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I'm interested in what you believe integrity is.

For me, I think integrity means living wholly with the conviction that your rightful place in the Universe is unquestionable. Courage and determination are always within reach because you know in your bones, you are worthy, you are a Creator. And this shapes all your decisions in life.

This should be an interesting discussion.

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1. possession of firm principles: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards.

2. completeness: the state of being complete or undivided (formal) -- the territorial integrity of the nation.

3. wholeness: the state of being sound or undamaged (formal) -- public confidence in the integrity of the voting process.

In the context of your question, I think all of these dictionary definitions apply at some point.

Regarding my own personal integrity, it means saying what I mean and meaning what I say . . . standing by certain core convictions involving such things as chivalry, justice, and fair play -- that is, doing unto others as I would have them do unto me . . . and as you stated, being convinced of my own wholeness and worthiness, and acknowleging that all naturally-occurring things have an inherent right to exist unmolested by virtue of the fact that they do exist.

To live and let live . . . to be and let be.
Great response Pat.

In an Abe (or Seth) light, what is a moral principle?
Well, my own definition of "morality" consists of what I believe to be acceptable behavior versus unacceptable behavior, though I understand that my morals may not necessarily be yours or the next fellow's. In other words, what innately feels "right" or "wrong" to me, personally, makes up my group of core convictions.

Seth talks a lot about "natural guilt" versus "artificial guilt" in NPR (I think that's the one), describing how all creatures naturally understand what actions constitute "violations" against nature. If one is aware of this innate knowing, and lives his life by it, that pretty much defines the phrase "moral principles" from my perspective.
I think it's an interesting question to bump into right now for me,

in fact, I had to sit back in my chair when I read it.

I think that I am reaching for my own knowing of my own integrity in the way that you use it, that I am moving past the intellectual understanding of "worthy" and really getting to the nitty gritty of knowing it. Getting there...not always undisheveled, but definitely going, and going willingly as best i know how.

This took me completely by surprise. I have nothing to contribute but appreciation for the post; for the naming of something that I hadn't quite identified but now seems so obvious.

I was wondering if you'd give consent for your words to be copied and pasted elsewhere on PI. They are very relevant to a little something that is of no importance to anyone unless it's really important to them and this just puts the whole thing in a whole new light.
Sure Sifter, be my guest... glad it has value for others.
Hey Greg . . . what's your take on the phrase "moral principle"?

You're right, this is an interesting topic . . .
Hey Pat, I'm almost stumped on that question. Philosophically, I see two categories of morality, one cultural and the other absolute, and the interesting question is how to ascertain one from the other. And I'm still in thought on this one!
Interesting -- I see morality as being more a cultural and/or personal concept. I'm not sure what you mean by "absolute" in regards to it, or how one would differentiate -- but once you've thought it over I'd be intrigued by your answer.

This could turn into a game of semantics if we're not careful LOL . . .
I would tend to agree that morality is personal, but Seth seems to suggest there are absolutes, ie., universal moral principles, and so I've been thinking about that.

Perhaps any belief, intent or action that undermines your own sanctity is a moral transgression. Following that line of thinking, all the actions that are classified as moral transgressions, such as cheating, stealing, killing etc. are ultimately transgressions against ones own sanctity and worth.

Okay, I get you now. Yeah, I would agree with that. Like, from a Higher-Self perspective, there are certain things we just don't do because they are, as you describe, violations or transgressions against ultimate Self. And these "morals" travel with us when we project into the physical, remaining inherent and well-known at the soul-deep level, though we find infinite ways to ignore them when it suits our ego-driven purposes.

Yes indeed . . .
Federov, this question was not directed at me or at the group at large, but I have an offering to drop on my way by (just call me the peanut gallery ) I saw this question on moral principle a while ago but didn't have a coherent way to express what I want to feel on this, based on Abraham's teachings. I don't always actually feel this way in regards to less extreme and more personal matters and when I don't; it really eats my lunch. So, I drop this in as an offering of what I agree to believe and am still moving into the actual believing of on a "living it" level rather than a "intellectual understanding" level...
begin abe quote..

There could.. half the population could be out there, renegades, toting guns --
they are already-- but toting and shooting guns and misbehaving; they could be buying and selling drugs; they could be holding up liquor stores; they could be mistreating their families; they could be spitting on sidewalks; they could be putting graffiti on things.

