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From The Autistic Revolution DVD
elapsed time 16min 13secs

Esther will say from time to time, "Oh come on, Abraham. You gotta
give me this one. (audience laughs) You cannot not be noticing THAT.
It's so big, and it's so bad and it's so WR-ONNG." (audience laughs)

And we say, we notice it. We just don't see it as wrong. We just don't
condemn it. We see it, and immediately take from it what we prefer,
and immediately turn our undivided attention to what we prefer. And if
you will do that, you will feel as good as we do.

Personal Note
: This concept is such a life changer, once you really get it and can live it by living as a practiced pivoter. ~DS

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I have found a way to focus in order to achieve a vibration that truly allows the loving beng that is really me to flow, no matter what.

Abraham Asheville, NC 10-29-00
Abe: When you really, really, really want something, when it comes it
is so delicious. People say, "Well, that was worth the wait." And we
say you really don't have to wait because you can find satisfaction in
your notebook or satisfaction in the clarity of your own mind, and when
the manifestation comes you will know that you have brought it about.
And what will you have achieved? You will be fulfilling a promise to
yourself of unconditional love, of finding a way to stay connected to
Source even when those around you are not.

Now, think about the power of that and why this is such a powerful
decision that the two of you made as teachers even before you came into
these physical bodies. Most everybody is just changing their conditions
in order to feel better. It is rampant. Conditional love is rampant.
"We'll just make a new rule," "we'll just take ourselves over there" –-
in other words, we'll just change the conditions and then where we look
it's easy to feel better once I've changed the conditions. Where
unconditional love says, "It's not my job or my right to demand that
conditions change. It is is my birthright to sift through all of it and
find things that are life-giving to me." You will liberate yourself,
and your mate as well, when you don't hold her responsible for the joy
that you feel.

Q: Your mate is not responsible in any way or your joy, isn't that what
you just said?

Abe: We said you will experience a liberation beyond your wildest dreams
when you no longer use your mate as your excuse to not connect with
Source energy. (Pause -– no response from questioner.) We said you
will discover a liberation beyond your wildest dreams when you discover
that you can find joy even when someone you love is in the midst of
pain. When you discover that you don't have to go there and that, in
fact, there's no value for them even when you do go there, and that
ultimately "being there" for someone is remaining connected to Source
energy -– you know that, you just don't think that she knows that, and
she's rather verbal in her desire to bring you there. As you whip this
one, and you will, and you discover that your connection is secure no
matter is happening, even though it is happening pretty much 24 hours a
day right close in your face, you will be liberated. There will be
nothing in this world that will ever keep you from your connection to
Source energy.

"You know that you're in alignment with Source Energy when you feel
good. So let's say you were remembering something –- something about
your behavior from past experience. Maybe it happened yesterday, maybe
it happened when you were eight, maybe it happened when you were
sixteen. And as you remember it, you feel uneasy, you feel guilty, you
feel uncomfortable, as you think about this. Now, many would say to
you, ‘Well, that means you're guilty. That guilty feeling is because
you did something really, really bad. And that guilty feeling is what
it feels like when you've done something really, really bad.' And we
say: that guilty feeling doesn't mean you've done something really,
really bad. It may mean you *think* you've done something that's
really, really bad. But what it really means is right here and now you
are choosing a thought, an approach to a thought, that is not consistent
with your Source Energy. In other words, your Source Energy is adoring
you, and in this moment you are choosing not to. In this moment, you
are choosing to remember something someone else said. You are
concluding you are inappropriate, while your Inner Being concludes that
you are appropriate.

"Now some feel uneasy as they hear us express this because they believe
that the only way that the society can ever be contained -- to not be
outrageous, foolish, victimizers –- is by holding them down with
restraints or laws, or worrisome things like promises of punishment
after death. And we say: an individual or society who is in this moment
allowing Source Energy to flow is not something that you need fear, but
something that you would all revere.

"You put yourselves in an impossible situation because you live in an
environment of variety where there are lots of different approaches to
life. And then you wrestle one another to the ground eternally, in your
physical format, as you are warring over whose beliefs are really the
right ones. As if there could ever be one set of beliefs that is right
in all cases.

