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Master of My Own Destiny!


Master of My Own Destiny!

There are over 10,000 members here on PI. How many of us KNOW that our well-being and abundance is not dependent on world economics, the price of oil, the stock market etc. BUT rather on our own vibrations...AND that we control our own vibrations..?

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This is a group for people who KNOW our well-being is not dependent on world economics, the price of oil, the weather conditions etc.

Abraham say that there are always those who thrive under any and all conditions ..... have you made the decision to be one of those who thrive?

If you have decided that the "recession" has nothing to do with your personal experience and are taking the "road less travelled" to emotional, physical and financial independence then please come together here and when you have time share your joyful, bountiful experiences.

Abraham says (if anyone has the direct quote please tell me) that coming together when each individual in the group is coming from a place of personal power is a good idea for the purpose of more expansion and growth.

The topics on most people's minds and TV screens these days are the "dreaded" RECESSION and (I never thought I would hear myself saying this...but) the WEATHER because of it's severity. Under supposed threat is our financial and physical survival!! I don't believe a word of it. I believe it is all caused by the amount of attention focused on it daily.

This group is to bring us together to focus on how we are thriving in these times and thereby add to the expansion of good health, amazing wealth and endless joy!

I hope you consider this a worthwhile group and that LOA brings together in an even more focused way the powerfully intentioned of the PI community!

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The Truth about Land Ownership

Started by Bronny NZ Jun 12, 2011.

How to deal with others' misfortunes 5 Replies

Started by Mara. Last reply by Abe Enthusiast 333 Sep 28, 2008.

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Comment by Bronny NZ on July 17, 2011 at 8:07am

Hey there ~  yes, you're right of course...  I see what I see...  and that is that this system is going to crumble...  and the planet won't be able to sustain 7 billion people, mostly who live in cities and who depend on Oil for the farming (urea, pesticides), the manufacture, the packaging and the transportation of their food.  It's unsustainable   : )    I'm not sad, stressed or worried about it.  It's just a fact.  


Oh OK.  Cool.  I'm glad you can thrive within a Revolution.  That's quite outstanding !!  Well done !!


Wow !!!  "... the Mistress of my own Destiny".  That's quite a claim!!  My life has worked quite differently  :D   Yes, and there's certainly been miracles in there too  :D  ... but i've just had to "catch the wave" and go with it and Trust that whatever place I get 'beached' is the perfect place for me at the time.  I've tried the whole 'mastery' thing and becoming the "Mistress of my own Destiny" stuff. It's not OK for me.  I end up in weird places when I don't remain fluid and keep my mind open to possibility.   


Yes, quite.  I understand your pragmatism and I certainly take no offense:  "I started this group to link up with and find others who believe the same".  I hope you do  find others Mara with whom you can do the work you want to do.  All the very best  : )    As far as your last question:


Are you the Mistress of your own Destiny?

"Hell No !!! "  Really ??  Do people have this kind of 'tied up in knots' ideation as a goal...  strange....    Life would be far less fun I think if I knew how it was gonna turn out  :D   See you.  Nice comparing notes  :D  


*paddles out to sea again to see where the next wave will 'land' her*  *waves*  



Comment by Mara on July 17, 2011 at 1:02am

Transformation - you seem to life in fear waiting for a dreaded catastrophy which you are ready to survive. You obviously don't subscribe to the belief in Law of Attraction.   I intend to thrive whatever the circumstances.  All the questions you raise you can find the answers to in the teachings of Abraham.  I found them 12 years ago and they transformed my life with major and minor miracles.  I see, experience and feel the contrast periodically and happily am now practiced enough to be able to re-focus my attention on what I want as opposed to the lack of it and it works.  I can change my circumstances in a few hours.


I am currently living in Egypt in the midst of a revolution and contrast is all around me, thankfully I am thriving not just surviving (I have my moments of just surviving and they provide me with opportunities for expansion and further growth).


