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Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on March 14, 2014 at 3:34pm

thank you too Pilar

 :) xoxo

 and since i'm here, and since this is what i came for, lol...

i love to feel good. i love to feel good. i found something that feels so good and i love to feel good. i love to feel helped and i feel helped in this something that i found that is so good. what i found is that the path is being lain before my feet incrementally, i am seeing the path light up. i am watching the story unfold. i am feeling the pull of inspiration and enjoying the pull and never minding any thought to push. i am savoring the unfolding. i am delighting in the promise. i am reveling in the trust and the love and the humble magnificence that is myself when i get a true glimpse of the stuff that is us. humanity is such an amazing event. i feel warmhearted benevolence as my most cherished emotional response, i feel satisfaction and pleasure as i know that that is how i am able to respond. i feel the support of the universe. i see the brilliance, the cooperation, i see those that are standing ready with stuff to reveal from my vortex. i feel worthy loved and blessed, i feel fun, i feel gentle, i feel inviting of others, i feel accepting and stable and poised to handle anything with fun and aplomb. i feel humor and insight and love. i am love. i am wealth, i am ease, i am expansion in joy, i am in this moment aware of and acknowledging my source and i am full and unending and all i know is that life is good. 


Comment by Pilar (PDM) on March 13, 2014 at 4:27pm

Thank you dear Patri :D


Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on March 12, 2014 at 10:27am

i am aware that i like to feel courteous. i am aware that i like to feel good. i am aware that i like to feel free and comfortable and enjoyment of where i am. i like to know that there are so many people that have relief to offer those that are ready to receive it. i like to know that there is always a multitude of ways for any desire to be delivered to anyone at anytime, that it is this way because it is law. i love that there are as many right ways to live as there are moments in time to be lived and points of perspective to perceive it in. i love to know that my activities here are just an exercise in feeling good, in putting myself near what i love like my children, like my home. i love being in my body feeling good and enjoying what i am focusing upon. i love the work of abraham, i knew it when i found it that for me it was good. i love to wander the forum and look for typos or points of discord that can be forgotten, to re-read material i tell myself I know while i get lost in it and discover it anew over and over again on some nuance that i knew but is suddenly fresh and new in what it means to me and what i can now thinkingly "do". i love to feel good and i love to have treasure troves of things to find and focus on that feel good and i love to know that that's all i'm doing here is enjoying what to me feels good and holding that space stable because it is something to do and everyone needs a hobby or two. :) 

and if i ever find another teacher that rocks my world like abe does i'll go pitch in in THAT TEACHER'S group and  forum too :) 

Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on March 12, 2014 at 10:17am

I am aware that I hope you can afford to advertise yourself instead of spamming soon. i hope it is a great book and YOU know that so that the law can bring you your customers without all the ads in the middle of Abraham HIcks quotes. 

Comment by Chris Dee on March 12, 2014 at 7:02am

Are you always aware of your feelings?  Read on...


Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on March 11, 2014 at 4:07pm

12/04/2010 ~ 22 Premises In 22 Minutes Track Continued...

Everyone is sifting through the data and knowing what they don't want and knowing what they do want. The value in all of that exercise is all contained inside the vortex. Sifting through the piles of manifestation only gives you evidence of where people HAVE held their attention. Sifting through the piles in the vortex brings you to the culmination of all things wanted. 


Everyone is an extension of Source Energy and everyone has equal access to the energy which is Source. You just have to find the vibrational frequency and it is yours. 


You get what you think about whether you want it or not. ...Whatever you give your attention to you keep active in your vibration and it will show itself to you frequently till you are convinced that the world is full of it. Even though the world is NOT full of it your life may be. 

......The best relationships are those where the people involved have a dominant intention of syncing up with their individual vortex and their inner being. When two people who are in alignment with who they are come together they will have a magnificient relationship. ...When you try to mold your desires to what your partner wants and in the process you sacrifice your alignment with what's in your vortex and you come to resent them. ...Align with your vortex and live happily ever after and anyone who has the benefit of living near someone who's in the vortex can attest to the power of that. 



