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9/28/2011 Asheville, NC www.abraham-hicks.com   www.AbrahamLIVE.com

Hotseater: I'd like to know the difference between clarity, knowing, and understanding.

Abe: We think they are equal (shrugging slightly). In other words, one might mean a little more, but clarity, you can't get more clear or have more clarity than to be in complete alignment with who you are, and that's also what knowing is, and that's also what understanding is. So...

Hotseater: But, why is it that I could read a book that maybe I read 2, 3, 4, 5 years ago, maybe re-read it again and have such a, it seems like such a deeper understanding? Seems like, I ...why can't I feel that right away?

Abe: Well, maybe what understanding really is ..you're gonna really like this...

Hotseater: Go ahead! (whispers that, is beaming and wiggling so happily audience laughs and she starts to chuckle)

Abe: This is our definition of what true understanding is: life has caused you to ask and understanding is coming into alignment with the answer. And so, until you've asked there cannot be understanding. That's also the value and the power of contrast, isn't it? Because it keeps causing you to expand. So that's why the knowing keeps coming and coming and coming and coming and coming and coming.

Hotseater: Okay.

Abe: Logical

Hotseater: I love the ah-ha moments. That's the understanding.

Abe: It's what we all live for. It's what we all live for.

Hotseater: It's just gratifying. It's gratifying. So...why wasn't I born with more intelligence?

Abe: Because intelligence isn't something you are born with, it's something that you put into the vortex  and then meet up with.

Hotseater: Ohhh! (audience also murmurs) So, in other words, if I wanted to become a doctor in my seventies, I could become a doctor!

Abe: You could. If the desire were there the universe would deliver the means to help you to accomplish it, yes. Anything that you want, whatever you want, as you leave resistance behind then will be.Most people think that intelligence is about brain, where really it's about focus. And genius is just attention to a subject until it become specific specific specific. That's all genius is: a lot of specific about some thing.

Hotseater: Do some of us have that genius or that focus in their life earlier than others? (Abe is saying yes yes yes) And why is that?

Abe: Well because sometimes there is an intention that is present coming in, but that is rarer than you all want to make it out to be. What happens is contrast just focuses people in different ways at different times. (shrugging again) Sometimes the most difficult of childhoods causes a stronger focus earlier on while the more casual and easy of childhoods, the focusing comes later. There's no right or wrong in it, but that's the reason.

Hotseater: And, this is the last one...

Abe: (interrupting) And at the basis of all of these answers that you have extracted from us is that until it is asked it is not given, and so of course the answer that we really want you to take away relative to all of these things is until life causes you to ask the answers don't come. The clarity doesn't come, the knowing doesn't come. So this is just another sales job in convincing you the value of contrast.

Hotseater: Okay. I just wish life would have asked me, or I wish I would have had that focus a lot earlier.

Abe: Maybe. But the fact that you didn't can cause a stronger request NOW which is just as good. (guest: okay) In other words, what difference does it make when the request goes in? It is granted as soon as it gets there.

Hotseater: Confirmation. Gave me some confirmation. Thank you so much. (nodding to indicate is leaving hotseat complete)

Abe: Confirmation, clarity, knowing...

Hotseater: Understanding. (leaves smiling happily)

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