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The Science of Deliberate Creation: Defined

Jerry: Abraham, you have spoken to us of Deliberate Creation. Would you discuss the value of that to us and clarify what you mean by Deliberate Creation?

Abraham: We have called it the Science of Deliberate Creation because we are assuming that you want to create on purpose. But actually, it is more aptly called the Law of Creation, for it works whether you are thinking of what you want, or of what you do not want. Whether you are thinking of what you do want, or whether you are thinking of the lack of what you want (the direction of your thought is your choice), the Law of Creation goes to work upon whatever you are thinking about.

From your physical perspective, this equation of creation has two important parts: the launching of the thought and the expectation of the thought—the desire for the creation and the allowing of the creation. From our Non-Physical perspective, we experience both parts of that equation simultaneously, for there is no gap between what we desire and what we fully expect.

Most humans are unaware of the power of their thoughts, the vibrational nature of their Being, or the powerful Law of Attraction, so they look to their action to make everything happen. And while we agree that action is an important component in the physical world in which you are focused, it is not through your action that you are creating your physical experience.


When you understand the power of thought and practice your deliberate offering of it, you will discover the powerful leverage (in creating) that only comes from desiring and allowing. When you prepave, or positively anticipate with your thoughts, the amount of action required is far less, and the action is much more satisfying. If you do not take the time to align your thoughts, far more action is required, without the satisfying results.

Your hospitals are filled to the brim with those who are now taking action to compensate for inappropriate thoughts. They did not create the illness on purpose, but they did create it—through thought and through expectation—and then they went to the hospital to take physical action to compensate. We see many people spending their days exchanging their action for money, because the money is essential to the freedom of life in this society. And yet, in most cases, the action is not action in joy. It is an attempt to compensate for misaligned thought.

You have intended action; that is part of the deliciousness of this physical world in which you live. But you did not intend to do your creating through physical action—you intended to use your body to enjoy that which you have created through your thought.

As you set forth your thought in advance, feeling positive emotion, you have then launched your creation, and when you walk through space and time toward that manifestation in the future, expecting that it will be there…then, from that joyful creation that you have launched into the future, you will be inspired to the action that is action in joy.

When you are taking action in your now, and it is not action in joy, it is our absolute promise to you that it will not lead to a happy ending. It cannot; it defies the Law.

Rather than being so ready to jump into action to get the things that you want, we say think them into being; see them, visualize them, and expect them—and they will be. And you will be guided, inspired, or led to the perfect action that will bring about the process that will lead you to that which you seek…and there is a great difference between that which we have spoken and the way most of the world is going about it.

I Invited It by Giving It Thought
Often, as we begin to impart our knowledge to our physical friends regarding the Deliberate Creative
Process, we meet with resistance, for there are those who have things in their life experience that they do not want. And as they hear us say, ―All things are invited by you,‖ they protest, saying, ―Abraham, I wouldn‘t have invited this because I don‘t want it!‖

So we eagerly offer this information to you to help you understand how you are getting what you are getting so that you may be more deliberate in your attracting of it, and so you may consciously attract those things that you do want—while you may avoid attracting those things that you do not want.
We know that you are not inviting, attracting, or creating it—on purpose. But we will say to you that you are the inviter, the attractor, and the creator of it…because you are doing it by giving thought to it. By default, you are offering your thought, and then the Laws that you do not understand are responding to your thought, causing results that you do not understand. And so, that is why we have come forth: to speak to you of the Universal Laws so that you may understand how you are getting what you are getting, so that you may understand how to gain deliberate control of your life.

Most physical Beings are so completely integrated into their physical world that they have very little conscious awareness of their relationship with the Non-Physical world. For example, you want light in your bedroom, so you go to the lamp by your bedside, turn a little switch, and watch the light flood the room. Then you would explain to others, ―This switch causes the light.‖ But you understand, without our explaining, that there is much more to the story of where the light comes from. And so it is with all things that you are experiencing in your physical setting. You are explaining only a little bit of what makes things happen. We are here to explain the rest of it to you.

