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"So, step one is: you're asking...
step two is: Source answered-
it's already done, that's not your work anyway.
Step three is: when you're in this general place of Well Being, your Grid is filling in.

So what we would say you are wanting to do,
(and this is something new that we have not talked about in these specifics before),
now you are wanting, once you are in that general place and have been there long enough that you're feeling good, now there is nothing wrong with you becoming more specific.

But here's the thing that we want you to hear:

You don't have to be the one that gets specific because the specifics come from the Grid filling in.

That was big.  The specifics come from the Grid filling in.
Now, that's always true.  The specifics are always coming from the Grid filling in."

From the workshop in Boca Raton, FL on 3/24/12

(note: in this context when they say "there is nothing wrong with you becoming more specific", they are talking about when specifics in thought start to occur to you, when they say "the specifics are always coming from the Grid filling in" they are talking about in thought and also in manifestation)

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Filling in your own grid goes like this: Because I want to be happy I want to live in that house with that person and have that much money. And as you hear us talking about deliberate creation you say: But Abraham you taught us every bit of that! You taught us how to be deliberate, you taught us how to be aware of what we want! Yes; we are encouraging you to think about what you want; but today we are encouraging you to think about your grid.

You see, you've done enough sifting through the contrast to put enough in your vortex to keep yourself busy for twenty or thirty lifetimes. And contrast will continue to come to you, you don't have to worry about no longer contributing to your vortex, it's happening all day every day anyway. We want you, for just a little while, to focus on one thing and one thing only: What am I doing vibrationally? What's my point of attraction? What's my grid? And the next thing we want you to focus upon is: I'm not gonna try to fill it in. I'm not gonna try to fill it in. Because when you have an idea of something you want or need and you focus upon it but it isn't happening yet so it's the absence of it that you are focusing upon; now you establish a grid that includes the absence of what you want rather than the presence of what you want.

Do you see how that works? People do it all of the time. They want more money so they think about more money and they think about all the things they want do with more money so they create this big ol' honkin' grid of the absence of the things that they want and then they say: "I've been doing this work for a long time Abraham; why is it not working out well for me?" (mimics funny voice, audience chuckles). That's exactly what they say. And we say: Because you've missed some of the finer points. And the finer points are: you have to be aware of what you are doing with your point of attraction and it's much easier than all of us have been making it out to be.

So you are following? (audience, yes) We are eager to talk with you about anything that is important to you; there is nothing off limits. It will flow perfectly you will see. Because, oh! Wanted to give you this one piece. Don't want to leave out the most important part.

You established a grid before you even got here in this body. In other words, you have a grid of eagerness and well being and love and worthiness going on. So that underlying grid is the grid that's really in your vortex. That's really what your point of attraction is; and when you create a grid that opposes that, that's what negative emotion is. We've got the dueling grids going on, you see. This basic grid of well being and of expansion and of joy and of freedom that is the basis of that which you are, and if you let something that you are focused upon in your physical time space reality cause you to create a grid that opposes that; that's what negative emotion is.

So you sorta getting the picture of this? We want you to help you to help you (gesturing physical help nonphysical help physical). We want to help you to help you (gesturing Abe helping nonphysical to help physical); we want you to help each other (gesturing inner being help physical being, physical being help inner being). We want you to mind your own business, really; don't help each other, don't help each other, don't help each other. (still speaking of inner being and physical being and contradicting last sentence.) Somebody else with their nose in your grid; hawck ckkk chkkk! Don't help each other. But you want your grids to stack up, you want your grids to line up with one another. The basic grid of well being will bring all kinds of wonderful things and before you know it you've got some really specific grid building going on. We don't want you to stay general forever, just general until you're stable. And then, once you're stable it's way fun to start thinking in specifics." April 21, 2012 San Antonio, TX Opening Statement Excerpt

Here's how it goes: Contrast causes you to launch rockets, you line up with them, they become normal and natural to you, and then they manifest. And in that moment, a new set of contrasting experiences appears. Which launches rockets. Which you line up with. That then manifests. So don't you worry about there not being something more to reach for. There will ALWAYS be something more to reach for. Abraham Caribbean Cruise March 2010

You cannot look at that which you do not want and not join and perpetuate that vibration. Take your attention from that which is not in harmony with who you are, and in taking your attention from it, your "now vibration" will adjust to who you really are, and then you can uplift others.

--- Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop in Portland, OR on Tuesday, June 10th, 1997 # 478

Guest: Is it possible for me or any human, to look at everything through the eyes of source, through the eyes of love? Like, I look at a butterfly quite different than I look at a cockroach. And...(at a loss for words..)

Abe: The cockroach is so appreciative of you though. (laughter) That was Jerry. (more laughter)


Guest: Thank you Jerry.  My question is more; my intention is to get to that place of looking at everything through the eyes of source, through the eyes of love And once again, am I diminishing; do I appreciate the contrast by doing that?

Abe: Well, lets explore the real basis of your question. Is your assumption that you've explored all the contrast that you would ever want to explore and that your vortex is ripe with everything that you would ever want? 

Guest: Yeah. Yeah. That answers my question. 

Abe: Well, for the benefit of those of you who didn't get it we'll just say that there's contrast (wanted) and there's contrast (unwanted). And, when we're talking about contrast we're talking about variety. And so, it's possible for you get into such an expectant place of well being, and so practiced at the vibration of that that your grid is filling in with things from your vortex with enough velocity and enough momentum that the momentum itself becomes contrast. Because..

Guest: Say that again? 

Abe: The momentum itself becomes contrast. Sometimes people will say " There are so many wonderful things flowing into my experience that I don't know what to focus on next. In other words; there will always be contrast. But, we mean this with everything that we are: DON'T GO LOOKING FOR CONTRAST. All the contrast that you will ever want will find you. (some one in audience laughs out loud.) On the heels and surrounded by the things that you've been asking for. In other words, you just don't need to worry about contrast. 

If we were standing in your physical shoes we would accept that contrast abounds and it will show itself and it shows itself for a very positive reason and that there is only upside to contrast. That's the way that we would work it in our mind. And we would say: Bring it on; I'm ready for whatever I'm a vibrational match to because I want to know what I'm a vibrational match to. I'm not going to say to the universe: Hold that away and hold that away and bring that and bring that; I say bring it on! Let me have what I'm a vibrational match to because I want to understand what I'm a vibrational match to and by understanding what I'm a vibrational match to then I can be more intentional about what I want to be a vibrational match to. But the bottom line is: I just want to feel good. And sometimes I'm bored and  I don't feel good so bring more on and sometimes I'm overwhelmed and I don't feel good so bring less on. In other words; that contrast will always be there. 

We make way way way way way too much of all of this. Go find something to be happy about and then notice the good stuff that comes. That's the seminar! (applause)

Guest: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Abe: We think this is a good place to end today. We've enjoyed this interaction immensely. Have fun with all of this. There is no homework. We want to let you know that as a result of several of the segments that we experienced here today your vibration is in a different place and your experience will be too. Take note of what comes and enjoy it. 

There is great love here for you. 

August 2012 Cruise CD 5 of 11 track 11

Abraham Hicks Publications

How much contrast do I need to have the expansion that I want?

Guest: I remember reading from some spiritual teacher that as we evolve, we are able to learn and grow through more and more joyful experiences and fewer and fewer challenging or painful experiences. So I was thinking about this in regards to your teachings.... So contrast creates expansion, but if I'm more and more often in the Vortex as time goes on and I am drawing in more and more of that positive energy then is one able to regularly be expanding powerfully but with less and less contrast needed?

Abraham: Everything is perceptual. So if you are not delicately focused on vibration and reaching for subtle improvements then the larger vibration is
necessary for you to understand....

It's a little bit like little children like to stack up bigger toys. They like to play with those big square colored blocks because they can manage them. And later they want Lego's. And later they want itsy-bitsy Lego's....

Once you've found this discernment, you will find as much emotion in small contrast as you earlier did in large contrast....

Abraham LIVE Albuquerque, NM - March 10, 2012

Feel appreciation for those who provide examples of Well-being. How would you know that prosperity was possible if there wasn't some evidence of prosperity around you? It's all part of this contrast that helps you to sharpen your desire.


Excerpted from the workshop: Orlando, FL on January 10, 1999


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