I think if I had not found out about LOA I would probably have either killed myself or be in a deep depression thinking about the end of the stick where the financial systems of the world are disintegrating, thankfully I can now focus instead on the other end and the magnificient future that is ahead of me (experiencing it every day) and the world in general once enough people get sick of focusing on the drama and give up.  (in your language surrender to the love and will of the Creator)


I could go on and on but I think you have got my point.  No, my well being is not dependent on world economics or anything else.  I am the Mistress of my own Destiny and I started this group to link up with and find others who believe the same - you don't so really you should choose another group to join.  I am not being nasty - just honest.  Are you the Mistress of your own Destiny?

Comment by Bronny NZ on July 16, 2011 at 9:18pm

Hi Mara  : )

The words and phrases that really stand out to me in your Introduction to the discussion above are:  

(1)  our well-being is not dependent on world economics

(2)  Abraham say... [people] who thrive under any and all conditions

(3)  decision to...  thrive

(4)  "recession" has nothing to do with [you]

(5)   the "road less travelled"

(6)   emotional, physical and financial independence

(7)   Abraham says (if anyone has the direct quote please tell me) that coming together when each individual in the group is coming from a place of personal power is a good idea for the purpose of more expansion and growth.

(8)  "dreaded" RECESSION

(9)  the WEATHER

(10)  supposed threat is our financial... survival

(11)  I believe it is all caused by the amount of attention focused on it

(12)  this group...  to focus on how we are thriving in these times

(13)  add to the expansion of good health, amazing wealth and endless joy!


Well, it would seem that your introduction raised my eyebrows more that once !!  :D    I'll go through each point and offer you another perspective  : )


(1)   our well-being is not dependent on world economics...   Where do you get your food from?  Do you buy it with money?  Where do you get your clothes from?  Do you buy your clothing with money?  Do you make your clothing?  Do you buy the materials to make this with money?  How do you stay warm in winter?  Do you flick a switch?  Who 'owns' that switch and makes that switch work?  Does it cost them money to keep that switch working?  Does it cost you money to keep that switch working ??  I could keep going...  but i've touched on some basics:  Food, Clothing, Warmth...  The other necessities of life are:  Housing, Water, Clean Air.  The only thing you are possibly obtaining for free at the moment is your air...  and even then, for many billions of people, this air is not clean and it's making people sick ~  pollution from Industry  ie: a bosses try to make money.  


I think that our well-being is very much dependent on world economics...  The only way that your statement would be true is if well all lived on mortgage-free land, all produced our own food, generated our electricity needs, cooked using sustainable methods such as a renewable timber source - trees grown and felled on our own property, burned a wood stove with iron hot-plate griddle and perhaps with additional fire places indoors for additional warmth.  Do you have these things Mara?  If not, you are dependent on world economics...  


(2)  I don't give undue 'belief' in Abraham.  When we all search within, we find the Truth.  Running off to various lectures, seminars, meetings, suckling off someone else's Truth (albeit an off-world entity or entities) is again saying to our Eternal Being ~  you don't have the Truth in you...  you have to go somewhere else to find the Truth...  So once again we get caught in the dependency wheel as we try to assimilate someone else's Truth as our own.  


Look for your own Truth Mara.  Look within.  Look without.  And then you will find your Truth  : )   Like Jesus says:  "The Truth will set you free."   What is this Truth?  Jesus said: "I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life."  Now was Jesus really referring to Himself as the Way, the Truth, the Life ???  Or was he referring to the concept  "I Am" ???  I Am as I Am existing only because The Great I Am indwells Me.  "I Am" the Truth.  All I need to do is stop and listen to this Truth in me...  and I find all the answers I ever need in this life...  not by listening to someone else...  not even Abraham.


(3)  I make a decision to survive and I decided I would be one of the 'survivors' 35 years ago as a teenager...  we all saw 'it' coming...  even away back then  : )  in the mid-1970's.  Whether I "thrive" within that process is yet to be found out.  I have my seeds, I have my spades, rakes, barrows, some ground sheets to collect rain water, some ability to light a fire out in the open so I can keep warm. I have some dry goods - mung beans, chick peas, organic wheat that I can plant.  Whether I 'thrive'...  that is to be seen  ???