(from scraps on my desk i found. now to find the recording and finish the transcribing. lol) 

Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on March 10, 2014 at 12:41pm

12/04/2010 22 Premises in 22 Minutes Track continued

...The path to my joy is through my vibrational alignment with that which is joyful. In other words it is not about what I do; it's about how I feel, how I think and how I'm vibrating. ...Attention to my alignment is what brings me success, and then action that is inspired from that alignment is delicious action. 


There is no shortage. ...If I have the ability to desire it then the Universe has the ability to deliver it....I must be a perfect vibrational match to my desire...when I feel that way then the manifestation must follow; it is law. 


The universe is always yielding to me an exact representation of where my vibration is. So if I want a different manifestation than what I'm getting I have to find a different vibration first. That why we say feel your way and the manifestation will have to follow. 


There is no end to the abundance that is flowing. There is no end to it. And once you sync  vibrationally to the idea the manifestation must follow; that's what all creation is. It's what all evolution is, it's what all manifestational expansion is. 

...Everyone gets to choose....No two are living at the same time, exactly the same way and ALL are living RIGHT as far as Source is concerned. Source always stands inside the vortex looking at what you have vibrationally created, never giving attention to where you stand that caused you to create it....When you sync up with the way Source sees your life your expression of it, your opinion of it will be as rewarding and exhilarating as the opinion that Source has about your life. ...In every moment you've got an in-the-vortex life and an out-of-the-vortex life; the only question is where are you focused right now? And if you will let the vortex train you that the life that will begin to reveal itself to you in terms of manifestation. ...You gotta accept the vibrational world before any of this begins to make sense. You've got to accept the vibration and the vortex and you've got to be willing to align with it and then the manifestation will give you and everyone else evidence that you are there. 


Because of the work that you are doing here that which man calls God is joyfully expanding.


Because the evolution and expansion of that which you are vibrationally is so extraordinary, only in your absolute absence of resistance will you be able to behold it fully and that will be once you re-emerge into nonphysical. That's when you'll feel your real awareness of the beauty and magnificence and contribution of that which is you. You can come close in your physical body, but it is only in nonphysical that there is enough absence of resistance for you to really know who you are.

....(tbc again)


Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on March 10, 2014 at 10:39am



You are simultaneously nonphysical source energy while a part of that source energy is present in this physical body and there is continual vibrational relationship between those two aspects; and the emotions that you feel are your indication of how well those two vibrational aspects are playing off of one another. 


Your parents have put nothing into your vortex, and it is only your relationship with what is in your vortex that represents the success of your life. Therefore what your parents want for you or even wish for you is really irrelevant to why you have come and what you are about. 


Anything that you give your attention to becomes bigger. So the harder you push against what you do not want; the more specific as we've said today: the more specific or the harder you push against it (the unwanted) the more vibration is activated within you about it and the less likely it is to go away. 


Ther eis not one right way of life; you come to create that which is perfect for you as has everyone else.

...Endless right ways is the true premise....As many right ways as there are moments in time to evolve. 


Wisdom does not come from age, it comes from alignment and you can be old and in the vortex or young and in the vortex, but wisdom comes from in the vortex, not age....


I am an extension of who I really am and that who I be has been long before I achieved this personality and this physical persona. I'm so old and so wise and so eager about life here. ...


Effort outside the vortex does not accomplish, it just puts more in the vortex. 

...My success comes when I let go and allow what I have already created, allow myself to be a vibrational match to what I've already created. It is the releasing of effort that is more likely to bring me what I want. 


It is not possible to align with what's in someone else's vortex; your job is to align with what's in your vortex. When you align with what's in your vortex then you will be more likely to align with another who's in alignment with their vortex. ...Alignment with what is in my vortex is my path to accomplishing who I am and what I've come to live. 



Comment by Chris Dee on March 6, 2014 at 3:19pm
Comment by Chris Dee on March 4, 2014 at 6:33am

Positive signs that you are getting closer to what you want are there - notice them!  Read on...



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