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8/9/08 San Francisco
Track 6
Guest: Good morning Jerry & Esther & Karen & Mike, and all the nice people I saw up front this morning when I got here. Today is the anniversary of…my first workshop was five years ago today, and I’m just up here cause I’ve always wanted to come to the hotseat, and every time I’ve thought of a question in all these workshops, the question was answered before I got called on, so I thought, okay, today’s the day, I’m going up. I wanna say how grateful I am, how appreciative I am and all of that to you, to Jerry & Esther and everyone who is involved in this.

Abe: And most of all we like the reassurance that you are giving others that, when you are in a place where you have a question, if you can hold it without feeling uncomfortable that you are not being called, or uncomfortable that that guy is taking too long on a subject that is not of interest to you, if you will keep yourself in a place of expecting to hear, you always do, yes.

Guest: I was always very happy, and it was almost startling the first workshop I went to, I’d been listening to recordings for only a few months at that time and a gentleman came up, and I hadn’t put my hand up so I couldn’t have a resentment about not getting called on, but he asked my exact question that I had, and since then, although I have put up my hand a few times, I have always known that I would get my answers, in every way. When I listen to the recordings, I feel as if you are talking to me, and I’ll be sitting in the space outside where I work and listening, and I’ll think: “How did Abe…this is a recording from three months ago and I just pushed the button, and was just something that I was thinking about five minutes ago upstairs at work., and it’s just….

Abe: Well, don’t tell Jerry this, but…oh, he’s here (you can hear Jerry chuckle first, then the audience has a laugh too) but, you could take any recording and that would be true, because you see, these gatherings happen before you drag your physical bodies here. Because you’re living life and you’re putting things in your vibrational escrow, and so, when you think about the mass consciousness and what it is asking, it is not a difficult thing, that we really only have one answer, really. And that is: Get Happy. Class dismissed. (audience laughs)

Guest: Let’s go to the beach, as you often say, or let’s go shopping. (Abe says: Yes indeed) It’s just an amazing thing because for me, what it underscores is what you say on your website and what’s on your quote of the day, which I get every day: All is Well, You Are Loved. And that’s all I ever need and its just an amazing, at this stage in my life I was in recovery in AA for many years and I got so much out of that. And yet I came to a point right around the time I met Abraham that I just needed to go further. I needed more, and I was just at this wonderful juncture and…

Abe: You know what it comes down to? So think about it in this way, so you are pure positive energy and you project yourself here, and many say, “And I do that because?” And we say: Because you want the experience of expansion and the contrast causes that to happen. And then as you then get hold of the way you feel and begin thinking more in terms of who you are, you feel better and better. So what really happens is people come forth and just by life, they, in their quest for expansion, they get separated from who they really are and there is a variable about how much separation they accomplish, how chronically separated they are, some go up and down, some close the gap, some do it accidentally, not many do it deliberately, but then there are all kinds of programs that people enter into in their attempt at closing that gap, improving their life experience. And, it’s interesting to see as people are reaching for these different programs, each one of those is only about, we want to give this in a kind way, but a blunt way at the same time…

Guest: I’m ready

Abe: Many people; you hold to your limitations so firmly, because you believe in your reality so much, and so every program that exists, and we will put this one in the same category; in this sense, it is all about how much effort the individual believes it takes in order to find success. If we could just somehow zap you with the memory that all you have to do is find a happy thought and fixate on it and everything else would take care of itself, but that is so simplistic that people can’t let themselves believe that something that requires so seeming little effort would solve all of the major problems of their life or of anyone else’s life. And so, there are many hoops that you all jump through in your quest for coming into alignment, but you’re all going to have a really good laugh when you make your re-emergence into non-physical and you remember how you didn’t have to struggle about anything. The struggle is all self imposed, the struggle is a misunderstanding that is that is born out of deciphering contrast; you just kind of get stuck in the struggle end of it. Very good.

Guest: I’m so happy we rendezvoused.

