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Workshop May 24, 2014 Stamford, CT

(Abraham walks out into audience and selects hotseater. Never seen this happen before, might be first time ever.)

Abraham: That's the way what you want is supposed to happen for you. Its supposed to come right to you. Right to you. (audience applause)

Hotseater that was gone and gotten: Hello Abraham. I don't really have a question. (audience laughter)

Abraham: No wobble. (audience laughter) Worth thinking about. 

Hotseater that was gone and gotten: My desire is to see through the eyes of Source. 

Abraham: Yeah. Well, it's a big, important thing to acknowledge that you want, isn't it? Because its really everything. Its what you wanted when you came. You know this but we'll put more words around it....

So what you're saying is: you want to be deliberate about the vibration that you project so that the Law of Attraction will respond to your vibrational output in it's purity and therefor allow the vibration to raise and gain momentum, which is what's necessary in order to be in vibrational synch with what you are calling Source. And then under those conditions; whatever you are experiencing, you are experiencing from the vantage point, from the vibrational frequency, Law of Attraction vantage point of Source. Its what we want for all of you and it really is what Step Four Living is; is to be doing it all of the time. 

You do it. You do it sometimes, don't you? 

Hotseater that was gone and gotten: Sometimes. 

Abraham: Yeah. And so your question is how to do it more? Just enjoy it when you're doing it and play down the times that you're not doing it. 

We really were wanting to make a strong point in this entire conversation and the fun we had in going and plucking you from your seat. ( audience and hotseater chuckling) Or rendezvousing with you there. Because we really want you all to realize that that is the way it is when you are in a vibrational place of allowing. And, when you said, "I have no question", there was a little angst in the room because "I got a question, I got a question, I got a question, I got a question; I should be in that chair getting my question answered!" But; you get the point, don't you? That if your answer is different than your question, and it always is, isn't it? The vibrational frequency of the question and the vibrational frequency of the answer are very different frequencies. So if your question is pulsing very strong within you, sometimes we can't see you. Because its the old desire and belief thing all over again, isn't it? 

You get that? You get how if your belief is not in the same vicinity of the desire, how its slow in coming. And if the problem or the question is really vibrating in a strong way the answer or the solution can't come as easily. That's why it is Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, with emphasis on the Step 3, chilling out part. 

Was that a full enough answer for you? 

Hotseater that was gone and gotten: Yes. 

Abraham: Yeah. 

Hotseater that was gone and gotten: Yes. 

Abraham: Just keep doing what you are doing. You can't mess with that. You're born to do that. To be that. To live that. To feel that. 

We have some questions for you; if you don't mind. ( audience laughter, hotseater giggles too)

When you are in the moment of seeing through the eyes of Source, what emotion would you describe as most often there within you?

Hotseater that was gone and gotten: Just being joyful. 

Abraham: Joyful.

Hotseater that was gone and gotten: Just free. Feeling free to be myself. 

Abraham: So its feelings of security. And feelings of freedom. 

We just wanted to broaden within you your description of what that feels like. Because sometimes it feels like laughing so hard that you cannot stop. Sometimes it feels like such clarity that you want to tell everybody the insight that you just had. Sometimes it feels just like the richest most satisfying moment. And so; let those emotions be broad enough within you to realize that you are seeing the world through the eyes of Source much more than you realize. 

Hotseater that was gone and gotten: Yeah; it feels like knowing. 

Abraham: Yeah. Its not always just about having the right answer. Its not always about the perfect solution being there. Sometimes its just the savoring of something.

Esther stood in her garden in Del Mar the other day and was so fixated on a succulent she could not get her eyes off of it. She kept trying to walk away from it and couldn't leave it. It was too satisfying to leave it. And she's walked by it many many many many many many times. And appreciated it sorta kinda, but when she saw it through the eyes of Source, she didn't want to walk away from it. We just want you to notice what we are noticing. That's really what we are saying to you: notice what we are noticing. That's really what seeing through the eyes of Source is: notice what we are noticing. 

Because you know, there's never a moment that you are noticing anything that we're not noticing too. Its just that sometimes the frequency of your notice and the frequency of our notice are different frequencies. 

Men in the room, men in the room, men in the room; where is she? (referring to another hotseater that had mentioned she'd dated enough men to fill a room with and none of them were what she was wanting) (audience is laughing)  In other words, sometimes, sometimes you're just enough different in your vibrational frequency.{to see through the eyes of Source} Yeah. 

Good enough? 

Hotseater that was gone and gotten: Good enough. 

audience applause. 


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The more you 
know that all is well no matter what, then the more you are able to go 
anywhere and everywhere with anyone and everyone because there’s no more guardedness or protectiveness or needing things to be just right before you can feel good; because you get it that it’s always all right, that 
things are always working out for you no matter how they appear to be in any moment in time. They’re always working out in one way or another, 
one way or another.
~ Abraham-Hicks, May 31, 2014 Philadelphia, PA. Segment 1, Guest 1

(thank you abequotes on yahoo)

You're not ever going to get it done. Every time you evaluate contrast and conclude and then line up your Energy and allow it into your experience... at the same time you are achieving the result that you intended, you also achieve a new perspective from which to intend. You can't stand still. In every moment, there is a whole new set of stuff... new ideas, new desires being born.