You have emerged into your physical dimension from your broader, Non-Physical perspective with great intent and purpose. You have come forth because you wanted this physical experience very much. This is not the first of such experiences for you. You have had many physical, as well as Non-Physical, life experiences. And you have emerged into this one because you want to add to that continuing evolving Being that you-really-are—that Being that through this body and through these physical senses you may not now know, but that Being, indeed…that broader, expansive, growth-seeking, joy-seeking, evolving part of you.

My Inner Being Is Communicating with Me
We want to help you remember that you are the creator of your experience and that there is such joy in being deliberate about that. We want to help you remember your relationship with the Non-Physical part of you, your Inner Being, who is aware of you and involved with you in everything that you do.
You do not remember the details of what you have lived before you came into this physical body, but your Inner Being is fully aware of all that you have become, and is continually offering you information to assist you in living in the most joyous way possible, in all moments in time.

As you emerged into this life experience, you did not bring with you the memory of that which you have lived before, for those details would only serve to distract you from the power of your now. However, because of your relationship with your Inner Being, you do have access to the knowledge of that broader perspective, or Total You. Your broader Non-Physical part of you communicates with you, and has done so from the day you emerged into this physical body. That communication comes in many varieties—but all of you are receiving the basic communication that comes forth, in the form of your emotion.

Every Emotion Feels Good…or Feels Bad
Every emotion that you feel is, without exception, communication from your Inner Being letting you know, in the moment, the appropriateness of whatever you are thinking, speaking, or acting. In other words, as you think a thought that is not in vibrational harmony with your overall intent, your Inner Being will offer you negative emotion. As you do or say something that is not in vibrational harmony with who-you-are and what you want, your Inner Being will offer you negative emotion. And, in like manner, when you are speaking, thinking, or acting in the direction of that which is in harmony with your intentions, your Inner Being will offer you positive emotion.

There are only two emotions: One of them feels good, and the other feels bad. You call them all sorts of different things, depending upon the situation that brought them forth. But as you recognize that this Guidance System(which comes forth from within you in the form of emotion) speaks to you from your broader, all-inclusive perspective, you will be able to understand that you have the benefit of all the intentions that you hold here today and all of the intentions that you emerged into this physical body with—and that you have the ability to factor in all of the details of all your desires and your beliefs, in order to be able to make the absolute appropriate decisions at every point in time.

I Can Trust My Guidance from Within
Many people have set their own intuitive guidance aside, replacing it with the opinions of parents,
teachers, experts, or leaders in a variety of disciplines. But the more you look to others for their guidance, the more removed you become from your own wise counsel. So often as we begin to remind our physical friends of who-they-really-are, helping them to reconnect with the Guidance System that is within them, they feel hesitation. They have often become convinced of their unworthiness and of their incorrectness, so they are afraid to move forward, trusting their own guidance or their own conscience, because they believe that there may be someone else who knows more clearly than they do what is appropriate for them.

But we want to help you remember the worthy, powerful Being that you are, and your reason for coming into this time-space reality. We want you to remember your intent to explore the contrast of this wonderful environment, knowing that it would give birth to a continual stream of new intentions; and we want you to remember that who-you-really-are—your Inner Being, or Total You, or Source—is joyous in the expansion that you are about. We want you to remember that you can feel, by the power of your emotions in every moment, whether you are seeing your current situation through the eyes of that broader perspective or whether you are cutting yourself off from that Source by choosing thoughts that are of a different nature. In other words, when you feel love, that means that the way you are seeing the object of your attention matches the way the Inner You sees it. When you feel hate, you are seeing it without that Inner Connection.

You intuitively knew all of this, especially when you were younger, but gradually most of you were worn down by the insistence of those older and self-described ―wiser others who surrounded you as they worked hard to convince you that you could not trust your own impulses.

