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"The most important thing that we're saying to you is this self love that you
think you're looking for is not love of self, it's love that IS Self. And
there's a difference. There's a difference between loving me and being me who
loves. And it's being me who loves that is really you." Caribbean Well Being
Cruise, 4/1/06


Abe - It doesn't matter what the focal point of your love is as long as the love that you're feeling is the love that really is you, you see.

Guest - I can flow love that way.  Are you saying that when I'm flowing love like that, randomly to anything and everything, that that IS who I am?

Abe - Yes, that IS who you are. (Ahhhhhh from audience)

Guest - Ahhh, so great.

Abe - That IS who you are. (Audience cheering, applause) And, the more you do it deliberately and acknowledge, 'That IS who I am,' then the more you demand it of yourself, and demand is too strong of a word, but the more you set your intention to find that and the more you look for it everywhere you go.  And the more you look for it, the more you find it, and the more you find it, the more you look for it until soon you just become it.  And then you become this stable being who is never off your balance...who, if someone looks at you and doesn't find appreciation as they are looking, you understand it hasn't anything to do with you.  It never had anything to do with you.  Everything that has everything to do with you you are in control of, you see.

Guest - Why is it so hard for me and others to look at our own human self and not feel that same ripple of appreciation and love?

Abe - Because you're looking for love to be focused AT you rather than love to be focused through you.

Guest - But I want to focus it at myself.  I know what you mean about third parties.  Ive been down that rabbit hole, but I'm talking about focusing it on myself.

Abe - But what we're saying to you, and we want you to love you like we love you.  But in the meantime, what difference does it make what the object of your attention is when you are feeling love?  And, the thing that is apparent, and we appreciate you saying it, and everyone feels it to some extent also, is that in your awareness of NOT loving self, you can't find self love.  And so we're just trying to build a bridge for you.  In other words, any time somebody hurts your feelings, it is because you're in a different vibration than who you really are.  And so, this quest for self love we think IS down the rabbit hole.  We wouldn't be looking for self love.  We'd be looking for the part of self that does love.  Rather than saying to someone that we love, 'I want you to love me,' we would begin training ourselves into a desire that says, 'I love loving you.  I love the feeling of loving you, and how you feel about me is irrelevant.  I love the
feeling of loving you.'

From the Caribbean Well-Being Cruise, 4/1/06

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Are you understanding that appreciation and self-love is the
most important tool that you could ever nurture, that the
appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself is
the closest vibrational match to your Source energy of anything
that we have ever witnessed? When you are appreciation or when
you are loving or when you are acknowledging the value of
something, you are in that moment a vibrational match to the
Source that is truly you.

-- Abe -– Spokane, WA, 5/30/00
"As you work a little more at loving you, then you allow all that is
you, which is pure love, to flow through you. As you don't like you, as
you find fault with you, then you pinch that off. So, look in the
mirror deep into your eyes and say, "Inner Being, are you in there?"
Your Inner Being is in there, and then say, "So what do you think about
me? What do you think?" And your Inner Being will look back at you with
love so deep and so sure [that] maybe you'll hear. Your Inner Being
adores you. Your Inner Being knows your value. Your Inner Being *is*

"And what we're saying is accept you and love you, and accept that all
is well with you, and watch the benefits that come from that."

– Abe – Houston, TX, 1/13/01 (Tape B)
If there were anything that we could give you, it would be the appreciation of
yourselves that we feel for each of you. We would help you feel the perfection
of where you stand. We would open a vortex within you so that your Inner Being
could radiate through you and let you know, on a moment-to-moment basis, the
overall appreciation that we all, from the Non-Physical experience, feel for
those of you who have chosen to be here on this leading edge of thought.

You underestimate, so dramatically, the perfection and the power of where you
stand. There is so much love here for that which you are. And as you reach for
it, you'll feel it more and more. And in this self-love, or appreciation, (it
is an art that you're going to have to practice) you will connect more and more
to the Energy that is Us. As we, the Non-Physical aspect of that which you are,
stream through you, then you will begin your deliberate journey here in these
physical bodies.

Tallahassee, Fl workshop 1/21/01
We want you to feel ease where you stand.
We want you to feel unlimited where you stand.
We want you to know that anything that you desire can be yours.
We want you to adore yourselves and love yourselves, and know your deservability.to under-stand your worthiness.
We want you to stand in your now and allow the source that is you to flow through you.
We want you to define yourself as someone who is eager and full of life and free and fun and easy.
We want life to be good for you.
We want you to live the lives that you promised yourself you would live.
And if it were not for this cloud of belief that mutes that and hinders that you.d be there right now. And that.s what virtual reality will do for you. It will, YOU will, use it to decide what vibration within you is dominant. about everything.
So that, when some smart-alec dead guy like Abraham says to you, later on, .So what.s domi-nant in your vibration about your body?.
You will say, .I feel good. I feel surefooted. I feel clear-minded. I feel eager. I feel adventure. I love my body. It serves me so well. I feel steady, and confident and beautiful and adventurous and eager. I feel ready..

