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You are a LOVER, and if you're not loving, something's gone terribly wrong.
San Antonio, 11/18/07B

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So now you've got these two points of vibrational relativity: the lover that you
REALLY are -and the lover that you might be being in your moment- or the hater
that you might be being in your moment.

And when you are feeling the emotion that you call hatred or anger, what that
means is, you've got a very different point of view of whatever your object of
attention is, than the Source within you.

We know physical beings don't like to hear it when we say, The Source within you
loves your enemies, because you are SO determined that you are justified in your
NOT loving of them. But we want you to understand that when you are not loving
someone that Who You Really Are is loving, the problem that is caused is caused
BY you, and the trouble comes TO you, not to your enemy.

San Diego, CA, 1-12-08
The reason we are here is we are trying to help you tune back in to who you
really are.

You are a LOVER, and if you're not loving, something's gone terribly wrong.
And it is not the subject of your love that's gone wrong, it's your focus.

You are one who knows your worthiness. And when you feel inferior,
resentful or disrespected, it's not that someone else has the power to do
that to you, it's your focus. You've focused in a screwy way, you see.
You've focused out of sync with who you are.

And Esther will say, "No, no, no, Abraham! That's not how it is! They MADE
me feel that way with their behavior, because I didn't feel this way before
they did that."

And we say, "That feeling of powerlessness will bring you right to your
knees because you can't control them, nor should you be able to, you see.
But you CAN control you focus..."

You can draw back to something general or focus in more specifically. And
the key to keeping yourself in alignment is really that power of how to use
your focus.

San Antonio, 11/18/07B
"You know what supreme allowing is…Allowing another who's not allowing you
Not letting their hatred of you keep you from being the lover that you are."

Ft. Lauderdale
You are a lover... Anything less than that (feeling wonderful and connected
to Source) is worth throwing a fit over. That's why the kids throw
tantrums. That's why the little girls are being so negative about another
little girl. They are out there on the raw and ragged edge!

In other words, everybody that is offering any kind of behavior as a result
of the negative emotion they are feeling is not offering that behavior
because they're trying to make a point about whatever the issue is.

They are simply feeling the discord of being separated from who they are and
they are writhing in that discomfort.

That's what it is every single time. You can't NOT be who you have become.
You must keep up with who life has caused you to become if you are to be the
joyful being you are.

Stamford, CT 10/6/07
Because you are extensions of pure, positive Energy, you are extensions of
absolute unconditional love. You are appreciators, you are lovers to the
very core of your being.

You did not say as you made the decision to come forth into this physical
environment, "I'll go, but get all the kinks worked out before I get there."
You did not say, "I want world peace, which means everybody's happy, I want
all economies to be running smoothly, and I want all disease off the face of
the earth, then I'll go."

You said, "Let me at it. I will enjoy this contrast, and I will learn to
find my vibrational place within it. And I will attract to me, from this
well-stocked kitchen, that's got some of everything, I will attract the
ingredients that I choose to make the pie that I will call my life."

You didn't say, "Fix it, and then I'll go," nor did you say to any other
person, "You have to be a certain way so that I can flow my Energy of love
to you."

You said, "I have the capacity to love, and I have the ability to choose
positive aspects over negative aspects. I don't care how many negative
aspects you choose to show me. I am a lover."

And when you discover that, you are liberated. When you believe that they've
got to get it all perfect in order for you to feel good, you're in big
trouble, because there's somebody not doing something to please you, around
every corner. And the more you focus upon it, the more of them will show up
to show you that they're doing something that does not please you, you see.

Abraham-Hicks, 03/12/94 St. Petersburg, Florida.
We want you to lighten up. We want you to love
yourself more. We want you to laugh more and look for
more reasons to feel good. We want you to get up
every morning and let the first five most important
things on your list be five things that you are very
sure will feel good to you when you do them. We want
you to take your walks and take your baths and have
your massage if you want one, and eat the things that
taste good and think the thoughts that feel good, and
put on your list a time of meditation that gives you
relief, and call the people that always uplift you,
and read the magazines that are stimulating, and turn
on the television programs that make you laugh.

Do your best to serve yourself by finding first the
things that make you feel good as you focus upon them,
and then do anything else in the day that you have
time for. And if you let that be your path, if
nothing is more important than that you feel good,
what begins to happen is you begin to be the you that
you really are. You begin to be the lover that you
are, you begin to be the appreciater that you are, you
begin to be the balanced person, the coordinated
person, the good-timed person. You begin to be the
good-humored person, you begin to be the uplifter that
you are. And under those conditions you say, "More,
more, more -- I want more of this! More opportunity
to engage, more opportunity to explain, more
opportunity to play, more opportunity to expand, more
opportunity to move forward!"

There is no ending to that which you are. It's just
time to get on with the joyous journey that you are
all about. You are supposed to feel good. Life is
supposed to be good to you, and will be good to you.
Just relax.

-- Abe -- San Antonio, TX, 6/5/04
Some people don't know Love when it's looking them in the eye . . .

