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Abe: Do you like being the leading edge extension of all-that-is? Do you understand that you are that? Oh, you are so unique if you know that. It's a wonderful thing to know that. It's wonderful to remember that you are source energy focused here in a physical body. But there is a large part of that which is you that is source energy that is focused through you while you are not always acutely tuned to that focus. Did you follow that?

In other words, before you came into this body you were source energy, and part of that consciousness came into that which you know as the personality of you. And here you've been mixing it up, you've been weighing the pro's and the con's and the pluses and the minuses; and knowing what you do want, and knowing what you don't want and coming into focus. You've been happy and sad, you've been eager and throwing little fits (audience laughs lightly); you've been honing through the details of your life your life experience. Because by knowing what you don't want you know what you do want. And in that process the larger part of you has been evolving; taking on the characteristics of the new desire that you've been carving out. It's the evolution of all that is, but it's the expansion of that which is you. Everything you live causes you to want more and vibrationally speaking, or nonphysically speaking, or source energy speaking, it causes you to become more; to be more.

March 23, 2012 Session 1 opening statement. Abraham Speaking

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...You are the driving force of that which is Source Energy.

AU-NZ 2011 Cruise

"Physical beings have it backwards. You keep thinking that you're here figuring things out and of course you are.
But you think you're here figuring things out, jumping through hoops, learning how to get it right so that you can reemerge into Nonphysical and then do what ever weird stuff they do in Nonphysical. And we want you to feel that what Nonphysical is doing is what you're doing right here out here on the Leading Edge. In other words, All That Is is culminating, and culminating only means present tense evolution. It does not mean ending. And it certainly doesn't mean terminating. All That Is is focused here with you out here on the Leading Edge. Do you get it that the evolution of the species and the evolution of thought and the evolution of All That Is is happening out here? It's not happening somewhere else, it's happening OUT HERE.

So, when you are together with friends and having a wonderful time and you are exhilarated and turned on, that's not just YOU hanging out with your friends. That's the All That Is part of you. That's your Inner Being. That's the Source within you focused on that moment. That's why you are so FUNNY. (laughter) That's why your thoughts are flowing so well.That's why you feel such EXHILARATION. That's why life feels so good in that moment. That's why you love that one and that one and that one and that one SO MUCH. When you're tuned in, tapped in, turned on, that's when you are allowing ALL that you are to be present in this Leading Edge moment. And this is the thing that we most want you to hear.

We want you to begin to understand that there IS NO separation between that which is Nonphysical, between that which is US and that which is you, other than the vibrational VARIANCE that you introduce as you are fussing and worrying about one thing and another. You're pretty good at that fussing and worrying part. (soft laughter) And we certainly understand why. You came into this contrasting environment because you wanted to focus your desire into sharper focus. And when you focus your desire into sharper focus, Source flows right with it. That's why desire feels so delicious. But when you doubt that which you are wanting or when you get crossways of it in some way, then you pinch yourself off from the fullness of it, and that's when you feel a diminished experience.

So if there is anything that we want to accomplish as we are chewing together today, it is the awareness that All That Is is flowing HERE, here, right here. And, you know, you feel it more than almost anyone on the planet, especially those who have been coming for a while, who have been listening to the recordings for a while, you GET IT. You can FEEL the FULLNESS when we all get tuned in together, can't you? (whistling)

Esther has commented on many occasions that it is so much FUN to feel Abraham out there on a new thought. She knows it's new, she's never heard it before. She knows she's never understood it before. She knows it's never been this BIG before. She knows that it is happening in this moment as a Leading Edge cocreating experience with those like you who have gathered, and ALL of you are right there WITH IT. (whistling) (woohooing) Yahooing at the right moments. (clapping) Feeling exhilaration at the right moments. You are RIGHT THERE because it's a cocreative dance where we are all tuned in and we are on this Leading Edge together. And it's that thought, those moments that many of you recognized even as we were speaking about it here. Those are the moments that you understand fully what we just said to you about Leading Edge and Source being right here."

From the workshop in Phoenix, AZ on 12/10/11

sent out from abequotes

Hotseater:  I can dig that. That’s fine. Can I interrupt?

Abe:  Certainly.

Hotseater: Because that has to do with human Beings, and you and other people in my whole life has
convinced me that, sure, human Beings are... Dealing with human Beings means dealing with a
species that is attempting to regain Consciousness. It means that we are in a sort of intraspecies.

Abe: Yes.
©Jerry & Esther Hicks
San Rafael, CA—3/4/98

"You are source energy in physical bodies and it's time for you to return to that perspective."

~Abraham Hicks, Asheville NC 2007

We think this will be an intriguing concept for you to wrap your thoughts
around. In the non-physical realm there is no time or space between the offering
of a thought and the full receiving of all of the manifestational benefit of it.

In other words, instant manifestation, because we are non-physical energy and we are receiving the
fullness of our experience through thought.

In other words, you are in this physical realm where you choose to translate your creation into the stuff that you can translate through your physical senses and so on but we want you to understand that when you give
birth, remember you are Us. You are that which we are. You are the extended physical leading edge version of Us
but you are Us. So, when your life causes you to ask for something, We live it immediately.

That is why We were shouting at you. It’s done. It’s done. It’s done you see.
So, all that has, this, this isn’t about time shortening. This isn’t about Law
of Attraction getting faster. This, this closing of this gap is an individual

It is only about your perception, your willingness to accept the
worthiness and the doneness of the receiving of anything that you are asking

You Tube: Instant Manifestation

"None of you feel joy unless you are moving into what is new.

