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Today, we find stories of war, death, sadness, misery, love and loss, greed, deception, etc. to be incredibly profound, poetic, and entertaining when written well. Great literature like that reflects the bad and the problems in our world.

But what if the world was perfect and peaceful? Would people be entertained by stories about pain during a time when they've forgotten what pain feels like?

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We wouldn't be here if there were no pain. We'd be eternally blissful Beings in infinite-land, which is what we are anyway, but we are creating/imagining this "reality" we live in right now, and we are intentionally creating all this drama, for the sheer fun of the came of convincing ourselves we're not Who We Really Are.
I think so. It's in our nature to say "what if?" and go exploring paths not taken, to have virtual adventures and live vicariously through fictional characters. Life's about experiencing the process of creation and exploring all aspects of the psyche.

As for "forgetting" what pain feels like, I don't think that's possible. To consciousness, pain is a valid stimulus and is readily accepted at higher levels as another part of total experience -- and since all is Now, and everything is cross-connected, one living in such a society as you mention would still be aware of "past" experiences that were less than idyllic.

So for these reasons, I believe such folk would still be able to identify with and appreciate tragic literature.

Oh, hello, MJ -- your response wasn't up there when I wrote this :-)
i would be. i have a personality that craves danger. i love the borne series movies for that...any spy adventure with really good special effects, and ...underworld. exciting.

and...thanks, i'll pass on living it. just satisfying an appetite that apparently is part of my personality according to a test that i took.

INFP's anonymous. lol. watch your therapy here: tonight we've got car chases and political intrigue.
INFP's anonymous? Are you an INFP, Deliberate?
yes. why am i the last one to know what that means? lol

you can tell us what you are...but i don't know what it means. how does one find out what the initials mean in general, i wonder?
How did you find out that you're an INFP? Are there any other people here who know about MBTI?
yes, there are people that have taken the test here, i learned about it from two people, the second one directly, the first one mentioned it but i didn't really know what it was or care. it was helpful to learn about.

there is one person in particular that might be following this thread that it would be her place to speak up about her knowledge on mbti if she wants to. she's very savvy in general and is also currently studying that methodology of having better relationships with ourselves and others, so if she wants to she'll say something. you could start a thread on the topic to make sure she sees your interest and knows that you want to discuss it, but i'm not really one to make introductions between people. you guys can find each other, and i'm sure you will if you both want to. she'll see you if you start a thread and can make her own choice as to what to do from there. i will say this though; if she decides to play with you, you can only benefit. she's got a very clear minded and stable place within herself that she relates from. very refreshing and fun person.
I actually know quite a bit about MBTI myself, having studied it for months. I fall under the type called "INFJ."
I took that test too, out of curiosity, and I'm an INFP, but like DS I don't know what it's all supposed to mean.

For example, my scores were Introverted 11% -- Intuitive 50% -- Feeling 62% -- Percecptive 22% . . . and I guess that's what the intitials INFP stand for . . . but it all adds up to 145% so I find it puzzling, but interesting. It basically tells me that I'm a mostly feeling and intuitive person, but I already knew that.

Do you have any insights on this you'd like to share? And what does your "INFJ" category mean?
yeah. no kidding. we need a thread and superfob can tell us all what's what, because...it's interesting.

i learned in my risk section that i have an innate need for risk. so i make a good rescue worker....or gambler, but i'm inspired and so only am effective when i'm following my emotions. i know an intj that is a complete mystery to me, secretive, is the impression that i get, like, being open gives power over to others. something like that. but...speculating there.

in astrology, i'm told that speculation is good way for me to make aliving. :) reminds me of that gambling thing. so...i play the stock market, and do well, when i'm inspired.

that went circular. what else? oh...i learned that i like to be social in small doses...and then really need time to myself in order to recharge my batteries. and that the most beneficial thing that i can do is to lay down and do nothing for a while every day....but that getting out into open spaces and just moving around and seeing new things is the opposite way that i also benefit.

that's all i really retained, and i knew all of that, but for some reason it was really helpful to be told that from an outside source. especially the part about the risky behavior. i wondered about why i was like that and if i was "off" in those impulses. turnes out...it's just something that i like. and abe says...your preferences are divine. so ...it was very good to have taken that test.
To tell the truth, I'm not sure that I'd like to inform you guys about MBTI. It's been a source of distress for me over the past year. The more I learned about it, the more emotional problems it caused for me. I'd rather warn you guys about it than inform you guys about it. You'd probably be better off not looking into it.
so, taking a personality test caused emotional problems for you? did i get that right?

funny. it soothed me quite a bit. guess it's an individual thing, how we react to something.


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