. . . until they've spit in its face once too often, and away it flies.

Then they wonder . . . what did I just do? And why?
Yup, something is seriously wrong. I am a lover and I am not loving. When I've discussed what is wrong with one of the most successful coaches on this earth I was looked down on. So, how does one accept that he has to see his family pat-time and deal with his childrens' mother not being the mom she needs to be for them, especially if I'm not around enough of the time to make sure my children are safe?
My 7 year old daughter told me she kneeled down in front of the Christmas tree and for Christmas she asked that her mother treat her nice. You see, I don't have an abusive wife, she has simply never taken the time to show her children that they are number one, that they are absolutely important, all the time.
There's more but I don't believe it is important. I want so desparately to be in love and to be loved. A soulmate, my soulmate.
Is this a place where we can discuss a bit of what we do not want before we discuss what we truely desire?
I've focused so much over the past 10 years n my marriage that I allowed myself to go into a depression, to fail in business, to lose the house and home I worked very, very hard to get for my family and myself. I've made as much as $1400 an hour, now I am making less than $13. And, I am grateful for every cent, even though I only work 21 hours a week.
So, please, someone, someone who interested in truely helping others, please give me some advice, any advice.

I have big, big goals but I am so distracted and so disgusted with my failed marriage that I believe I have done some serious damage to myself and have seriously let down my children.

I want a house again, and two, new reliable cars. And I want a career in animation. And I want an incredible body, because I can have all this. And I want my soulmate.

This feels so random, it is all so unplanned, but maybe by letting it out I can think a bit more clearly and start achieving my goals one by one.

hi dreamweaver.

i wouldn't say i'm an expert in how to do this, but semantically what i see is that a pivot IS first noticing unwanted and THEN determining what wanted is in order to focus upon it. the deciding factor in how well that goes regarding what you manifest is how long you ponder what is unwanted before making the pivot.

and this forum is a free-for-all, with many that help when they can, so talk about whatever you wish and expect the peanut gallery to show up and help if they can, or at least try to.

another method besides pivoting is just changing the subject, but when something is important like this, before changing the subject, it does seem helpful to at least deliberately sift the contrast and determine what the desire that is born actually is. it kind of works the same a pivot, but the topic of focus is changed in the process, so...it is...but it isn't. when you are lower in the emotions like where you seem to be, this method seems to be more realistic to use for emotional sustainability.

i also want to point out your words "taken the time to show her children that they are number one, that they are absolutely important, all the time." regarding your wife. the children are NOT number one to her, SHE is, and they are best viewed as appreciated, rather than important.

another segment: "My 7 year old daughter told me she kneeled down in front of the Christmas tree and for Christmas she asked that her mother treat her nice. You see, I don't have an abusive wife, she has simply never taken the time to show her children that they are number one, that they are absolutely important, all the time." It is not your job to make sure your children are safe, and honestly, a stable platform is all the children really desire on a soul level, although when they are in the midst of a household where the mother is being told that she is not doing enough, you can expect that most children will also begin to feel that they are victims of "not enough" from mother. Its a vicious, lifelong pattern that you are participating in, and the abe teachings can show you another way to live and love your mate and your children if you are wanting that, and in the process you may find that you love your mate again and in that loving, find all that you are missing now. And, she might even love you back again.

If you are alleging abuse, instead of lodging complaints that the mother of your children is not maternal enough to meet your preferences, a law of attraction forum is hardly the place to come for a resolution.

Here's a parenting thread that you might like, or love to hate :)

and a childhood thread:

The only thing that I can share with you is what I know works for me. And, I want to say this part first... Welcome. Glad you are here. Keep moving forward and asking questions. The answers will come... from others and from within. There is a wealth of information on this site, alone and you will create what you are wanting just as easily as you allow it to be.

For me, the best way to get me to feeling good and focusing on feeling good is.... drum roll please..... APPRECIATION! I know you've heard it before. I know you might be thinking... yeah, yeah, yeah. But, give it a shot. I'm sure you've done it before. Maybe just try it for today? ONLY focus upon what you love about your life, other's lives, life in general. When you find your focus elsewhere, don't judge yourself for it, just gently remind yourself that today, you are appreciating. And, then, focus on what you appreciate in that moment. (this is what Abe calls "being in the Vortex")

You can do this, DW... If I can, you can. Allow yourself to Be Happy by appreciating. Allow it.

In fact, I'll start.........

I appreciate this cup of coffee. The trees that are swaying in the wind. The fact that I can walk, talk, and breathe on my own.
I appreciate my ability to see life in color. How amazing I feel right now. The PI site and this forum.
I appreciate my job, my patients, my sanity. My love for myself and how that translates to others when I am loving myself.
I appreciate my car- it's reliability and efficiency. My relationships. The support that I feel. Knowing about LOA and the power that I possess.

Happy Appreciating, DW!!!
Ziz :)
We wouldn't be running around saying who loves me, who doesn't love me. We'd be saying who do I love? Abraham-Hicks


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