"Were the firemen right or wrong to put out that fire? Were the firemen
right or wrong to break out those windows? And if they were right under
that condition, then are they right under all conditions? Of course
not. The condition has a lot to do with it, doesn't it? You must be
allowed to make your determination in the moment -– you must be allowed.
And you are.

"You are eternal beings, eternally moving forward."

– Abe – Boca Raton, FL, 1/27/01
I swiped this from a man in a hat, and I swear he chuckled as I fled :-)

Unconditional Love, Allowing and in alignment in 30 days

When we talk about Source energy we are talking about that high vibrational frequency of purity that does not contain the resistance that you can find along your physical trail. Source is expanding from what you are living. Source is not a static state of being that achieved perfection and now is working with you to bring you up to speed with it. Source is expanding in its perfection through those like you. The contrast you experience allows you to become more, and then its your work to get up to speed with that. Source sees you and only feels appreciation for that which you are, regardless of the condition that you are living because Source is so practiced in this condition of well-being, that the condition you are currently living does not dissuade it from its knowledge of well-being.

Unconditional love is staying in the vibration of Source, regardless of the condition. Conditional love says “ I want to feel good. When I see this I do, when I see that I don’t, so in order for me to feel better, the condition has to change.” Unconditional love says “ I am Source. I am Love, regardless of the conditions. That’s why man translates that to say that God is Love or God loves all. You are all reaching for Unconditional love. You want to be tuned in, tapped in, turned on to who you are and living in this world. It’s the best of everything. To be in this world, mixing it up, getting new ideas, coming into alignment with it.

The only freedom you will ever find is the freedom from the bondage of resistance. What resistance is, is not allowing yourself to be who you really are. All pain and suffering is about diverging from who you really are. All joy and alignment is about coming into frequency with who you really are. Love is the absence of resistance. Love is vibrational alignment with that which is Source. Unconditional love is vibrational alignment with Source, even when there is something that I don’t want happening. I am so aware of the permeating well-being of this Universe that even in death, you come back into full vibrational alignment. The worst thing that can ever happen to anyone is that they get out of range of Source, so they can’t feel Source, but that doesn’t mean that Source ceases beaming, it always is, it means they are on a frequency where they can’t see it or feel it.

“What words can you offer us, to allow us to put how we feel above what others are thinking or doing in relation to us?”

I love you so much I don’t care what you think.

Think about what that is saying. I so care about being in vibrational alignment with who I am. If I am in vibrational alignment with who I am, then I have love to give. If I am catering to what you want, rather than to my own guidance, then I’m not tuned in, tapped in, turned on and I have nothing to give. I love you so much I don’t care what you think.

Or, love you so much, I must tune to the Source within me. I can’t tune to the Source within me and what you want at the same time. Don’t make me choose between alignment with Source and what you think you want in this moment. If you will allow me, or whether you do or not, to align with who I am, then I can shine the energy of Source upon you and you will thrive. If you convince me that I should cater to you rather than align with who I am, then I’ll be out here on the raw and ragged edge with you and we’ll just fight it out and blame each other for how bad we feel. I love you so much, I don’t care how you think.

When you get there and can deliver that with a straight face, you’ll have it. It goes like this. I love you so much I don’t care what you think. “What do you mean?” Well, you think I’m wrong. In order to love you, I must know that I am Source. I can’t know that I’m Source and know that I’m wrong at the same time. In order to love you, I have to be in alignment with Source. When I’m in alignment with Source, I don’t care what you think.

In other words, it’s solid. It’s hard to get others to hear it. You know how irrational people are when they are in the raw and ragged edge. You can’t get sick enough to help sick people get well. Yet, you think you can get disconnected enough to help disconnected people be connected. And you can’t. You can only help people align with Source, from your vantage point of being aligned with Source. You can’t be aligned with Source and catering to what they think at the same time.

Maybe there are other words that would be better. I love you so much I don’t care how you think. That’s our first choice. I see you as you really are, not as you are being in this moment. I know the power of your being and I know the reason you are so upset right now is because right now you are not allowing yourself to be the brilliant, beautiful tuned in, tapped in, turned on person that I fell in love with to begin with. If you don’t mind, I’m going to go away and I’m going to hold the thought of who you really are rather than wallow with you in this disconnected state. Getting better.