Abe.Portland, OR 7-13-02
I love that they ARE irreverent and smart-alec! I love it when they say after their usual question: are you enjoying the contrast? and then they sometimes say "we just want to torture you a little"

They are so funny. I am having such a good time focusing on them these days! Thank you SO much, Cyndi for your prolific play of quote dropping. It's like christmas every day!
This is brilliant. It magically changes your mood almost instantly
If we were standing in your physical shoes, that would be our dominant
quest: Entertaining Yourself, pleasing Yourself, connecting with
Yourself, being Yourself, enjoying Yourself, loving Yourself. Some say,
"Well, Abraham you teach selfishness." And we say, yes we do, yes we do,
yes we do, because unless you are selfish enough to reach for that
connection, you don't have anything to give anyone, anyway. And when you
are selfish enough to make that connection -- you have an enormous gift
that you give everywhere you are.

~ Abraham
San Antonio, TX -- 4/21/01
"Can you feel your disrespect for yourself diminishing even as we
ramble here? Are you feeling more and more determined to just find
that place of just loving yourself and practicing it until it comes
so easily?

Don't you just want to look in to mirror and see who you are and love
who you are and then let all the good that you deserve flow because
you finally know who you are? Isn't that worth practicing? It is much
more important than programming your cell phone and will take much
less time. Yes."

Abraham, 03/16/02, San Francisco
If you are wanting to come into the full appreciation of self, we
would encourage you to write in your Book of Positive Aspects
……….which is nothing more than a notebook called Positive

Write pages, upon pages of positive aspects that you see about YOU,
and if you don't see any today then write "I want to see some
positive aspects about me!!" .We would encourage you to look for
value everywhere that you can. Look for reasons to adore you. And
what will happen is, every time you think a though that is not in
harmony with that which your Inner Being knows to be, you will not feel

Every time you think a thought that is NOT in harmony with that which
your inner being knows to be...you will feel bad. By paying attention
to the way that you feel, you will begin to notice that when you are
thinking thoughts that are praising yourself , you feel good. And when
you are thinking thoughts that are diminishing yourself , you feel

When you are thinking in terms of …..I CAN, I CAN , I
CAN!!……you will feel good. When you are thinking in terms of "I cant", you
will feel bad

This is an individual process whereby you as an individual decide
that you want to feel good about you. Now we can do a very good sales
job, we can attempt to convince you why that is a good thing . When
you feel good about YOU, you are vibrating positive energy!! When you
vibrate positive energy you are positively attracting.

If you are wanting all of those things to come to you which includes
…..the mate you have been wanting, the money you have been
wanting, the work that is more satisfying and more fulfilling, the new house
that you are wanting, the car that you are wanting. All of those
things of a physical or non-physical nature that you have been
wanting . The re-claiming of your perfect bodily health that you are wanting.

If you are wanting ANY of those things that you are identifying as
your desire, to come into your experience, it is absolutely
IMPERATIVE that you come to a place of positive vibration.
Extracted from the Abraham-Hicks tape AB20 Self Appreciation
This is my theme quote for today!

Abe: We are wanting to help you find a way of
accepting once and for all the perfection of who you
are, and we want so much for you to find this place
where you really are so sure of who you are that
anyone else's opinion of who you are does not matter
at all.

In other words, we want you to be able to... mess
something up altogether or blow an exam or crash your
car or do any other number of things [to which] much
of the world would say, "Well, that was certainly an
inappropriate thing for you to do," and we want you to
be able to stand proudly and say, "Hey, I did that and
it doesn't have any relationship to who I am." In
other words, "Who I am is Source energy physically
embodied. Who I am is pure positive energy out here
on the leading edge.... Who I am is an eternal seeker
of alignment with who I am. But I'm not going to let
any outside standards or judgments confuse me about
who I am," and we feel that's what is at the basis of
all of this for you. When you let somebody in really
close where they might really know [you], then you
start worrying about what they really think, and we
want all of you to reach the place where it just
doesn't matter to you so much what anybody else thinks
-– it only matters to you how you feel. And when you
reach that place then you attract those people that
agree with that.

Does that make some sense to you?

We do not believe that anyone could sit in a room like
this... and hear someone like Abraham, who knows the
perfection of who you are, telling you how good you
are, how wonderful you are, how really right you are,
how really expansive and ever-changing you are, and we
don't think that any of you could get it even close to
the way we know it and mean it. What we hope to do is
to incite within you a desire to train yourself into
that dominant thought. We want you to train yourself
into self-appreciation. And you just do it one little
thought at a time.

Want to talk some more?

Guest: No -– that's perfect.

Abe: One little thought at a time. We want your
mistakes -– whatever they may be -– to strike you as
humorous. [When it comes to] your opinion of yourself,
no matter what, we want you to look for redeeming
features. We no longer want the insecure masses who
have surrounded you, who have used your errors as
their justification for feeling better, who have
convinced you that you are unworthy and inappropriate
and flawed in this way and this way and this way as
you don't measure up to who knows what standards -– we
want you to just stand and sort of shake yourself off
and begin saying, "I really don't give a rip what any
of you are thinking because none of you have
concentrated upon me fairly. None of you have really
known -- none of you know who I am, none of you know
how I am from Source, none of you have walked in my
shoes. Nobody knows. Nobody knows. I have accepted
this feeling of unappreciation unfairly and I've
practiced it, and I'm no longer gonna do it."

--– Abe – San Francisco, CA, 3/16/02
oh i luv this!!


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