Many are not "thriving" Mara as many earlier posts point out.  We are all one Collective Consciousness...  all intertwined.  How can, seriously, I be thinking about my own prosperity and "thriving" when I see a little 5 year old in Somalia last night on my nice shiny TV pumped through to me by my electricity company who I can pay money to for its supply because I am one of the lucky ones who has a job...  and I see a little boy who is all bones because of the most terrible drought in East Africa since the 1950's, out there on the Horn of Africa.  He is an expression of Creator.  He is dying.  In what way is Creator dying?  


Have I stopped listening to Creator?  Have I cut down nearly all of Creator's beautiful rain forests so that I can have that bar of chocolate neatly packaged at my corner store?  Yes I have.  Does the Palm Oil produced from the land that once had beautiful rain forest on it abundant with bird life and flowers and orangutan and Sumatran tigers and natural-living people...  people all now swallowed into "urban drift"...  has all of this Life been destroyed simply to produce Palm Oil which goes into nearly every food item I have taken from the supermarket shelf this week?  Yes it does...  And I then wonder why Creator is expressing as wretch'ed ???   It is completely logical once one begins to think about it a bit more clearly.


(4)  The Recession has EVERYTHING to do with us...  because our complicit acceptance of this financial system for the last 3, 4, 5, Hundred years...  no, too short a time...  in fact, for the last 4, 5, 6 Thousand years, ever since someone pressed a coin into the hand of a slave in Egypt and said, "Here...  now you are a "free man"...  Come and make as much of this money as you like...  because now I have freed you from slavery.  Oh, by the way, the only way you can get more of this coin, this money, is by coming back to me, and I will slowly give it out to you...  enough to keep you alive...  but I will keep the larger portion of the profit for myself and my descendants."


 It all happened that long ago Mara.  This is the story of money.  Now...  who in their right minds wants to continue to be a part of this system...  who in their gut wants to continue to trade their Lives for money?  It is illogical...  when all of Creation has gifted to us already exactly what we need for a happy life.


(5)  please tell me, what is this "road less travelled"  ??  which apparently leads to:

(6)  "emotional, physical and financial independence"   Surely you must be talking about returning to our Pristine Origins here...  a return to the Land and generating, growing all that we need.  This is the only meaning I can get from this 'road less travelled'  leading to 'emotional, physical and financial independence'  ie: no need any longer for a monetary system  :D  Yay !!!


(7)  NO-ONE is in a position of "personal power" while they are still actively trading in this money system ~  working, getting paid, buying commodities...  It's all part of The illusion  put in place for us by those in technocratic power.


(8)  It is  a "dreaded  Recession" Mara.  I know 1929 is a long time ago, but some people still remember the hunger, the mass homelessness of people, "the dust bowl" of the 1930's I believe they called it, the sickness...  wave upon wave of people drifting on the dry dirt earth of America... falling waste in their thousands by the road side in their drift...  and what were they trying to find ??? ...what exactly?   Someone to press a coin into their hand.  How sad.


Indeed...  it is a "dreaded RECESSION".  And do you remember what happened in that 1929 Recession Mara ??  President Hoover signed over The American Federal Reserve as a Private Company !!!  to the holders of currency at that time of recession, in 1932 I believe as a way out of the Recession he thought.  He sold the USA out to English, French and German stake-holders.  And who is the United States of America beholden to right now ???  !!!   The American Federal Reserve.  Funny that !!   I see that "The Plan" has finally hatched...  and it didn't even take 100 years  :-/   How gullible all of us SLAVES are.  Gee, and you thought you had to be a person of color to be enslaved  *shrugs*


(9)  The weather ~  I see this again like I see the Somalian boy...  an expression of fury an outrage of Creator...   We have fouled up the beautiful Earth, mistreated Her and taken Her out of balance.  Whenever something falls out of balance, there is an equal and proportional reaction to that falling out of balance.  The way humanity has treated the resources of this beautiful Earth is WAY OUT OF BALANCE...  You have to agree ??