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Our strongest wanting for you is that you lighten up.
In other words, spend more time looking for things to
laugh about and play with. Play your way through
this. It really is the key. When you follow your
bliss it is always an easy journey.
Abraham - - 9/4/93
Your greatest value to others is when you are joyful.
Your greatest value to others is when you are
connected. Your greatest value to others is to be
radiantly healthy. Your greatest value to others is
when you are happy. Your greatest value to others is
to have and do all the things that are important to
you. And as you are living that and vibrating
that--then you are a catalyst that is inspiring others
to an awareness of that.
Abraham - - 2/1/92
"The best thing you could do for anyone that you love ------- is be
happy!......if it is your Dominant intent to hold yourself in vibrational harmony with who you really are
(pure Positive energy) you could never offer any action that would cause anybody else
to be Unhappy."

Chicago 4-25-99
"You are free to choose to discover new avenues for joy.

In your joy you will grow, and in your joyous growth you will add
to the growth experience of All-That-Is."

Abraham-Hicks Calendar 1996, pg. 131
The certain pathway to all things that you want---is through the corridor of
joy. Most of you say, "When I get that I will be joyful." And we say,
until you are joyful, you will not get that. You must start with the
decision--with the determination--with the insistence that, "I will not
settle for less than feeling good."

G 2/17/91


Abraham Calendar
" If you connect with your Inner Being, then you fulfill your purpose
for being. If you do not connect with your Inner Being, then you just
spin circles here- nothing is added unto. You die feeling unfuliflled
and that the life experience was for naught; there was no value from it,
no growth- not any joy either. The two go hand in hand. So, the happier
your are, the more of that value you are fulfiling." Abe, 2/1/92
When you begin to pay attention to the way you feel and you show
yourself that in your adoration, in your exhilaration, in your
appreciation, in your life-giving attitudes you are connected to your
Source Energy and therefore of tremendous value to those around you, and
in your self-judgment and unworthiness and criticism and blame and guilt
you are not, then it doesn't take too much conscious playing of this
game before you finally get it that your job is to be happy, that your
gift to others is to be joyful. And we think that any way that you
allow abundance -– whether it is through dollars or through oxygen or
through vitality or through wellness -– any way that you allow abundance
to yourself, you shine as an example to others that says ‘it is a
possible thing for all of us,' you see.

-- Abe -- Kona, HI, 12/9/00 (tape B)
" Our strongest wanting for you is that you lighten up. In other words,
spend more time looking for things to laugh about and play with.
Play your way through this. It really is the key. When you follow your
bliss, it is always an easy journey."- Abe, 9/4/93
You have no responsibility to struggle. None whatsoever.
Now, there are many who would say, "Well, Abraham, we sure
hope everybody doesn't listen to you because there are a lot
of people that do a lot of things that make our society go
that do them out of commitment rather than out of joyous
impulse." And we say, well, that's unfortunate –- it would
be wonderful if everything you were doing, you were doing out
of joyful impulse. And you say, "But what if everybody woke
up tomorrow and just said, ‘From now on I'm not gonna do
anything I don't feel like doing'?" And we say the world
would be a much better place – because more of you would be
connected to Source energy, angst would be gone, you would
be nicer to each other, you would be locked on to your signal,
all of the things you've been asking for the Universe would
now find a way to deliver them to you.

If tomorrow everybody could focus upon what makes them lock
on to the signal, everything that they have ever wanted would
flow to them without any justification.

And now we say to you the most important part of that: not
one other has to figure that out in order for you to begin
your thriving. Just you.

-– Abe -– Boulder, CO, 6/2/01
How to be of service to Non-physical? Seek joy, which will lead you to eternal
freedom and growth. Be happy. Seek experiences that make you feel good.
Choose a subject that feels good to you and get focused on it and stay focused
long enough that you get passionate. And in your passion, that's when you are
of the greatest value and pleasure for us. But at the same time, you are also
experiencing the greatest passion and pleasure for yourself, which means that
you cannot separate your benefit from ours.

G 10/11/92
Abraham Calendar
Your happiness is the most significant contribution that
you could make. In your reaching for happiness, you
are opening a vortex which makes you an avenue for
the Well-being to flow through you. And anything that is
your object of attention under those conditions, benefits
by the infusion of your Well-being.
Boston, MA -- 10/10/99


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