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Listen To Your Dreams


Listen To Your Dreams

Dreams are our gifts from our subconscious mind, and are here to help us. In fact dreams hold a world of information for each of us, Blessings Cynthia Moore

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Our Dreams are sometime the most neglected parts of our life's,
allot of times we don't take them seriously, we think of them as reviewing the
days events, or just fantasies.
Dreams are our gifts from our subconscious mind, to help us. Infect Dreams hold
a world of information for each of us, in symbols, colors, animals, Est.
Our dreams exist in a deep reservoir of Ancient Wisdom, Carl Jung Named the Collective
Dreams are a symbolic part of our life's, those who have passed on reach us in
our dreams because our waking live is to busy to hear them.
Dreams need to be recorded or journeyed, as soon as you wake, because each dream
leaves you a message, if you say you can't remember your dream try this, before

going to bed, tell yourself that you will remember your dreams and messages, within
the dream.
It may take up to a week to condition your mind for this, but you will start
having the most realistic dreams and even meeting your Spirit Guides.
I have been there, done that, and I love my dreams very much as they have help
me through allot.
There are about fifteen kinds of dreams that we will experience in our lift time
some more than others.
1. Recurrent dreams
2. Prophetic dreams
3. Erotic dreams
4. Epic dreams
5. Animal dreams
6. Physical dreams
7. Personal daemon dreams
8. Lucid dreams
9. Astral dreams
10. Nightmares
11. Confirmation dreams
12. Waking dreams & Visions
13. Spirit Guides & Angelic
14. Past life Images & Memories
15. Soul connection
To learn to control your dreams and that your the master, your subconscious is
giving you messages in symbols the conscious mind has to interpret, before the
written word we all communicated in pictures,& symbols.
I have been Interpreting Dreams for 18 years. Don't ignore your dreams there is
a message for you to hear.
Love & Bright blessings
Cynthia (Dream Goddess)

Come enter the wonderful, mysterious and fascinating world of dreams., The rules of reality don't apply here Understand and make sense of your dreams.

Dreams are defined in Webster's Dictionary as a "sequence of sensations, images, and thoughts passing through a sleeping person's mind.”

Dreams have been a topic of study dating back to 4000 B.C. You can say that dreams have been around as long as the first civilization and are just a normal part of human existence.

Dreams can take us anywhere. We can actually live another life.

When we dream, we are like passengers on a star ship, unable to control our actions and choose surroundings.

Take control of your dreams…. "How To Use Lucid Dreaming To Create Health, Love And Success"

* Come enter the wonderful, mysterious and fascinating world of dreams * The rules of reality don't apply here * Understand and make sense of your dreams.

I'm Cynthia and I'm coming to you with 18 yrs. of experience interpreting lucid dreams. Learn from me the process of lucid dreaming. Let's have fun together.


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Comment by sharron speedy on December 6, 2008 at 11:32am
Hello yes i am interested in the technique you mentioned and im sure i will be able to make good use of them i did try to have a llok at yur website also with no success i will try again thank you so much sharronx =]

Comment by Cynthia Moore on December 4, 2008 at 11:51am
Sharon Hello And Welcome,
I worked with a person who had a similar experience with a person they knew that would not leave him alone, I told him he needed to do a soul connection that he would be able to talk to this person and ask her to leave in peace and let him be in peace if your interested in knowing how to do this let me know and I'll help you and instruct you so you can get on with your dreams in peace.
Comment by sharron speedy on December 2, 2008 at 5:44pm
I am very interested in lucid dreaming and learning techniques to do this i have had a couple with an x partner in them whom i left and was looking for me in them they were frightening i believe i had some kind of karmic ties with him and i did some meditation to cut them and dreamed of him it was scarey. =]

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