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Kicking off with a quote.....more to come in the thread....

"It is about trust. It is about trusting that you deserve the
well-being that you want so much. In other words, when we say, "Ask and
it is given," most of you say, "But what if I don't ask right?" In
other words, you're not trusting yourself to ask and then you're not
trusting yourself to allow. And we say you can't get it wrong so start
enjoying it now, start taking pleasure from it now. This is that
selfish impulse that we're trying to awaken within you -- we want you to
be so selfish that you're not willing to worry. We want you to be so
selfish that you're not willing to take score and come up with a
negative answer. We want you to be so selfish that you're not willing
to think a thought that is unpleasant or uncomfortable."
-- Abraham -
Tarrytown, N.Y., 10/31/99

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This is a time of stronger than usual asking which ultimately will serve
me really well and I just need to relax and trust that everything will
be all right. Those are the words that you're wanting to offer. This
angst that I'm feeling is a good thing because I'm asking more
specifically, more pointedly, more dynamically and now I just got to
chill out and trust. And that business of trust is hard we know ... but
trust from this new understanding is easier than trust from not
understanding. In other words, now you understand that you've asked and
it's being given and so it's easier to trust.

And what you're trusting in is the process, not some specific thing that
you're watching for.

You're just trusting.......and you have reason to trust.

We were visiting with a friend one day and she was speaking almost
exactly as you are and we said to her, "Have you ANY evidence whatsoever
of the Universe yielding to you what you want?". And she said, "Well
... somebody did send us thirty-seven thousand dollars ... and oh yeah,
there was that house that someone gave to us that time ...". And as she
got thinking about it there was all kinds of evidence of it -- it just
wasn't coming in exactly the way she thought she wanted it to come, but
all kinds of evidence of Well-being. And as you say -- we've heard you
say this before ... you land on your feet ... things always work out ...
a door always opens ... it always works out -- it's the nature of who
you are. And now you can amplify that a little more by saying, "And now
I know things that I didn't know before ... and I'm in a stable enough
place that I can wait it out ... and it won't be that long ... and it
will be that much sweeter as it does unfold ... and/or there are a lot
of things I can do in the meantime and many of them are really fun."

Abraham -- San Antonio, TX 11/24/01 tape 5
So don't beat up on yourself when you feel frustration in the defining
mode. That's all right -- that's normal. Just define and then step
back and say "I've done it, I've defined it, you know what I want. I'm
going to do some other things while you bring some things into play and
I will do my best to watch for evidence. Meanwhile, I'll focus on
anything and everything that makes me feel good as I do it."

Because somewhere so many of you get hung up on this "I need to prove my
worthiness through my action", and there's no worthiness to be proven.

Abraham -- San Antonio 11/24/01 tape 4
trusting feeling good

When you are feeling good, you are letting it in. When you are not
feeling good you are not letting it in. We cannot put it in any more
simple terms, but we do realize that together we have some hurdles to
overcome, because somewhere along your trail, you have programmed
yourself, in most cases, to the unbelievable: you actually have come
to believe that you cannot trust your feelings, because if it feels
good it probably isn't, and if it feels bad, it's probably right.

You have come to believe that struggle and suffering is virtuous and
therefore good. (And on many levels you set yourself up to some of
that suffering.) On the other hand, you've come to believe that joy,
or follwing one's own bliss, is a sort of decadent thing. If you are
joyful and doing what feels good to you, somehow you will be punished
for it later, because, "after all, not feeling good must surely be the
order of the Universe."

We don't know how you get that stuff. You are focused in the most
joyful of environments. You are Universal focusers of Energy, and the
Energy, itself, that you have to focus toward your individual and
collective creative endeavor, is joy itself. It is love itself. The
Creative Energy is joy.

Source Energy is the only Energy that flows. There's not a Source of
dark, there is a Source of light, which you may be allowing or you may
not. Well-being flows.

Excerpted from Abraham Hicks Seminar
G-10/1/01 - Albany,NY
As we speak of the total world, it is difficult for you to find your place
within it, so let us talk, instead, of those individual experiences in which YOU

When you understand and trust the Law of Attraction, and when you are
effectively making strong, clear statements of what you want, you will find
yourself surrounded by those beings who enhance that wanting.

If you will trust that you will experience only that which enhances what you
want, then you will not be so likely to look for flaws within those individuals
that surround you. Then you will expect the relationship to be one of
enhancement, and you will allow it to be that way.

Abraham Calendar pg. 745
Deliberate Sifter, I love you for all the posts you make here. You have no idea (or maybe you do!) how they inspire and uplift and reinforce. This one in particular is helpful to me now.
I DO know, Popcorn, because Pat Graham-Block showed me!

I still do best with them as my vibrational tone setter, and love you back for the company, Popcorn.

Your work is to then TRUST in the perfection of ALL that you are.

We want you to see yourself and your world [gently] through our eyes. We want
you to SEE the natural abundance that is available to you.

And we want you to EAGERLY identify what aspects of that abundance you would
like to participate in, understanding that there is no possible way that you
could ever deprive any other of anything ~because they have their OWN individual
path to abundance carved out for them.

~ Abraham-Hicks, Mexico Cruise, 1-20-08
We'll tell you what you can trust: you can trust that law of attraction will match you up with what you are putting out there. Abraham-Hicks


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