Excerpted from the workshop: Detroit, MI on April 25, 1998

We have enjoyed this interaction more than...more than you have! (laughter)

Because we are already down the road into the clarity that you are in the process of discovering. It's exhilarating for us to play with you in this way.
You are a unique and magnificent collection of consciousness....(yummy sigh) never been a day like this, never been moving forward like this, never been alignment like this...those of you here in the room and all around the world, you are on the leading edge of creation and most important, you have discovered today what alignment feels like unconditionally....

Philly, PA 5.31.14

The thing that we want you to understand is, when you get into that point in
your life where you decide nothing should ever go wrong, you are on the wrong
side of creation. Because here in this environment in which you are creating,
there are all kinds of options that give you the clarity about what you want.

We want you to lighten up and stop asking yourself to be on the cusp of
perfection at all times. It's not logical in this contrasting world in which you
live. We just want you to take what's happening lighter. We want you to release
the tension within you, And stop holding yourself to perfect standards. And
instead accept that magnificent life you are living is always working to
accommodate you. ALWAYS working to accommodate you, no matter how it looks. NO

Denver, CO, 7.12.08

Abraham Hicks Publications copywrite

May 24, 2014 Stamford CT

Abraham-Live.com Abraham Hicks Publications copy write

Guest: Hi. Thank you for calling me up. I want to talk about Step 4. I've been listening to you for years; probably about 8, 9, 10 years and I feel like I finally got it. (laughter, some applause)

You know when you first start hearing about Law of Attraction, you start hearing about vision boarding, positive aspects, books and everything, all that feels good and it kinda takes you a ways. 

And then you kinda just realize that; wait, its just about being happy! Like, its really just  about being happy. 

Abe: Well, you see; what Step 4 is: Step 1 is ask. We wrote a whole book about that. When you ask it is given. Ask. Well, the contrast causes you to ask even if you don't use words. So, you get that. Step 1 is ASK. Step 2 is: Source answers. In the moment that you launch that rocket, source becomes a vibrational reality of what you've asked for. So, when you ask it is given, of what you have asked for. So, when you ask, it is given. Step 3 is: You have to find vibrational alignment with what you are asking for. And when you find vibrational alignment with it, now there is no variance in your vibration and now it will manifest. So, Step1, Step 2, Step 3. So, Step 4 is really what we have been talking about here today. Because we know that without exception every one of you can find a subject where you don't wobble. We  know that for sure. In fact, we'll go further. We know that everyone of you often does find subjects where you don't wobble. But here's what Step 4 is defining: there are subjects where you wobble and you are not deliberately doing anything about that. If you are doing Step 4; you are deliberately doing something about that. Step 4 is nothing more than the sustaining of Step 3. It is the willingness to go out in the world prepared for the vibrational variances that are all around you.  


Q: there's a part of people that I recognise when I meet them, but sometimes it's less visible...

Abraham: What you're saying is, source is looking through your eyes and has an opinion of everything that sometimes you're in alignment with and sometimes not. And sometimes there is something about a person that causes you to focus yourself out of alignment so that you can't see them as they really are. Because you (the guest) made it sound like something they were doing, and we want you to understand that it is ALWAYS something you are doing.

Some want to argue with that because some people just get in your face and they are just annoying, and it's hard to believe that you are the reason for that. 

As you practice and practice and practice and practice the frequency of what you want, you'll see how LOA will sort out who comes near you and will also sort out what they say when they get there. 

Everyone has many probabilities of what they may be inspired to and you have more control over what they are inspired to than you have ever even begun to realise. 

Cancun, 2013 (Advantages of less diversity)

Abraham Hicks Publications

When you're vibrating purely, you get only what's a match to that. It's your ambivalence: "I like that but I don't like that... I like that but I don't like that..." that keeps what you like and what you don't like coming at you all the time. You don't have to "turn the other cheek" when you are in vibrational harmony only with what you want. Then, only what you want comes.
Excerpted from the workshop: Chicago, IL on November 01, 1998

Q: People go to John of God (for healing) and are really focussed on their condition that they want to get rid of which according to you is counter-productive because they are not aligned to their desire--

Abe: but you don't know what they're doing, or how they're feeling. You don't know where they are vibrationally, let that go, let that go. For as many people that are there on any given day, there are differing results, because different people are in different degrees of desire and belief and expectation and knowing.


When you look at the manifestational results that others are demonstrating and you come to conclusions about them you are almost always wrong. Because you don't know what's going on along their physical trail. You don't know where they are vibrationally. And the majority of them are not saying things that accurately affect the vibrational nature of their being.

Only you know for sure what you mean.

Even those of you who are close to one another, who are spending all day every day together, you are hearing, you are perceiving the words that another is speaking through the lens of your own vibration. You don’t really know ANYTHING except your relationship with your vibration.

And when you practice it, when you do it on purpose, when you think thoughts and feel how they feel, then modify the thought to affect the feeling. When your dominant intent is to affect the whole of who you are, then you stand in this stable place. The more you do that, the less inclined you are to look for the conditions, the manifestational results of others. Because from your perception, you see through the eyes of source. You have true compassion for who they are. You don’t freak out about where they are. And you feel less inclined to analyse how they got there.

Cancun, 2014 (factors influencing healing)
Abraham Hicks Publications


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