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Comment by Maia Driscoll on July 4, 2013 at 3:12pm

I'm loving your input, Empowered...so valuable to me, 'cause we're (maybe..feels like, anyway... ) dealing" with a bunch of  fairly similar-feeling contrast...And thankfully for me! ...though we might be reading the same "book"...you're pages!!! ahead, and I can yet feel out generally where you've been...and where you're going with it. (ie., you're doing SO WELL!  My own merry go round is still spinning too fast for comfort, sigh.) 

Re your words: "...It's their vibration that is the dominant vibration" ..."not at joy and bliss, but [your own] still not the dominant vibe." 

That's my "problem focus" of the moment...and so good to hear you put it that way.  I have! been feeling...caught up in the..SEEMING.. pressure of others'...  unfriendly gaze??? (and their expectations!)  and waaaaaay too self-blaming for somehow bringing on that spilled drink in my own!  lap!   

Awhile back, I found myself  very!! upset and tearful about the "stuff" coming down..."And it's all YOUR FAULT!!" accusations, etc.... and my Guide stepped in at some point (he always "steps in" when I'm overdoing the drama-thing!), saying "You're not the ONLY!! one creating reality around here!"  He was actually somewhat stern about that point.  lol  

It's been occurring to me, as well...I understandably might FEEL more contrast here...because I had SUCH an easy-peasy job of it for 30+ years, living as I did in a city (San Francisco) that could possibly!  be the most accepting of "variant viewpoints" on every! subject.. than any other place in the US. (name me another, and I'll move there! lol)   Being the Classic Supersensitive, I could absolutely FEEL it on my very first day there..I took a deeeep breath, and sighed with relief! ( being able to let down my guard, finally) at the good-feeling vibrational "personality" of the place..as compared with where I'd grown up.  SF was an excellent place to recover! from the "Usual Stuff", and begin a newer Spiritual journey with a feeling of utter safety...LOTS of other Seekers there, all having a grand time exploring their own paths, comparing "notes"! lol....I was used to experiencing...day to day... a most appreciated! celebratory feeling of "this is why I came"!    

Thing is...I got so USED to that, that it felt "normal"!    But I had rarely left the city in all that time...except for national parks and the Ren Faire! lol   So I was really !!! shocked to my tosies to find a less than accepting "Vibratory Environment" here...

Then, of course, in marched Abe, but only after things had got REALLY awful!  I'm realizing that, despite all the Hoo- Haa ( ! ) ... it's all JUST what I really needed (evidently!) to make THE Leap of Decision:  How do I want to Create my life?  No, actually...lives, plural...from now on??  How DO I want to focus my Energy?? from NOW...on.

My "practice", though...seems to be focused on the practical aspects...and Abe IS nothing but practical!! . But I keep impatiently looking at it all...and going back to.how DO  I become a confident, independent! deliberate creator with all this other stuff STILL HAPPENING?? (happy in the crack! lol)

 I'm still feeling "caught" by that...dominant vibrational environment...because "they" are still NOTICING me..big time.   It really does! seem so important!! to 'them' that someone who doesn't fit...should be MADE to fit!  

 I have to say, though, clarity-wise...I'm admit: I'm NOTICING them NOTICING  me! judging them for judging me!  ...a classic 'tangled web'!  ...IOW, my own! resistance, I guess. 

Hmm...a lot of words  (the guide is pointing out!) "...to describe how exquisitely complicated and painful!! it can be when one is...has been!!.. cluelessly open to excessive 'what-is'  INFLUENCE...."   

Grid: building MOMENTUM:  easy easy easy a light sure heart easy flowing easy! :-)))

Comment by Empowered1 on July 4, 2013 at 10:20am

btw Happy Independence Day!  Love it.  I am independent.  I own my vibration and sometimes, sometimes I am around others who have a vibration dominating the scene and I am going to allow it and take the bounce at the same time because I know how to do that!

Comment by Empowered1 on July 4, 2013 at 10:18am

Oh you are doing an excellent job Maia and are an inspiration to me too! 

Another pivot or spin I am using or approaching subjects...incidents...occurrence's with is to just conjure up the thought of "it's their vibration that is the dominant vibration and I, although I am not vibrating at joy and bliss am still not the dominant vibe."  So say I am vibration at frustration...irritation...impatience-cause generally that's where I am these days.  (Ok even that's not exactly true for this example, let's say it is so.) 

And I am spending time, because of work or some responsibility, with another who is powerfully spinning at anger or fear or worry and they have that going strong.  It is quite possible that my vibe is overpowered or better said just not the dominant vibe there.  And so something happens, like say we're having lunch together and a drink spills on the table and gets them and myself wet.  I used to think "what's going on in my vibration that that drink spilled on me and got me wet?  But now I go to "there are two of us here.  I check into myself-how am I feeling?  Do I feel bad?  Was I vibrating at a lower level?  Maybe I was vibrating at a lower level this morning worrying about something and that is the source of the cause of the spill?"  And as I deduce that I've been feeling pretty good in general these days.  I have been reaching for better feeling thoughts, appreciating like mad, truly and deeply, others around me and myself-In fact, in some instances I have been flying high with love and eagerness and joy and appreciation.  And yet, here I sit with a drink in my lap."