There is no regression. You can't hold back, you can't stand still.

Life insists that you become more and the way you feel is completely about the degree to which you allow the more-ness to be experienced by you here and now. The more-ness is being experienced by the larger part of you, and we all thank you beyond what words can say for the expansion that YOU AFFORD the all-that-is-ness that you call god, that we call your inner being.

You are constantly responsible for the expansion of all that is, we are not kidding you." Jan 28, 2012 www.AbrahamLIVE.com


And what we want to call your attention to, is that the vortex version of you holds a perspective, a perspective that if you will allow it to merge with the perspective that you think is the perspective, or the personality, or the attitude or the opinion of you, if you will just allow more of a merging of that broader point of view, your moment-to-moment, day-to-day, experiences will be oh so much more delicious.

Because when you integrate the utter worthiness that who-you-really-are knows about you; when you integrate the unconditional love that who-you-really-are feels about you and everyone else; when you integrate the balance and the flexibility and the clarity; when you integrate who you really, really, really are, with who you're letting yourself be at any moment in time, oh, life is so rich and so delicious and so satisfying and you want so much more of it.

Abraham-Hicks - Phoenix, AZ 8/29/11


NOTICE ABE SAY  "As we watch physical beings"

As we watch physical beings , you fall basically into three
categories. It's never a good idea to pigeonhole you, but
basically this is what we see.

There are those who have through the contrast that they have lived,
come to strong strong desire. But their habit of thought …the beliefs they have picked up along their physical trail ……..their habit of vibration is not a match to their desire.and so their desire is uncomfortable to them.

Most people stand in that category.Wanting but not yet a vibrational
match to what they are wanting . And in that stressful place all of
your diseases come forth. All of your friction and frustration comes
forth. Every negative emotion is present there.

In other words that's where most humans stand

The second category is almost as big.Are those who have been in the
first category, who have had desire,because you are born with it, and
because the forum that you live in keeps fostering more desire.

So you have strong desire. Or had strong desire but you felt the
discord between your desire and your belief for so long that the only
way you could figure how to feel better. Was to get rid of that
desire.So you very creatively began talking yourself out of wanting.
And you begin to feel better.

The stress goes away. You don't feel so much headache. You
don't feel so much pressure. …
…You also don't feel passion or enthusiasm or much
exhilaration for
You become calmer, you describe yourself as content and you don't
summon Life-force in the way you intended.

The third category are those like most of you who have come forth
consciously now understanding that you are deliberate creators. Who
have desires, who may or may not……yet…….have your vibration
harmony with your desires But who are now consciously, deliberately
working on the way you feel because your dominant intent now is to
adjust your vibration of belief.

Your day to day offering a vibration up to the level of your desire.

And when you get that CONSCIOUS awareness When you are able to
deliberately control all your vibrations and focus or channel that
energy that creates worlds towards anything that you choose!!!

That is when you begin to fulfill your reason for being here.
That's when you start living life the way you knew you could when
you decided to come forth to begin with you see.

Extract from Abraham-Hicks tape G-7/26/97

We would like to help you to understand that neither the good feeling you find when you observe wanted behavior, nor the bad feeling you find when you observe unwanted behavior, is actually the reason that you feel good or bad. The way you feel is only ever about your alignment, or misalignment, with the Source within you. It is only your relationship with the Source within you (with your own Inner Being) that is the reason for the emotions that you feel.

While it is nice to find things in your physical environment that enhance your good-feeling alignment with your Inner Being, your understanding of why you feel good will make it possible for you to feel good regardless of the behavior of others.

Understanding that the way you feel is really about your Vibrational relationship with your Inner Being—with the Source within you, with the expanded version of you who resides inside your Vortex—gives you complete empowerment and absolute freedom.

--- Abraham

We say to you: You're emotion is your primary manifestation that you're reaching for. Most people say, give me the new house, give me the new car, give me the improved body, give me the financial abundance that I'm looking for. Give me the means to travel the world and do what I want. Give me the means to quit that job I've got and leave behind that ornery employer that I've got. Give me the means to walk away from anything and everything I don't want and then I'll be happy.

And we say, it doesn't work that way; that's backwards. You've got to find the happy place first.

And humans say: you find the happy place! You be happy under these conditions. You live with what I've got going on and you be happy.

And we say, we ARE! We are living with what you've got going on and we ARE happy.

And the only reason that you ever feel unhappy is that you're not up to speed with that which we are. That is the basis of unhappiness.

You think you're unhappiness is because you don't have what you want. You think it's because you don't have the car, you don't have the lover, you don't have the bodily conditions, you don't have the money. You think that's why you're not happy.

And we say, that's just the excuse you're using to not be up to speed with who we, are and not being up to speed with who we are is why you're not happy.

Stamford, CT. 9/17/11

"This physical environment is your playground of expansion, and without
it the Universe could not expand in the way that it does.

Do not for a moment believe

that the Nonphysical you’s, the Nonphysical Inner Beings and the Nonphysical gods are sitting back with some clear picture of how it’s all going to be, just waiting for you all to catch up with it.

You are extensions of that Energy,


you are the specifics of that Energy,

while we are the generalities of that Energy

— and the specifics are necessary for the motion forward."

Excerpted from G-2/28/97 — Napa, CA


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