And so, most of you physical Beings do not trust yourselves, which is amazing to us, for that which comes forth from within you is all that you may trust. But instead, you are spending most of your physical lifetimes seeking a set of rules or a group of people (a religious or political group, if you will) who will tell you what is right and wrong. And then you spend the rest of your physical experience trying to hammer your ―square peg‖ into someone else‘s ―round hole,‖ trying to make those old rules—usually those that were written thousands of years before your time—fit into this new life experience. And, as a result, what we see, for the most part, is your frustration, and at best, your confusion. And, we also have noticed that every year there are many of you who are dying, as you are arguing about whose set of rules is most appropriate. We say to you: That overall, all-inclusive, never-changing set of rules does not exist—for you are ever—changing, growth-seeking Beings.

If your house were on fire and the firefighters came with their truck—that marvelous equipment with the big, long hoses and all of the water surging through—and sprayed their hoses into your house and extinguished the flame, you would say, ―Indeed, that is most appropriate behavior.‖ But if, on a day when there was no fire, those same firefighters and the same hoses were to enter your house spraying water around, you would say, ―Indeed, that is not appropriate!‖

And so it is with the laws that you are passing relative to one another: Most of your past laws and rules are not appropriate to that which you are now living. If you had not intended growth, you would not be here in this physical life experience. For you are here as an expanding, ever-changing, growth-seeking Being because you want to add unto that which you understand. And, you want to add unto All-That-Is…. If that which was figured out long ago was the ultimate, then there would be no reason for your existence today.

How Am I Getting What I’m Getting?
At first, our insistence that you are the creator of your own reality is met with a joyful acceptance, because most people long for the control of their own experience. But as you come to understand that everything that is coming to you is being attracted by your own thought (you get what you think about whether you want it or not), some of you feel uncomfortable with what seems like the overwhelming task of monitoring thoughts, sorting them out, and offering only those that will yield things that you do want.
We do not encourage a monitoring of thoughts, for we agree that would be incredibly time-consuming and cumbersome, but instead we recommend a conscious utilization of your Emotional Guidance System.

If you will pay attention to the way that you are feeling, then a monitoring of your thoughts is not so necessary. Whenever you are feeling good, know that you are, in that moment, speaking, thinking, or acting in accordance with your intentions—and know that whenever you are feeling bad, you are not aligned with your intentions. In short, whenever there is negative emotion present within you, you are, in that moment, miscreating, either through your thought, your word, or your action.

And so, the combination of being more deliberate about what you want, more clear about what you intend, and more sensitive to the way you feel is, in essence, what the Deliberate Creative Process is all about.


I Am the Sole Creator of My Experience
The big question that usually comes up at this point of our discussion is, ―Abraham, how do I know that what comes forth from within me may be trusted? Isn‘t there someone greater than I who makes all of the rules and wants me to be or do specific things?‖ And we say, you are the creator of your experience, and you have emerged forth into this physical body through the power of your desire. You are not here to prove yourself worthy of something else; you are not here because you seek greater salvation on some other plane. You are here because you have a specific purpose in being here. You want to be a Deliberate Creator, and you have chosen this physical dimension, where there is time and space, so that you may finely tune your understanding and then see the benefits of whatever you have created in thought by allowing it to come into your physical experience. You are adding to the expansion of the Universe, and All-That-Is benefits from your existence, by your exposure to this experience and by your expansion.

All that you do pleases that which you seek to please. There is not a list of things that are right and a list of things that are wrong—there is only that which aligns with your true intent and purpose, and that which does not. You may trust your Guidance that comes forth from within you to help you know when you are in alignment with your state of natural Well-Being.

Magnetically, I Attract Thoughts in Vibrational Harmony
The Law of Attraction is responsible for much that is obvious in your life experience. You have coined many phrases because of your partial understanding of this Law. You say, ―Birds of a feather flock together.‖ You say, ―The better it gets, the better it gets; and the worse it gets, the worse it gets.‖ You say, ―This day started out bad and ended up much, much worse.‖ But even as you are saying these things, most of you do not truly understand how powerful the Law of Attraction really is. People are drawn together because of it. Every circumstance and event is a result of it….. Thoughts that are vibrationally similar to one another are drawn magnetically to one another through the powerful Law of Attraction; people who feel a certain way are drawn to one another, magnetically, through this Law; indeed, the very thoughts that you think are drawn one unto the other until what was once a very small or insignificant and not-so-powerful thought may—because of your focus upon it—grow to be very powerful.