How about this? I’ve seen you in your alignment and I’ve seen you not in your alignment and I like you best when you are in your alignment. When I am in my alignment, it doesn’t matter. That’s good too. When I’m tuned in, tapped in, turned on, you can be any way you want to be, because my love for you is unconditional. I am no longer going to hold you responsible for how I feel. I’m in charge of how I feel. What freedom. I so know that that I don’t have to ask the same back from you. That was good too.

I’m so good at unconditional love, that I don’t need you to know how to do it. Think about what we are saying here. I’m tuned in, tapped in, turned on. I’m thriving no matter what you do. You’re not the boss of me. I am. I have the ability to align with Source, regardless of the conditions that surround me. I get unconditional love.

You get it that you are Source energy in physical bodies. You get it that you have come here with purpose and that purpose is joyous expansion. You never get it done and you can’t get it wrong because you never get it done. In the feeling of wrongness you are giving birth to an opinion of what would be righter. The Source within you so trusts your opinion of what would be better for you that the Source within you embraces that idea completely and becomes the vibrational equivalent to it and holds steady there until you find your way there. There is a deliciousness of releasing resistance through what you call your death experience. You can also release resistance through meditation, quieting the mind, appreciation. You have to be somewhere in the vibrational vicinity of appreciation to release resistance. With every feeling of relief that you find, as you make your way up the emotional scale, there is the releasing of resistance. Every effort that you make to release a little resistance, is really worth the effort.

In time, because of the vastness and variety of your life, the subjects that are active and alive in your now are enough for you to release all resistance that you have accumulated over a life time. You don’t have to go back and make peace with some wrong doing that happened 20 years ago or 30 years ago or yesterday. You don’t have to go back and fix all of those things.

Whatever is active in your vibration now is bringing you current, active, real life poignant, meaningful, now matches. You are attracting vibrational evidence that shows you what you are doing. What you are living and the way it is playing out is your vibrational indicator. What’s going on in your body, is just an indicator of your vibration. What’s happening in your life in terms of relationship is just a vibrational indicator, the money in your bank account, is just a vibrational indicator. Everything that is manifested. The car that you are driving, the house that you are living in, the clothes that you are wearing, The condition of your body. Everything about your life is a vibrational indicator. Those indications are being shown to you all day, every day, in the emotion that you feel.

If you leave here, with one decision within you, and it goes like this, I now understand the importance of recognizing how I feel, I do care about feeling as good as I can feel about that and that and that. Say somebody you love tells you a lie and it hits you hard. You think, they shouldn’t lie to me, they should trust me more. I wish they wouldn’t lie. Then you try to wrestle them to the ground to figure out why they are lying. You try to figure out where the lie started. The motive of the lying. All you do is get yourself in a scramble. You can’t begin to understand it or to sort it out. You can recognize that your attention to this subject is causing you discomfort right here and right now. You could choose a better feeling thought.

When you think, this is a person that I really love and it really doesn’t matter what they are doing. It only matters how I feel about them. I need not ask them to behave in certain ways in order to love them because I am one who offers unconditional love.

As you work your way through issue after issue with person after person and subject after subject, before you know it, within one or two or three days, certainly within 4 or 5 and absolutely within 30 you will have had enough real life experiences show you the vibrational evidence of what is going on with your vibration that you can clean it all up. By clean it up, we mean, find a better feeling thought, find a better feeling thought, find a better feeling thought.

Do you know that you are 30 days or less from being a vibrational match to the Source that is really you, to the reason that you were born, to the living of the joyous life experience that you have come to live, to being the vibrational match to what is in your vibrational escrow? Do you know how close you are in terms of time to have everything, so far, that life has caused you to want? It’s such a short distance. It just requires some caring about how you feel and a willingness to deliberately move yourself up the emotional scale. Back into vibrational alignment with who you really are.

As you do that, you’ll see the world a little more, through the eyes of Source. You will then revel in your Beingness and that of others and you will feel pride and worth beyond physical description. You will begin to express to others that I have come forth with great reason, for joyous expansion and I wish that for all. There is great love here for you.

