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"SPEED ROUNDS"  come up occassionally and often give us the most interesting/useful logic bridges with which to support ourselves. All I find I intend to put here, please add any you find or already have. This is a General Thread, rather than Topic Specific :) ~DS



HERE'S A TRANSCRIBED BIT TO START OFF WITH..(and as usual, more to come in the thread)....

Abe has conferred with the crowd about whether they would rather have longer Q&A’s with fewer people or shorter Q&A’s that would allow more people. After a brief process, they’ve decided to go for shorter Q&A’s:
Abe: Very good. Start there, yes. You’re on. Now you hear what they want: succinct, clear, fast.
(There is a response away from the microphone, followed by crowd laughter.)
Abe: Your time is up. (More laughter.)
Q: I’ve got a list.
Abe: What matters most?
Q: What matters most is changing and actually adding on to my career in public-speaking/seminar presentation of the business that I’m in. And I have a such a huge desire to accomplish this, but almost equally is this fear of failure. And....
Abe: Well, our encouragement to you is that you think about what you do want, don’t think about what you don’t want. Talk about what you do want, don’t talk about what you don’t want. Tell everyone about what you do want, tell no one about what you don’t want. Make lists of the things that have worked, don’t talk about the things that do not work. In other words, just get on a sort of rampage of appreciation. If you find yourself trying to do that and not able to do that, then get off that topic altogether and get onto something else.
The thing that we most want to hear is that you’ve asked, the Universe has answered, now you’ve just got to find a way to get the valve open.
Next? (Laughter from audience that goes on for a while. Someone else takes the microphone.)
Q: My question is about karma.
Abe: There isn’t any.
Q: That’s (stops and laughs)....
Abe: Next. (Laughter from audience.) Back row....
Q: You said 'fate' one time. We're fated.
Abe: Say it again?
Q: You said we're fated. That we are fated. And what did 'fated' mean? I connected that to karma.
Abe: Well, karma in the way most people mean it, there isn’t any of that. Because....
Q: But 'so you reap,' karma, fate and all....
Abe: Well, there is that. In other words, what you sow you do reap because Law of Attraction says that which you offer vibrationally is that which you bring back. But it does not pass on from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime in the negative sense that people mean because when you re-emerge into nonphysical, you re-emerge into pure positive energy, and when you come forth into your next incarnation, you come forth from that place of pure positive energy.
Q: So all of that that I was taught as a child and all this that I’ve been working through is all bullshit?
Abe: Yes. (Laughter from audience.) Yes.
-- Abe -- North Los Angeles, CA, 3/22/03

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Drummer: That’s amazing, thank you.

Abraham: Enough? The timer has rung so you have 30 seconds.

Drummer: All right, just maybe one more. How can I lean towards the track of being in alignment with my Source?

Abraham: Do fun things.

Drummer smiles appreciation and leaves hotseat, session ends.

Long Beach, CA 2/12/12

Rapid Fire Q&A



Q: So theres this thing I really want to talk about that has to do with peace marches and it has to do with, you know, my being locked in a closet when my kid was two and all of this other stuff, and I just really want to know if its going to come back and haunt me or not, and how do I get a boyfriend?

(Laughter from audience.)

Abe: Forget everything that doesnt have to do with boyfriend, remember everything that does have to do with boyfriend that feels good. And open your door.

If there is something that you really want, get singly focused upon it in a positive way. If you cant get singly focused upon it in a positive way, then pick something else, you see.

You are always an entertainer.

(Another speaker:)

Q: I need some guidance on forgiveness when judgment keeps getting in the way.

Abe: Well, we think thats a good thing to ask for because there is nothing more uncomfortable than to choose something as your object of attention and call it wrong. Because what it does is activate within you contradictory energy. Forgiveness is more beneficial to you than it is to the object of your forgiveness. And so when you start by saying, “Nothing is more important than that I feel good,” then you never get into the place where you have to forgive to begin with. But if youve already gotten there and now youre in the place where you cant let loose of it, then try to distract from it. In other words, feeling good really is the answer.

We dont have much experience with forgiveness because we have not judged to begin with. In other words, we dont get into that place where we have to now stop judging. And so forgiveness is only about releasing the judgment that you really didnt want to pick up to begin with.

The key to forgiveness is finding something that you like about someone and focusing on that. And if you cant find anything to like about the one that youre wanting to forgive, then focus upon something else, someone else and find something that you like.

You cannot be bound up with your judgment and {be} free at the same time. It all depends on where youre giving your attention, you see.

You like to love. Youre much more of a lover than you are a hater. Youre much more of an uplifter than you are a downlifter. In other words, this is your true nature. So just get off of it. Whatevers bothering you, dont think about it any more. And dont ask them to change. Thats the thing — thats the thing that will trip you up. “If youll be different, Ill forgive you,” and they say… “When pigs fly,” is what they usually say because your forgiveness doesnt matter as much to them as it does to you. And when it really matters to you, then youll benefit from the forgiveness that you find.


— Abe - North Los Angeles, CA, 3/22/03

(Another speaker:)

Q: Right now Im building an incredible music business.

Abe: Yes?

Q: And my keyboard skills are great, my guitar skills are fine, I can compose. I cant sing. I want to sing, and I dont want to take lessons and I dont want to take years. Can you help me sing?

Abe: Well, when you are in vibrational harmony with who you are, the best of you comes forth. And we have to say to you that there have been some very powerful and famous and very well sought-after singers who could not sing. In other words, its the way they let their spirit flow through.

So the first thing that we would begin doing is we would stop saying we cant sing. We would start saying things like, “I have a different sound, and I have a different approach to this, and the music flows through me in a unique way. And people resonate to the music that flows. And what singing is about anyway is bringing people to the resonance with their Source. And I do most of that with my music, but every now and again I want to be the instrument, too, and so I let my voice be an instrument that meshes with the other instruments that are involved. And together we sort of co-create the music.” And the music will flow through you in a very powerful way. You can sing.

Jerry was on the bill for years with a man named Woo-Woo Stevens. He played a banjo and he could not sing. And he didnt know it. (Laughter from audience.) He couldnt play the banjo either. But he always brought down the house, he was always the last one on the bill. No one could ever follow him. They wanted more Woo-Woo!

What he had was enthusiasm, what he had was love of what he was doing, what he had was being in love with life and wanting to present it to the audience. What he had was bringing the audience alive and bringing them into harmony with who they are, and they loved it, you see.

There is so much different music, so many different sounds of music. Its not possible for you to please them all. In fact, you can only please a small percentage of them at any time anyway. So dont be critical about the music that you are offering — get connected with Source and let it flow. And when you love what youre doing, theyll love what youre doing even if they dont like your music.

— Abe - North Los Angeles, CA, 3/22/03

awesome! thanks Silver Girl!


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