Because of the Law of Attraction, each of you is like a powerful magnet, attracting unto you more of the way that you feel at any point in time.

As We’re Thinking and Speaking, We’re Creating
No other creates in your experience. You are doing it all; you get all of the credit. As you observe your own life experience and the experiences of those around you, we want you to understand that there is not a shred of evidence that is contrary to these powerful Laws that we are expressing. As you begin to notice the absolute correlation between what you are thinking and speaking—and what you are getting—your understanding of the Law of Attraction will continue and your desire to utilize your Guidance System to deliberately direct your thoughts will increase. And, of course, you will have a much greater understanding of the lives of those around you as well. (In fact, it is sometimes easier for you to see it with others.)

Have you noticed that those who speak most of illness have more and more illness? Have you noticed that those who speak of poverty live more of it, while those who speak of prosperity have more of it? As you understand that your thoughts are magnetic and your attention to them causes them to grow in power until eventually the subject of the thought becomes the subject of your experience, your willingness to pay attention to the way you feel will help you more deliberately choose the direction of your thought.

It is easy to see the Law of Attraction at work as you are involved in a conversation with another. For example, imagine that your friend is speaking of something she is experiencing and you want to be a good friend, so you are focusing upon her words and listening to the examples she is offering about what is happening to her. As you stay focused there longer, your own examples of similar situations come into your mind. As you then join her in conversation by adding the matching stories of your experience, the thought vibration grows stronger still. Enough attention to these subjects and enough conversations about things you have experienced will bring more of the same kinds of experiences to you. And as more and more thoughts are brought forth related to what you do not want, you will eventually find yourself absolutely surrounded by thoughts, words, and experiences that are in the direction of that which you do not want. (You and your friend will now have even more unpleasant situations to discuss with one another.)

Now if you had been sensitive to the way you were feeling as the conversation first began leaning in the direction of what you do not want, you would have been aware of the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. You would have recognized your Guidance, which is essentially saying, You are thinking and speaking about that which you do not want. And the reason for that warning signal, that ―warning bell,‖ was the discord between who-you-really-are and what you desire, and what you are focusing upon in this moment. Your emotions indicate your misalignment. Your Guidance is alerting you to the fact that while you are thinking and speaking of those unwanted things, you are a magnet attracting circumstances, events, and other Beings unto you, and soon you will have in your experience the essence of the very thing that you have been speaking about that you do not want.

In like manner, if you are speaking about that which you do want, your thoughts will be drawn more unto that. You will draw more people to you who will want to talk about what you do want. And all the while that you are speaking of what you do want, your Inner Being will be offering you a positive emotion to let you know that you are in harmony with—and that that which you are attracting to yourself is in vibrational harmony with—the essence of the balance of intentions that you hold.

The Delicate Balance Between Wanting and Allowing
The Science of Deliberate Creation is a delicately balanced Law; it has two parts: On the one hand, there is the thought of what you want. On the other hand, there is the expectation or belief—or the allowing into your experience—of what you are creating through your thought.

And so, if you say, ―I want a new red car,‖ you have literally, through your thought, set forth the beginning of the creation of that new red car into your experience. And now, the more attention you give to that thought, and the more you are able to purely imagine that red car within your experience, the more excited about it you will become. And the more excited you become, or the more positive emotion that comes forth as you think about your red car, then the faster your red car is coming into your experience. Once you have created it through thought, and once you have felt powerful positive emotion while thinking of it, the car moves rapidly into your experience. It has been created, it now exists, and in order to now have it in your experience, you have only to allow it. And you allow it by expecting it, by believing it, and by letting it be When you doubt your ability to have the new red car, you stifle your creation. If you say, ―I want a new red car,‖ you begin the creation of it, but if then you add, ―but it is too expensive,‖ you hold yourself apart from your creation. In other words, you have done the first part of the creating by your wanting, but you have now hindered the creation of that which you want by not believing, by not expecting, and by not allowing—for in order to bring your creations into your physical experience, both parts of the process are necessary.

