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Kicking off with a quote...

My mind is best reflected in my ability to perceive.

It is most importantly a transmitting and receiving

My mind not only perceives that which is physical
around me, but knows intimately all that I am and
have been.

My mind is expansive. By utilizing it, I have the
ability to focus specifically upon something
intricate and detailed right here before my physical eyes, or
to step back from my physical perspective and sense, or
know, the greater, more expanded, realms of my true

My fantastic mind has unlimited resources. It is
more than the most powerful human computers, having
the ability to assimilate data, combine knowledge
from eternal perceptions, and conclude here in this
moment the best course of action.

My mind is my focusing mechanism. It is the
pinpoint of eternity--past, present and
future--which gives me the power to focus the Energy that creates
worlds, right here, right now.

My mind is the tool with which I fulfill my purpose.

It is literally the Eternal Me.


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You are mind more than you are bodies, and there will
always be pleasure in your mind. You are minus these
bodies most of the time, friends. Don't get so wrapped
up in these bodies. It's not who you are. You are mind.
You are projectors of thought. You are influencers of
Well-being. You are missionaries of abundance and
Well-being and joy.

"We want to remind you that you don't ever get this done. We are
eternal beings and we are joyful in that prospect. And you cannot get
it wrong. In other words, even though others around you disagree with
your motives or your actions or even your outcomes, the nonphysical
energy that is within you, the nonphysical energy that you may call God,
does not disagree with where you are. You are standing in places of
perfection even though they are not places of completion. Can you get
that? You are standing in places of perfection even though you are not
standing in places of completion. And when you get that -– you're
standing here in this place where there are things that you want that
have not yet come, and yet *still* it is a perfect place -– what happens
to you is you begin to feel more satisfaction. And when you feel
satisfaction where you stand then there are no limits to where you are
going, while when you feel dissatisfaction where you stand that which
you want cannot come -– not right now, anyway."

-– Abe -– Houston, TX, 1/13/01 (Tape B)
……non physical energy is always non physical and non physical energy
is always focussed within the physical. Its not dead or alive,
physical or non physical the physical is an extension of the non
physical. We are present in the rocks, we are present in the trees,
we are present in the oxygen, we are present in the cells. In other
words we are consciousness present within all consciousness and you
by your focus discern what part of that consciousness you are wanting
to attract in any moment you see and you give it all kinds of
different labels in order to satisfy your current beliefs. Call us
what you want.
Have you not also been Jesus?
Certainly. As have you…….

Abraham Hicks G 6. 11.99
Guest: This brings me to another question, which is - In Buddism they talk about choosing to come back or not. Is this possible? At some point, they say, you can choose to remain in the non-physical.

Abe: Well here is the thing that is a little confusing about that. It's hard for you, in your physical form, to see the non-physical as it really is. As you look around the room and see very distinctive clumps of people, as a matter of fact - there's a chair provided for each clump. So, then you begin to assume there must be clumps of non-physical. So, you picture little chairs in heaven, with little clumps of beings sitting around, or standing around, or flying around, but you do picture clumps, don't you? You picture clumps of beings.

So, then the question is: 'Is the clump coming forth, or is the clump not coming forth?'

And we say, The clump never came forth.

It has always been a stream of consciousness that has focused in these individual personalities. And so, sometimes people will say to us, 'Abraham, have you ever been physical?' Or, 'Why aren't you physical now?' Or, here's the big one they often say to us, "Abraham, if this physical life experience is so damn good why aren't you here? Why aren't you here experiencing the contrast of this time and place?" And we say, remember that Source energy is always here. In other words, we're more here than you are here. In fact, what this whole gathering is about is you getting so in alignment with that which we are that you then know we are here. The only reason that you ever think your Inner Being, or Source energy, or whatever you're wanting to call it isn't here is because you're focused so tenaciously on things that are vibrationally different than that which we are that you got your awareness of us pinched off.

But even if your awareness of us is pinched off, we're still here. We could not be more here. You can't get anymore here than Source energy is here, you see. But when you say, 'I want the whole clump of Source Energy to come here.'

We say, does the word, Source Energy mean anything to you?

Abraham ...of course :-)


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