.
Likes to be alone and happy to be with you.
Happy when you are there and happy when you're not there.
Licks your face occasionally.
Will take all the scratching and petting you are willing to offer.
Feels secure.
Sleeps when it feels like it.
Hunts when he feels like it.
Basks often.
Meditates regularly.
Never feels guilty, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER!
Does emphatically what he wants to do.
Is always glad to see you.
Never cares when you leave.

Seems like the perfect partner.


Abraham-Hicks Workshop, Ashville, 10/22/05
de nada!
This quote references the gov/economy, but I apply it to lovers too, so want to drop here (among other places)

Concerning Esther's daily 30 minutes of focus wheeling...

Esther says: "let's see if I can focus wheel this into alignment."

And then sitting there and focus wheeling it into alignment, so that by the
time she finishes the one wheel and maybe a spin off or two, and then moves
it to a Book of Positive Aspects and finishes with a rampage of
appreciation, she's feeling an exhilaration WAY bigger than she would have
been feeling if the incident hadn't shown itself to her and she had not done
the work.

So she's beginning to feel invincible. She's beginning to feel that there
isn't anything that, hear these carefully chosen words...

She's beginning to feel that there isn't anything that she can't work the
bugs out of HER about.

Not out of the government, not out of the economy, out of HER!

Los Angeles, 3/29/09
this is total BS!
my twinflame is gone. catlike???????????
be fine and happy when some slut did black magic?
if u really find your truest love n r apart...statistics show the other mate dies. look at nature..penguins, swans....they die...]

catlike?????????????????? ya'll r delusional
i don't want 2b a selfish cat. relationships arent about just having fun and being independent.............i hate this new age crap
Ah, you lost your mate. Rage is such a relief from grief. Good for you!
But i have a question, i don't know if this is relevant to this topic but i want to ask.
**** Why is it, it feels good when your lover tells you that they needed you?
**** Why is it, it feels good when they say that they cannot live without you?
**** Why is it, it feels good when you know that you are necessary for the well being of one person?
if it does not apply to "you", just replace the word "you" with "i"
it applies to me :)
That's a really honest and nitty gritty question, Daff.

I think the short answer (taking your words at face value) is simply that they are validating you when they say these things, and if you have forgotten how valid and worthy you are, any way to remember that is going to feel good.

However, I get the sense that perhaps what might really being meant is something like "I adore life around you because you support my connection to myself, and my connection to myself is important...so I really like living life next to you because you are not a person in my face and in my bed that I need to be consistently happy in spite of" I can see where it would be easy to say the one and mean the other.

Clear as mud?
by Abraham Tape AB-17 Mating

The perfect mate is one that makes you feel good. To be the perfect
mate, you make your partner feel good. You do this by looking for the
positive aspects in each other. You think you want to be loved, but what
you want is the feeling of love coming out of you. When the other evokes
that from you, that is why you feel loved.

You are wanting to interact with someone because you are wanting the
feeling of love to be evoked from you, and you are wanting a subject, or
a target upon which to direct your love. You are wanting the glorious
deliciousness of the physical experience. You are wanting someone who is
a friend, someone to respond, someone who seeks adventure, someone who
wants to laugh at the things you are wanting to laugh at. You have
launched long before today a very powerful creation.
I'm not sure I'm hearing you really, but the thought that comes to mind is that a delicious relationship "Abe style" (to me) is basically being in love with being in love with life...and intending to have a partner who can...and wants to...play that game. It's funny, because if you experiment a little, you just might find that few people "get" happy-for-just-the-reason-of-deciding-to-be-happy. They kind of think it's dumb...or dangerous....or wrong.

But, that's just what came to mind. I'm not sure if I really got what you were saying there, Beth.


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