That could be the nature of 50% of the population and you could line up your
energy and never rendezvous with them and if somebody says "What do you think about all those gun toting spitters?", you would say "I beg your pardon? I can't say I've ever encountered any of them."

(and they say) "You haven't encountered them? The place is crawling with them.
What do you mean you haven't encountered them?" And we say - there is a manager called Law of Attraction that just does not line you up with that, once you find yourself a vibrational match to your own desires.

So how do I be a leading edge creator here in my physical human body - out here
where I see the contrast - some things wanted and some things not wanted - and give birth to a desire and hold myself in harmony with the desire that I've given birth to? And we say that's what your work is - to practice finding vibrational harmony with that. And some think that the only way they can get good at it is by limiting their exposure to life.

And we say if we were standing in your physical shoes, we would get out there
with all the renegades. We'd get out there where they're doing all kinds of stuff and we
would work on developing an attitude that goes something like this: "Well, lookie there!
Well, lookie there! Well, lookie there!" Whether it is someone spitting on the sidewalk or robbing the liquor store or dropping a bomb on a neighbor country. We would say "Well lookie there!" The attitude being -
"Well, look what these are choosing to do that has NOTHING to do with me!"

And as you finally get it that it really has nothing to do with you - aahh -
then your cork floats and you can move about and then you can start enjoying their individuality.

We're going to tell you something, just for fun, but it's really important that
you hear it. As we have known you through all of eternity, and as we know you now, we'd like to say to you that the majority of those that for many reasons you disapprove of or do not find compatibility - that from your broader perspective, if you would allow it and as you would get to know them, you would find them to be the most satisfying, intoxicating, intriguing, provoking, life-giving relationships. As
you just leave behind just a little bit that feeling -(that) in their different
choice of behavior they are jeopardizing the good of the whole - and instead say, in their different behavior they are adding to the whole in their unique way. And while it may be a way I might not choose, and while I would not put that on my plate, I applaud them and I bless them in the choosing.

Liberation beyond your wildest dreams in that acknowledgment!

Abraham-Hicks, transcribed from Philadelphia 10/17/00

and just to add, with that understanding I simply consider my own "moral code" to be the choice of who I am deciding to be, allowing others to choose who they want to be and blessing them for the contrast that they and I provide in the maintainance of eternity that contrast is the basis of.
I was visiting with a friend a couple nights ago and he was focusing on computers being the end of western civilization, and how crime is rampant, and that we have gangs in our little town of 6,000, etc., etc., and I'm thinking, gee, I don't experience these things that way at all! The silly newspaper police reports have little silly crimes and I know there's the typical drama, but I've not read about AK-47s being used or major shootouts or meth ring busts, so where is this fearful gang stuff?

And while this stuff hasn't directly affected him (he lives out in the country anyway), his attention on it certainly does! I think that when you give your attention to something, even if that actual event does not occur, your focus on it certainly shakes up your vibration so that other things appear to be "bad," too -- and everything snowballs so that all you're seeing is the negative stuff...

and gee, I've been so incredibly BLESSED by the internet, and so blessed by living in a small town that I barely care if I lock all my doors, and leave my car doors unlocked (there's nothing worth having inside it anyway and I have an old beater of a car so no one would want it anyway), and I've worked in a place where the building is literally across the street from a low-income apartment building and the doors have been open when no one was right there in the front office so anyone who really would have wanted to come in and shuffle through the drawers could have, but never did...


it may not even be about the actual experience (externally) as much as it is the internal filter through which a person sees things, and how they feel about it, and then, that affects the general vibe of that person's life and how much they can simply relax in the moment.

Well, then -- I also love what Abe says about how to see and respond to all of it -- indeed, "Liberation beyond your wildest dreams!"

So integrity is: living out of my own delight and joy, which is my moral code, which results in loving others and delighting in others no matter what, and trusting that in all of it, there is great color and magic and wonder, when I am allowing myself to really see it and acknowledge it in my life. It's not an avoidance of such things because they are distasteful to me, but it is an embracing of these things as a part of the colorful carnival.

Not that I always feel that way, but...sometimes it really is possible: "Lookie there! Lookie there!"

I appreciate this post.


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