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If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would try to decide what is the best possible use of my time right now. What would make me feel the absolute best that I could feel? And in time you will be inspired to the synchronicity of that in a way that will absolutely amaze you. You'll get an impulse to take a walk just at the time you will run into someone who has a piece of information that you've been looking for. And as you have the conversation you'll be filled with exhilaration and you'll feel like you've just had the best walk of your life.
Abraham-Hicks "A New Adventure"
(Thanks to Sammie)


Following is an insightful Abe quote posted by Deliberate Sifter on 3/4/12


A vibrational foundation is such a marvelous thing to understand and behold because once you accomplish and emotional foundation, law of attraction will fill it in at all levels with things that match it. And your life just becomes rich and full with what you've been calling coincidences and they ARE coincidences, but we want to say a coincidence is not a freaky act of nature; it's not a lucky happenstance, a coincidence is an incidence that is cooperatively happening because of the cooperative components that are coming to you in response to the vibration that you are offering. In other words, these coincidences mean "converging", it means "coming together"; it means aligning with things that match how you are dominantly feeling.

Abraham-Hicks - Session 1 March 3, 2012

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Following is a related quote because it states the main way to noticing  more syncs :)




And what we want to call your attention to, is that the vortex version of you holds a perspective, a perspective that if you will allow it to merge with the perspective that you think is the perspective, or the personality, or the attitude or the opinion of you, if you will just allow more of a merging of that broader point of view, your moment-to-moment, day-to-day, experiences will be oh so much more delicious.


Because when you integrate the utter worthiness that who-you-really-are knows about you; when you integrate the unconditional love that who-you-really-are feels about you and everyone else; when you integrate the balance and the flexibility and the clarity; when you integrate who you really, really, really are, with who you're letting yourself be at any moment in time, oh, life is so rich and so delicious and so satisfying and you want so much more of it.


Abraham-Hicks - Phoenix, AZ 8/29/11


Thanks to Waterlily for following her bliss and sharing this gem recently, I love it, it makes my heart sing! I connect it with the Abe quote on syncs that E and I love, the one I posted on the main page of this thread. :)

yayaya Waterlily! high 5! Wonderful!

(note to self, certain quotes on rendezvousing could be for this thread too, maybe)

Love it!

Synchronicity...I had just signed up for the daily abe quotes on the 7th when Deliberate mentioned how to sign up.  Received my first quote yesterday-the 8th-but was running around and didn't see it til just this morning, along with the one from today.  Fun part is I was listening to "Money and The Law of Attraction" yesterday and so loved the statement "I'm feeling negative emotion which means I am in the process of attracting something I do not want.  What is it I do want?" that I wrote it down and put it in my pocket.  And am still carrying it around today as I go about my day and then Abraham-Hicks puts it in their daily quote today.


I'm gonna go write down millions of dollars and put that in my pocket now!!!!!!


I do so love to hear something that resonates so deeply within me of Abraham's and write it out on a 3 x 5 card put it in my pocket and when I'm waiting for the elevator, a light to change, in the line at the grocery store, any time I pause to think and best of all, those times when I've stopped for no reason and automatically put my hand in my back pocket.  Not really looking for anything, just a habit, a place to rest my hand while I pause and think and I feel that 3 x 5 card there and I remember "oh yeah" "that's that cool abe quote I so enjoyed that I wrote it down and am carrying around to memorize, embed in my brain."  So I take it out and read it.  Now for the essence of all of those quotes to embed within me:)

That was fun Empowered! Thanks for sharing that sync and your experience with the cards. :D

Love it!  Thanks waterlily!

Abe: Let your blending be your dominant intent. You want to find alignment with who you are.

So, you deliberately conjure an emotion of well being. You deliberately conjure an emotion of friskiness and fun. And, you do such a good job of conjuring that and maintaining that that becomes your point of attraction. Meaning: by controlling your emotion you control your grid; and by controlling your grid it fills in with everything that is the vibrational match.

So, you become a conscious (mmm!) (Abe savors "conscious" visibly) deliberate rendezvous-er.

Hotseater: Right.

Abe: You see that's what creation always is; you rendezvous. You rendezvous with anything that is active in your vibration. That's really an interesting thing. And as you begin to notice that; as you notice how you were feeling before you rendezvoused with something wanted or unwanted then you are able to make that correlation. "I'm rendezvousing; Law of Attraction is the mechanism  that causes the rendezvouses, but I am the rendezvous-er. And we want you to know that therefore, if you want to be a conscious rendezvous-er, then you've got to be a conscious controller (and we use that word softly), controller NOT of circumstances, controller not of events, controller not of others, controller of your emotion.

Feb 18, 2012 www.AbrahamLIVE.com copy write Abraham-Hicks Publications

Don't you like knowing that you are the creator of your grid? And if you are the creator of your grid then you are the creator of your point of attraction and if you are the creator of your point of attraction then you are the creator of the impulses that come, the thoughts that come, the ideas that come, the rendezvous that come, the coincidences that occur. Those coincidences; you think that they are coincidences in a sort of chancy way; but they are not coincidences in a chancy way. They are coincidences; they are incidences that cooperatively come together, they are converging of similar vibrations, you see. And don't you like knowing that you have so much control over all of that? And doesn't it make you want to work on your grid? March 10, 2012 Abraham Hicks Publications


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