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There are Universal Laws that affect everything in the Universe—everything that is Non-Physical and everything that is physical. These Laws are absolute, they are Eternal, and they are omnipresent (or everywhere). When you have a conscious awareness of these Laws, and a working understanding of them, your life experience is tremendously enhanced. In fact, only when you have a conscious working knowledge of these Laws are you able to be the Deliberate Creator of your own life experience.

The Law Of Attraction; The Basic Teachings Of Abraham


Quote Link: The Universal Laws Defined


We have put the Art of Allowing in this order, following the Law of Attraction, first; and the Science of Deliberate Creation, second, because the Art of Allowing cannot begin to be understood until the first two are. ~Abe

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Will Universal Laws Work Without My Belief?

Jerry: Abraham, tell me, these Laws that you speak of, these Universal Laws, do they work even if we don‘t believe that they work?
Abraham: They do, indeed. You are offering vibration even when you do not know you are doing it; that is why there is creating by default. You cannot turn your Creative Mechanism off; it is always functioning, and the Laws are always responding. That is why there is such value in understanding the Laws. Not understanding them is a little bit like coming into a game where you do not know the rules. And so, as you are playing the game, you do not understand why you are getting what you are getting. And that sort of game becomes frustrating, and most want to leave it.



The Universal Laws: Defined

There are three Eternal Universal Laws that we want to assist you in understanding more clearly so that you may apply them intentionally, effectively, and satisfactorily through your physical expression of life. The Law of Attraction is the first of the Laws that we will offer, for if you do not understand, and are not able to effectively apply, the Law of Attraction, then the second Law, the Science of Deliberate Creation, and the third, the Art of Allowing, cannot be utilized. You must first understand and effectively utilize the first Law in order to understand and utilize the second. And you must be able to understand and utilize the second Law before you will be able to understand and utilize the third.

The first Law, the Law of Attraction, says: That which is like unto itself, is drawn. While this may seem like a rather simple statement, it defines the most powerful Law in the Universe—a Law that affects all things at all times. Nothing exists that is unaffected by this powerful Law.

The second Law, the Science of Deliberate Creation, says: That which I give thought to and that which I believe or expect—is. In short, you get what you are thinking about, whether you want it or not. A deliberate application of thought is really what the Science of Deliberate Creation is about, for if you do not understand these Laws, and deliberately apply them, then you may very well be creating by default.

The third Law, the Art of Allowing, says: I am that which I am, and I am willing to allow all others to be that which they are. When you are willing to allow others to be as they are, even in their not allowing of you, then you will be an Allower, but it is not likely that you will reach that point until you first come to understand how it is you get what you get.

Only when you understand that another cannot be a part of your experience unless you invite them in through your thoughts (or through your attention to them), and that circumstances cannot be a part of your experience unless you invite them to you through your thought (or through your observation of them), will you be the Allower that you wanted to be when you came forth into this expression of life.

An understanding of these three powerful Universal Laws, and a deliberate application of them, will lead you to the joyous freedom of being able to create your own life experience exactly as you want it to be. Once you understand that all people, circumstances, and events are invited into your experience by you, through your thought, you will begin to live your life as you intended when you made the decision to come forth into this physical body. And so, an understanding of the powerful Law of Attraction, coupled with an intention to Deliberately Create your own life experience, will ultimately lead you to the unparalleled freedom that can only come from a complete understanding and application of the Art of Allowing.

Are Not All Laws Universal Laws?
Jerry: Abraham, you spoke to us of three major Universal Laws. Are there some Laws that are not Universal?

Abraham: There are many that you may call Laws. We reserve our definition of Law for those things that are Universal. In other words, as you enter into this physical dimension, you have the agreement of time, the agreement of gravity, and the agreement of this perception of space; but those agreements are not Universal, for there are other dimensions that do not share those experiences. In many cases, where you may use the word Law we would use the word agreement, instead. There are no other Universal Laws that we are waiting to divulge to you later.

When you understand these powerful Universal Laws, you no longer feel a need for walls, barricades, armies, wars, or jails; for you understand that you are free to create your world as you want it to be, while others are creating their world as they choose it to be, and their choices don‘t threaten you. You cannot enjoy your absolute freedom without this knowledge.
In this physical world, there are those things that you are in absolute harmony with, and there are those things that you are in absolute disharmony with—and there is some of everything in between. But you have not come forth to destroy or contain that which you do not agree with, for that is a continually changing thing. Instead, you have come forth to identify, moment by moment, segment by segment, day by day, and year by year, what it is you want, and to use the power of your thought to focus upon it and to allow the power of the Law of Attraction to draw it unto you.


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