Just because you are talking about the subject of your creation does not necessarily mean that you are allowing it. When you think about your new red car and you feel excitement about it, you are allowing it, but when you are thinking about your new red car from a place of worrying that you cannot achieve it (or frustration that it has not yet come), you are actually focused upon the absence of the car, and you are not allowing it into your experience.

Sometimes in the early stages of the creation of something you want, you are right on track for receiving it as you are feeling excited about it and are positively expecting it, but then you express your desire to another, who begins to tell you all of the reasons why it cannot be, or why it should not be. Your friend‘s negative influence would not be serving you, for when you were focused upon the essence of your desire, you were attracting it, but now that you are focused upon the lack of your desire, you are pushing what you want away.

How Does It Feel, Good or Bad?
And so, as you say, ―I want a new red car, and I know it is coming to me,‖ it is. But as you are saying, ―But where is it? I have wanted it for a very long time. I believed Abraham, but the things that I want are not coming,‖ now you are not focused upon what you want. Now you are focused upon the lack of what you want, and you are getting, through the Law of Attraction, what you are focused upon.
If you focus upon whatever you want, you will attract whatever you want. If you focus upon the lack of whatever you want, you will attract more of the lack. (Every subject is really two subjects: what you want and the lack, or absence, of what you want.) If you are paying attention to the way you are feeling, you will always know whether you are focused upon what you want or upon the lack of it—for when you are thinking of what you want, you are feeling good, and when you are thinking of the lack of what you want, you are feeling bad.

As you say, ―I want money to support my lifestyle,‖ you are attracting the money, but as you focus upon the things that you want that you do not have, noticing the lack—you are pushing your abundance away.

An Exercise to Assist in Deliberate Creation
Here is an exercise that will assist you in your Deliberate Creating:
Take three separate pieces of paper, and at the top of each page write one thing that you want. Now take the first page, and beneath the subject of what you have written, write: ―These are the reasons that I want this…..‖ Write whatever comes to your mind—write whatever flows forth naturally; do not try to force it. And when nothing more comes, you are complete for now.

Now, turn your paper over and write at the top of the second side of the page: ―These are the reasons that I believe that I will have this….

The first side of your page enhances what you want (the first side of the equation of Deliberate Creation). The second side of the page enhances your belief that you will have it (the second side of the equation of Deliberate Creation). And now that you have focused upon and activated within your vibration both sides of the equation, you are now in the state of receiving the manifestation of your desire, for you have successfully accomplished both sides of the Creative Process. All that is necessary now is that you want it—and continue to expect it until you have it—and it will be yours.
There is no limit to the number of things that you can simultaneously create, for it is not difficult to hold a desire and at the same time hold an expectation of achieving it. But in the beginning, while you are still learning to focus your thoughts, it may be helpful to deliberately concentrate upon only two or three desires at a time, for the longer the list of things you are working on, the greater the potential for doubt to creep in as you look at all the things that you have not yet accomplished. The more you play the game, the better you become at focusing your thoughts, and eventually there will be no reason to limit your list in any way.

Before you can experience something in your physical life experience, you must first give thought to it. Your thought is the invitation, and without it, it will not come. We are encouraging an intentional deciding of what is wanted, and then an intentional giving of thought to those things that you want while you are intentionally not giving thought to those things that you do not want. And, in suggesting this, we encourage that you set some time aside every day when you sit and intentionally bring your thoughts together into a sort of vision of what you want to experience in your life, and we have been referring to this time as your Workshop for Deliberate Creating.

As you are moving through your daily experience, set forth the intention to notice things that you like: Today, no matter what I’m doing and no matter whom I’m doing it with, it is my dominant intention to look for things that I like. And as you deliberately gather this data, you will have the available resources to effectively create when you go to your Creative Workshop.

