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Kicking off with a quote....more to come in the thread...

Don't you like knowing that you will constantly expand?

Don't you like that it's gonna be a constant tuning up?
Don't you like that it's gonna be a constant tuning up?
Don't you like that it's gonna be a constant tuning up?

Well, that's the part that you don't like so much.
You keep thinking that you want to get in the vortex
and get it done and live happily every after.

We wnat you to hear, it's hard to hear, but is so, so true,
and that is that it's getting INTO the vortex that is the rush of life...

When you are out of the vortex, and you work your way in,
that's the zest of life, that's the feeling of motion forward.

You just don't want to make a career out of step 1.

Philadelphia 6/11/09

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Love this post, DS... beautiful. And I have to say that there is some sort of "rush" when I'm moving into the Vortex... makes me wanna dance!!! LOL. I used to make a career out of Step 1... and the struggle of fighting the current to get to the goal has become less and less frequent and less and less attractive. When I need to step out of the Vortex (and I used "need" because I think I choose that so that I can feel the rush of getting back in) then I do and it feels strange, awkward, and even yucky.. then, I remember... wait a minute, Christy, YOU created this! So, I pull my paddles in, turn downstream and begin again to enjoy the ride. The thing is that I'm learning that I don't have to turn upstream for a "rush"... I can take the first waterfall downstream and hold my hands in the air screaming.... weeeeeeeeeee!!!! LOL. Namaste:)
Ah...that brings out an interesting point...the "weeee". That is the releasing of resistance..the more resistance..the more the rush when you let go. Some contrast is nice to savor...just for that very rush. It's nice when you really have control of your movement in the stream...and you can deliberately acclimate almost as fast as you expand..on some things. For me...that would be...maybe money...and I'm still working on that...thank god for credit...I use that as my prepaver...but I know that I can do better.

Food ....I like to get a bit hungry first..but keep myself stable with some candy or tea.

Hhhhmmm...a fellow. We have other threads for that... :-) ....

What else? PROJECTS!!! I like to spend most of my time on prepaving those...and let the action be pretty much automatic....prompted strongly from within....very very leveraged.

What else?
Wow about the money part... I have some work to do in that arena, although I do feel that I am moving forward. And, I was thinking that the area I feel the most "forward moving" is success in the work that I do. I visualize the reaction I get from my patients when they discover their power, and I see myself glowing inside because of it. Sorta like, "hey... did you know that You are magnificently brilliant? And, that Who You Are is Source Energy? And, that you can change your life just by changing your thoughts/energy!" And they go.... "What?!" And I say... "Yep. And, I'm just the person to teach how to do it.. welcome." I love Who I Am. Sigh. :) Namaste.
sweet! you will be attracting a steady stream of clients...in to find themselves...out to go live it...while new ones keep coming..in perfect balance...right up to the level that you can function within in ease. Thank goodness for leveraged action (we need a thread on that!) ...you will soon be quite busy...but feeling relaxed and interested and invincible as you enjoy the journey.

Did I pre--pave that right? I love to pivot for others. Indulge me and tell me what you really want. Coffee? Tea? (smile...happy. you rock)
How bout a cranberry fizz? And, what I want is to be lean, healthy, happy, wealthy.. omg...there I go again, rhyming!!! And, yes, you paved that perfectly!!! Thank you, DS... you are as brilliant as every star on any night. Namaste :)
that was good. we are complete. going out...love bouncing off you fine people here....will be interested to see what happens until i get back.

lean, healthy, happy, wealthy. you pre-paved that for me. and I LOVE to ryhme...engages the right brain...where things go quantum, if you stay out of the way.

lean, healthy, happy, wealthy,
always having an intereting project...
or two..or three...
how fun can this be?
...delicous to relax and just see.

Wow, girl.. you some kinda rapper Superstar? I KNEW it!!!! *giggles*
Landry! I pre-pave my laudry....and when I finally get to it...am a bit reckless about it...and am always surprised at how easy it was...


too much fun. decadence. love it.

I do have a desire to learn free style piano...not reading music...just getting so familiar with the keys and the sounds that they make, that I can take ryhmes and sing them..each time a little different..according to my mood. A requirement that I hold for a fellow..is that he enjoys it. I like my stage to be private (wink wink)

But maybe I will put the songs online.
Hhhmmm. I just expanded. TOLD you you were here to teach me, Ziz.
Speaking of MONEY (always a good subject)

Money Is Not The "Root Of Evil", or of Happiness...

This important subject of money and financial success is not the "root of all evil", as many have quoted - nor is it the path to happiness. So when you are able to successfully control something like the subject of money that affects most of your day, every day, you will have accomplished something rather significant--for not only is it certain that your financial success must improve, but the evidence of that success will then prepare you for deliberate improvement in every aspect of your life experience.

Money & The Law Of Attraction Cards
Abraham-Hicks (of course)

It's interesting..because I just managed a VERY small financial manifestation...and I do feel very much more in control of myself and all of my creations. Now...I'm on to the next two financial expressions...while savoring my first small success..MILKING it...enjoying the journey to more. It does leverage things...I didn't quite hit my mark...but I landed in a very comfortable place...still with room for improvement..but isn't that always the case.

I am so spoiled to have conversations like these. Life is good...very very good.Thank you Ziz...and my middle name used to be Elizabeth..I think that is why I keep trying to call you Liz. Took me a while to figure that out.
I DO love our conversations! *Bowing to my fellow superhero* You goin to the Superhero Bingo tournament tonight? I hear that there's a huge jackpot and just between you and me, EVERYONE will win! But... shhhhhh... it'll be our little secret. I just love to see the others reactions when they pretend to be shocked as they yell out, "BINGO!" :)
BINGO! Regina has a QUESTION! Race you there..let's take turns....oh goody goody..a question..can't wait to read it
Hey Regina... good questions here. And I'm excited to see how DS responds as well. So my thought is this... if I feel ANYTHING other than "good" about something then, I pivot. So, there is no "missing an exit"... if taking the exit feels scary or anxiety-producing, reach for the better feeling thought... and that might be, "There are no exits to miss... it's all good... whether I turn now or later, I am attracting the perfect circumstances and experiences." To me, "pushing through" as you put it is the same as resistance. Pushing is upstream. Relax, easy does it, breath into feeling good. Reminds me of that old commercial... "Calgon take me away"... except now we're saying "turning downstream now". And, thank you so much, Regina. Namaste. :)


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