Phoenix workshop 3/2008
Hello to all. I'm new here and have chosen this thread as the most appropriate for my angle. I believe that the Law of Attraction and the Law of Love are one and the same. You can see my view here.
Abe talking to a mother on how to love 'unlovable' son --

"I'm loving you because it's natural to me. I'm loving
you because I'm a lover, not even because you're lovable.
Because if I'm loving you because you're lovable, those
are strings. Then you've got to keep being my version of
lovable to get me to feel this way about you. And that is
manipulation under all standards.

"I love you because I love."

-- Abe, G-3/7/97
Personal Note: This ones a little hard core, but I love it because it demonstrates the love in which we are held, the state of grace in which we live...and knowing the hard-core reality of the love that Source holds us in always, I believe makes all those troublesome behaviors just nonsensical after a while, which is helpful for society on the ground in time, or at least individual, personal alignment NOW.

begin quote:

Response to a questioner feeling guilty about the death of her dog.

And then we have one more question from you. When you say “I feel so
guilty” and we say is that locked on or off?

Yes, but Abraham what I am wanting to know from you is “do I have
reason for guilt?” And we say “Have you heard NOTHING from us?”
(group laugher) In other words ..we’re not for a MOMENT going to give
you ANY reason to stand in a moment of guilt for ANY reason.

If you run over them with your own motorscooter again and again and
again .. we would not encourage you to stand in the place of holding
yourself in a place of guilt about it, you see? (questioner and group
howling) If you had said “Ohhh.. little dog... let me see if you can
bounce off of this Grand Canyon WALL!”, we would not say to you that
you should have guilt about it because guilt is locked off the signal,
you see. GUILT, is not allowing the well-being that is natural to you
to flow. And as you so wisely just said to us, the beast is a
vibrational being who is making choices on his own too.

And while, certainly, there is power of influence... but it is not
your job to worry about what anyone else is doing with their
vibration, it is your job to pay attention to what you’re doing with
your vibration. And certainly, the better you feel the better those
around you feel. Certainly, the better you feel the better the
beasts around you feel. But that does not mean that we would say,
“Oh well, then you should go back and feel guilty.” That would be
like saying, “I am a very tidy person in my now. I really like a tidy
place. And OH... all of those beds that I didn’t make, as I was
coming through life... I must find a way of going back and somehow
making all of those beds.”

You say “That’s really silly. Just go make your bed today.” In other
words, that"s the best you can do. You can do what you’re doing in
this NOW. If you like a tidy bed, then make it up. But give NO
thought to the unmade beds of your past, no matter what they are.

Fort Collins, CO - 6/9/01 Weekly tape
We would say that compassion is awareness of where someone is and an
equal or greater awareness of where they want to be; and then a loving
guidance toward where they want to be. Where empathy is just getting
down there and feeling what they’re feeling.
Fort Collins, CO -6/9/01 Weekly tape
Many say to you, "Don't be selfish." And what they mean is,
"Satisfy my selfish intent, not your own. I'd be a lot happier
if you were doing the things I need you to do in order for me
to be happy."

And so, the best gift that you could give to anyone would be
to be a liver of unconditional love. In other words, you're
loving them even though they're not loving you because you're
not doing what they need you to do in order for them to love
you. But it is not keeping you from loving them.

-- Abe -- Kona, HI, G-12/9/00-B
One who does not condemn, never has to forgive. Your Inner Being will never
forgive you because your Inner Being has never condemned you.

G 6/13/92

Abraham Calendar
EVERY RELATIONSHIP IS ETERNAL! You can´t walk away from them!
You must vibrationally achieve harmony with them AND your source
energy, that is your goal! That´s what unconditional love is! To
connect with my source and be able to hold these things as my object
of attention at the same time.

"Real love is selfless and free from fear. It pours itself out upon the object of its affection without demanding any return. Its joy is in the joy of giving. Love is God in manifestation, and the strongest magnetic force in the universe. Pure, unselfish love draws unto itself its own -- it does not need to seek or demand."

"You can never receive what you have never given. Give a perfect love, and you will receive a perfect love . . . as you are one with God, you are one with the love which belongs to you by Divine Right."

-- Florence Scovel Shinn, from "The Game Of Life"


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