Thoughts Evoking Great Emotion Manifest Quickly
We have told you that your thoughts are magnetic. But we want to add a point of clarification here: Although every thought has creative potential, the thoughts that do not bring great emotion with them are not bringing the subject of your thought into your experience with any sort of speed. When it comes to thoughts that you feel strong emotion about—whether it is positive emotion or negative emotion—the essence of those thoughts is being quickly manifested into your physical experience. And that emotion that you are feeling is communication from your Inner Being, letting you know that you are now accessing the power of the Universe.

If you go to a horror movie, and as you are sitting there in the theater with a friend, looking at the screen and all of the frightening detail that is being offered with the color and the sound, you are, at that time, in a negative Workshop. For as you are envisioning all that you do not want to see, the emotion that you are feeling is your Inner Being saying to you, You are seeing something that is so vivid that the Universe is now offering power unto it.

But when you leave the theater, fortunately, you usually say, ―It was only a movie,‖ so you do not expect it. You do not believe it will happen to you, so you do not complete the second part of the equation. You have given thought to it with emotion, so you have created it, but you do not allow it into your experience because you do not really expect it. However, as you are walking out of the theater, if your friend says to you, ―It may only be a movie, but it once happened to me,‖ then you may begin pondering that thought, and in doing so, you may bring yourself to the belief orexpectation that that could also happen to you—and then it will. Giving thought, on the one hand, and expecting or believing, on the other hand, is the balance that brings to you that which you receive.

If you want it and expect it, it will be yours very soon. However, it is not often that you have achieved a balance where your wanting and your expecting are equal. Sometimes your wanting is very high, but your belief is not there at all. For example, in the story of the mother whose child is trapped beneath the automobile, she does not believe that she can lift that heavy vehicle off of her child, but her wanting is so extreme that she does. On the other hand, there are many examples where your belief is high, but your wanting is not. The creation of an illness, such as cancer, is that sort of example where your belief in it is very keen, while your wanting of it is not.

Many of you find yourselves in what we would term a negative Workshop many times a day. As you are sitting at your desk with your stack of bills beside you, feeling tension or even fear because there is not enough money to pay them, you are in a negative Workshop. For as you sit there giving thought to not having enough money, you are in the perfect position for the creating of more of what you do not want. The way you are feeling about that is the signal from your Inner Being saying to you that what you are thinking is not in harmony with what you want.

A Summary of the Deliberate Creation Process
Now let us summarize all that we have offered here so that you may have a clear and definite plan for the deliberate control of your life experience: First, recognize that you are more than you see here in this physical body; and that there is a broader, wiser, certainly older part of you that remembers all that you have lived, and, more important, knows that which you now are. And, from that all-encompassing perspective, this part of you can offer you clear and absolute information as to the appropriateness of that which you are doing, speaking, or thinking, or of that which you are about to do or about to speak.
Now if you will clearly set forth the intentions that are yours at this time, then your Guidance System can work even more effectively, for it has the ability to include all of the data—gathered from all of your experiences (all of your desires, all of your intentions, and all of your beliefs)—and compare it with what you are doing, or about to do, in order to give you absolute guidance.

Then, as you are moving through your day, be sensitive to the way you are feeling. And whenever you find yourself feeling negative emotion, stop whatever it is you are doing that is bringing the emotion forth, for the negative emotion means that, in this moment, you are negatively creating. Negative emotion exists only when you are miscreating. And so, when you recognize that you are feeling negative emotion—no matter why, no matter how it got there, no matter what the situation is—stop doing whatever it is that you are doing and focus your thoughts on something that feels better.

Practice the Deliberate Creating Process for 15 or 20 minutes every day by sitting quietly, undisturbed and undistracted by that which is around you, daydreaming about your life, seeing yourself as you want to be, and envisioning yourself surrounded by that which pleases you.

Attention to What-Is Only Creates More What-Is
The Law of Attraction is responding to you, to your point of attraction—and your point of attraction is caused by your thoughts. The way you feel is caused by the thoughts that you are thinking. So the way you feel about yourself is your strong and powerful magnetic point of attraction. When you feel poor, you cannot attract prosperity. When you feel fat, you cannot attract thin. When you feel lonely, you cannot attract companionship—it defies the Law. Many around you want to point out ―reality‖ to you. They say, ―Face the facts. Look at what-is.‖ And we say to you, if you are able to see only what-is—then, by the Law of Attraction, you will create only more of what-is….. You must be able to put your thoughts beyond what-is in order to attract something different or something more.