And that's when it hits me, It's not just me sitting here with a drink in my lap.  There are two of us or 4 of us or whatever.  So I'm not going to take this on as mine solely.  I may have felt some impatience this morning, but I'm gonna let this spilled drink, be just that and I am going to allow that maybe, just maybe this other person I am with has a vibration that is dominating this time space reality right here, right now.  And now most importantly I am going to turn the other cheek, I'm going to pivot, I'm going to take the bounce and stop trying to figure out exactly who or when or how this drink ended up in my lap.  I'm gonna laugh and make a joke of it and talk about something else asap.

So all that above is to say, I stopped taking the blame for what has gone wrong and I also know that nothing is going wrong except sometimes my reaction to it:)

Comment by Maia Driscoll on July 4, 2013 at 9:39am

 Thanks for that, P.  ...My favorite line, "I carefully savor and celebrate manifestations WHILE MAKING A LIGHT SURE HEART  MY HOLY GRAIL."  Emotionally speaking, I can travel pretty far on that....and intend to!   :-))))


Empowered...I  really! like your 'invisible' idea esp. to those 'round peg into square hole'  folks...It still!! hasn't fully sunk in to me that I need not! take them on...must be a 'Central Issue' of long-standing momentum, hmmm.  Very encouraging to hear your "I'm boring" approach.. :-))) Not sure that will work for me, but I'm thinking it out, hopefully a bit!! further than "Don't mess with me!!" lol  Maybe the resistance factor (mine, that is!)...must be dealt with first?? (rhetorical question! lol)


Comment by Empowered1 on July 3, 2013 at 7:49am

Busy bee is me but it's so fun to come here and read an abeism or two and the general discussion before heading out to run or do that "w" word:)

So enjoying my "alone" time immensely:) 

And lately sort of loving being invisible.  In fact asking source for a little help with that in that sometimes when others notice me and I know they're wanting to drag me into the fray, I sort of imagine myself looking or better said, feeling to others like I'm a boring kind of person.  Not all others of course.  Just those others who are busy forcing round pegs into square holes:)  Oh I used to jump right on that train.  No, no, no.  Not for me.  Still working on releasing the resistance around wanting to address their manipulation and delighted that so far, I've not. 

Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on July 2, 2013 at 6:09pm

"...there are a lot of people who would rather be on that lower disk, with people
around them, than up there by themselves (indicating on a higher vibration disk).
But in time, you'll discover that there's no loneliness anywhere."

From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Chicago, IL, 6/15/13

Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on July 2, 2013 at 1:09pm

i like to feel respectful of vortex feelings. i like to feel honor of vortex feelings. i like to feel appreciation for vortex feelings. hope and above and i'm in the vortex in degrees, i can drop as low as boredom and not really go out of the vortex abe says. i like to recall that whatever was is always less than what is and still less than what is in my vortex poised to be revealed by my ability to see such wonder and lovely and delight that fills me so subtly and richly at times that i cannot doubt that all is well no matter what the world may show me. i know all is well. i know i am free. i know that when i feel good i'm attracting good to me. i know when i'm reaching for good feelings i'm reaching for more good life experience for me. i know that what is is always less than what i am now wanting and so i carefully savor and celebrate manifestations while making a light sure heart my holy grail. i know how to feel good. i know how to use language to soothe myself, to distract myself, to refine myself. i know how to relax my body, just releasing tension that i notice with a shrug knowing tension and worry are non-necessities and ease and relief is what paves my way always from one good thing to another good thing. amen. 

Comment by Maia Driscoll on July 2, 2013 at 12:35pm

Oh, my goodness, Patri...You beat me to it, I was just copying that out to my 'hard copy file'  (so I could paste it on my forehead! lol)  and was going to come straight here afterwards...

But here's the other quote as well (from Abe-Quotes, today)...which illustrates a point my guide has been trying to get across to clueless-me for a loooooong time (since I was a teenager!), by showing me the difference between...hmmm...Connection/Dis-connection to IB... and how it all plays out in physical focused experience/events..

"There are a lot of people who would rather Be on that lower disk, with people around them, than up there by themselves (indicating a higher vibrational disk).  But in time, you'll discover there's no lonliness anywhere."

Guide's way of putting it to me, just lately:  "It's "hard", because it feels like leaving home." 

...It just all helps me feel a lot better, that I'm finally!!! on the right track...So clarifying! and making it a much simpler task to See my own side-tracking...and re-focus on what's important!  (But Abe tends to do that, don't they?? lol)

Task for today:  RE-grid what I'd thought! was a pretty good  attempt.  Simplifing, focusing ONLY on positive feelings, positive processes...Seeing and side-stepping the momentum of my resistance?  Can't explain it better..:-)))  

Comment by Abe Enthusiast 333 on July 2, 2013 at 11:55am

"The question is, can you control what you think about?  And
the answer is, momentum controls what you think about." Abraham

From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Chicago, IL, 6/15/13 

(longer quote from abequotes....)

"In one day, you can show yourself the effect of choosing that higher vibration.  So, of course,
you get what you think about.  The question is, can you control what you think about?  And
the answer is, momentum controls what you think about.

So then the next question is, can you control the momentum?  And the answer to that is yes,
now that I know what I now know.  Now that I know that I can control it in the early stages, and
I can't control it in the later stages.  And that in the later stages of negative emotion, which I can't
control, I'm unhappy.

But in the later stages of POSITIVE momentum, which I CAN'T control - you get that?  YOU CANNOT

From the Abraham-Hicks workshop in Chicago, IL, 6/15/13 

Comment by Empowered1 on July 1, 2013 at 8:40pm

This place is AMAZING and so is my friend Mike.  Patri and Maia and PDM and ALL who share here.  Running in just to shout that to you all.  Back soon:)


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