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Hi folks..

I can't argue one single bit about how my life is working, I'm amazed everyday and so thankful that I found abe and understand it and have been able to wrap my brain around the concept and live it fully for the most part to the most amazing results..

Yesterday, a chain of events happened that for a few minutes I was completely confused what in the heck brought it into my "reality"...

The morning started off blissfully.. no need to expound..but I was in complete and utter alignment with life and have been for a few weeks now since my divorce finalized and my new life has officially begun .. a few hours later, the day shifted.. I started losing things and getting really frustrated then checked my email to see that my paypal account had been hijacked and someone was having a field day spending my balance.. well, it all resolved itself.. but for a few hours in the  midst of it.. I was thinking.. WTH??.. where did THIS come from..

Then, Suddenly it dawned on me.. Like attracts like.. right?.. so.. what happened between bliss and losing stuff/money missing?... I got a phone call telling me that a friend of mines son had just committed suicide.. it was devastating and sent me crying, .. I was on my way to a hair appointment and just sat there in front of the mirror thinking about the tragic loss my friend must be feeling, I just felt sick... within an hour and a half of that.. my losses began..

so.. is this a pure example of energy exchanges? .. while the subject seem completely unrelated..they in essence are not.. I was blissful, got thrown in the bushes, spent an hour beating the drum of loss and just a short matter of time.. loss began materializing to me..

I have grown quite fond of looking back at each day and marveling at the little things that go on and connecting the dots..... is that what happened yesterday?

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I think I HAVE noticed that..once we "figure it out", how the Universe actually works, the whole LOA process seems to speed up, especially with regard to how long it takes to "solidify" into the physical focus. Maybe it's only that our conscious attention?? to LOA makes the process more obvious?  

It's happened to me, much the same as you describe, especially! when it comes to MIS-creating my reality. (Maybe negative 'stuff'' is just easier to See in the beginning, being more high in Contrast?)  There was a period when, if I seemingly had ONE angry thought, I ended up dropping and smashing an egg or six on the kitchen floor, or stubbing my toe, or ??  All kinds! of "matching events" started making their appearance within, it seems, minutes, or seconds!!! sometimes... of the original attracting thought/emotion.  

 I really think it's a case of LOA TEACHING us...Goodness knows, before Abe, I had plenty! of angry or negative thoughts...but I really don't remember dropping many eggs until AFTER I read Abe! lol

It's just occured to me, too..I do remember! 'signing the contract', so to speak:  Making a CONSCIOUS decision to start working at changing so-called 'Shadow' areas, or the more practiced! negative areas of my belief system that in the past I regularly pushed away from my awareness..Maybe  because I agreed to look at all that in order to CHANGE my thoughts/emotions/behavior, all the "Stuff" became activated much more easily, making the contrast much more obvious...instead of  something to simply brush off and see as "just What-Is, and ignored as "normal life"..Well, those!! "good ole days" are forever over, You!! know..when we bumped into walls and fell down the stairs and didn't connect to our own responsibility of having created it all...   

energy exchange?

well...anytime anyone approaches another (your friend called you), they want something. and what they always want is to feel better. so those acclimated to the vortex, joy feels better, but those that have never been in the vortex knowingly or for long feel familiar and therefore better in agreement. you said you sat there in agreement of the feelings that you began manifesting evidence of...but more relative to you...more on a "what was last actively able to bug you" line of events...so there was a chain of events that you are pointing to within that exchange and the miscreation was emotional agreement,  there is always an exchange...you could have exchanged something besides agreement ....(abe says the trick to knowing that is to not make ourselves wrong in realizing it). perhaps seeing your friend as confused about what death is and the suicider as a successful jumper into the vortexer and asking yourself how to soothe her so that her inner being could better call her in....all it takes is for someone to relax, they are always looking for a feeling and if you've tasted the vortex you might want to try to show it to them...not for their sake so much as yours...so you don't start agreeing with them :)

somebody's energy always dominates unless there is a harmony of intentions. the one most out of the vortex once two people are out dominates generally speaking...more practiced vibration. so you were in the vortex but not about that and when she brought it up you joined her where she was at ...but you didn't need to and maybe next time you won't. might want to pre-pave if you are going to be seeing her much...really work on holding steady and definitely don't try to make her feel better...just feel better yourself and then see what you have to give her.

Thanks, DS, for putting things just! the way you put them...:-)))) 

 I had a visit from my neighbor yesterday that was kind of ...shall we say..."horrifyin"?? lol  Since I don't see her that often, I DIDN'T pre-pave, and so...I fell down and went boom. Briefly, but still...!!! Hmmm.

 Yes, thankfully, I did! give myself a pat on the back for recognizing what I was participating in and deciding to pivot...But I didn't do it soooooooon enough to avoid some of the stuff flying about. 

A perfect example, thank you Claire.  I love how it all fits and when it 'clicks' in, there's just no stopping us :)

Your friend hasn't lost her son, though she may not get that.  He is now having a ball with his everything in the vortex.  I can get that she is feeling the loss, but coming from your broader understanding of it all, *you* know there really has been no loss.

you know.. it is interesting to note how I internalized the news vs. how the old me would have internalized the news.. the new me.. while I did have a little gut wrenching emotion... the saddness ..it was NOT for the death of the child.. but rather for the sadness and loss that I know my friend is enduring because I know she has a mainstream way of seeing things.. wishing for a moment that I could spare her the pain, my momentary pang of hurt was for her thinking.. OH if she could JUST understand...

the old me would have gone down the typical line of thinking.. poor kid and so on...  I went to the wake last night and was pleased to see that despite the "tragedy" so to speak everyone seemed fine, there were very little tears floating around, .. a lot of bewilderment, but all doing very well all things considered. .. I can't figure out.. and know it isn't for me to figure out, but what in the world she is vibrating out there to draw this into her existence, that is the SECOND dead body she has found both of them from a very brutal way of dying..  I am seeing her in peace and know she'll find her way out of it.

I realize this stuff all of the time. Sometimes I have a lackful thought and panic and think I have to stop it quick before some kind of Sh*t starts to hit the fan in my life. And in split energy around different types of outcomes I want, I get worried, cause I'm not even sure which one I want to manifest at all and may get pieces of both.

  My cat passed in an accident once, and I'm hoping this wasn't how it happened. I was very upset soon before I found it had died. I went round and round in my head about if it likely would have chosen to reemerge around that time without my influence because maybe it had it's own agenda as Abe says. But I miss it when it was in physical and tell it I love it often and think it to this day hoping it is aware how much I cared and appreciated it when it was with me, and hope it gets reborn and comes back to me to live another long life, much longer than the last one with me again.

Thinking a lackful thought does not mean bad stuff is going to happen.  A lackful thought is a really valuable tool as all it does is show you were you have a limiting belief and once you know it's there, then you have the power to change it.  The only time you become aware you are having thoughts not in alignment is when you have shifted vibration and they no longer fit - so they are a sign you are raising your vibration and getting clearer.  Don't fear them and don't stress, just acknowledge and move on.

Your cat did not leave because it hates you or felt you were a hinderance to it's own life.  Animals do not think that way about us.  They are in alignment all the time, so they see only our best sides.  Some animals can learn to fear humans, but all of them, given enough time and love can heal again.  Animals are far quicker at dropping any negative stuff than we are.  Animals don't have the hang ups we have.  They find it really easy to roam around, do their thing, croak and move on.  It's us that has the hang up about it. 


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