Your emotional attention to what-is will root you like a tree to this spot, but an emotional (happy) vision of what you would like to begin attracting into your experience will bring you those changes. Much of what you are now living, you want to continue, so keep giving your attention to those things, and you will continue to hold those things in your experience. But anything that you do not want, you must take your attention from.

Appreciation of It Attracts It to Me
Thoughts that evoke your emotions are those that most quickly effect change in your life. Thoughts that you think while feeling no emotion will maintain what is already there. And so, those things that you have already created and appreciate can be kept in your life by continuing to appreciate them. But those things that you do not yet have that you want very soon (and very much), you must give clear, conscious, deliberate, emotion-evoking thought.

An extremely effective use of the Creative Workshop is to ponder the aspects you appreciate regarding the subjects that are most important to you. Each time you revisit a subject, your attention to detail will grow stronger, and with more time and more detail, your emotion about the subject will increase, also. Utilizing the Creative Workshop in this way accomplishes everything that is required for Deliberate Creation, for you are thinking about something that you want, and in your emotion of appreciation, you are allowing that which you desire to manifest into your experience. As you often go to your Creative Workshop, you will begin to notice an obvious correlation between the things you are contemplating inside your Workshop and the manifestations that are showing up in your life experience.

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Replies to This Discussion

Abe: Let your blending be your dominant intent. You want to find alignment with who you are.

So, you deliberately conjure an emotion of well being. You deliberately conjure an emotion of friskiness and fun. And, you do such a good job of conjuring that and maintaining that that becomes your point of attraction. Meaning: by controlling your emotion you control your grid; and by controlling your grid it fills in with everything that is the vibrational match.

So, you become a conscious (mmm!) (Abe savors "conscious" visibly) deliberate rendezvous-er.

Hotseater: Right.

Abe: You see that's what creation always is; you rendezvous. You rendezvous with anything that is active in your vibration. That's really an interesting thing. And as you begin to notice that; as you notice how you were feeling before you rendezvoused with something wanted or unwanted then you are able to make that correlation. "I'm rendezvousing; Law of Attraction is the mechanism  that causes the rendezvouses, but I am the rendezvous-er. And we want you to know that therefore, if you want to be a conscious rendezvous-er, then you've got to be a conscious controller (and we use that word softly), controller NOT of circumstances, controller not of events, controller not of others, controller of your emotion.

Feb 18, 2012 www.AbrahamLIVE.com copy write Abraham-Hicks Publications

If you can practice the art of vagueness on subjects that make you feel negative emotion and the art of specifics on subjects that DO make you feel good,; you will have figured Deliberate Creation out precisely because that really is all there is to it. 10-27-2010 Atlanta, GA Abraham Hicks Publications

"Observation and focus are the same word." Abraham January 26, 2013


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Welcome To PowerfulIntentions!

Welcome All Powerful Intention Members!.

Powerful Intentions is a unique, online community of people from all walks of life who possess three very important and focused qualities.

Those qualities are:

You believe in the Power of Intentions And The Law Of Attraction And You Are Enthusiastically "Attracted" to be here By Inspired Action!

The P.I. Team's Powerful Intended Result is to:

Create the most fertile community in the world for people to manifest their Intentions!

People who join P.I. are "set up" to BE Successful.

Brilliance, Fun, Luck, Joy and Ease can't help but rub off on them to positively raise their vibration!

Unlimited numbers of the "right" people attracted to P.I., collectively co-creating the most abundant and brilliant ideas, actions and manifestations that have ever been experienced on this planet!

AND we are Happy, Connected, and Abundant, with Brilliance, Simplicity and Ease!!!!!

It's a DONE DEAL and it sticks No MATTER WHAT!!!!!!!



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