(10)  It is a very REAL threat, and it WILL impact on our ability to survive


(11)  Is the current financial crisis "caused by the amount of attention focused on it"  or because we have all been in the slumber of complicit-ness out of which we are now Awakening !!!  :D   and we are for the first time in many Millenia re-seeing it for what it is ???  :D   


(12)  apparently in the 2000's not many people are "thriving".  If you'd put out this call in the 1990's you possibly would have been inundated with responses.  This time currently is not so kind.


(13)  This has by-and-large been answered to above.  We can indeed "add to the expansion of good health"  by living simply on the land...  we can gain "amazing wealth" but it won't be in monitary terms...  more in the wealth of our relationships with other people, the Land, with Creator...   and certainly "endless joy!"  is abundantly available:


"Co-creation and joy in its contemplation"


And how do I know all this stuff?  How do I think I know about all this stuff? Because i've nearly finished reading the 7th book (out of 9) of the "Ringing Cedars Series" in which Anastasia the Siberian recluse tells all of these things to Vladimir Megre about our 'lost' history (suppressed actually)  and the potential for us to return to our Pristine Origins'.  Check these books out Mara  :D  They're just amazing.  Love to you...  from Bronwyn


Ringing Cedars of Russia Series, Book 4 "Co-creation" by Vladimir Megre, p. 8




Comment by Mara on July 16, 2011 at 4:40am
Transformation - thank you for your well meaning intention to wake us up with this alert - but as a co-creator believing in law of attraction what you have done here is to temporarily focus us on a problem rather than a solution, a lack of something rather than an abundance, the negative end of the stick - I do it myself sometimes, I suppose it's focusing on the contrast, isn't it?  And we can be happy and satisfied that by temporarily focusing on that end of the stick we have put an abundance of what is wanted in our votex - now we all just gotta get into the votex with that wonderful stuff!.
Comment by Bronny NZ on June 12, 2011 at 10:30pm

I just want to alert all you good people to the fact that the "prosperity" of the West is actually derived from the poverty of the under-developed nations.  


When American consumer mentality finally recedes and gives way to something much higher than itself...  this will be the West finally "Waking up from 'The American Dream'."


I'm sure this quote will raise a few heckles...  and basically...  Good !!  We all need to think about how our 'investment dollar' is impacting the planet and her peoples ~  whether your investment dollar has been polluting and ruining another part of our precious planet...  or a group of people who don't have Corporate Funding to enter into large law suits to defend themselves.  


I'm sure many will be aware of the 'carryings on' of Coca~Cola in Bolivia over the last decade and other 'small' nations for example...  extracting the natural, available and free water source to such an extent that whole villages have had to relocate simply because the water table has now become so low that their own village wells and bores are no longer able to bring water up for the people.  And yet Coca~Cola keep right on pumping.  The Amazon Basin is another great example, sweat shops in both India and China, the Indonesian rain forests being felled and turned into 'Palm Oil' plantations.  


Why do you think your last electrical purchase was so cheap??  ... sit down and work out the costs of all of the components and the hours of labour time to put it together, the equipment needed to press out the plastics moldings, the computer design equipment in the first place and personal to complete assembly of the whole item.  This applies to clothing and many other 'consumables' also.  The ACTUAL cost of manufacture probably works out to around 3 times as much as you've just paid  for your item...  if it's been produced in an 'under-developed' country that is.  The West is piggy-backing off these countries...  2/3 of the world actually comprise these countries.  


And yet we have the effrontery to flaunt our veritable and undeniable wealth and stake our claim even further into this "American Dream".  

Shame.  Shame.



Comment by Buzzen Donna on September 30, 2008 at 11:56am
When others in our industries comment on our results, they say "How in the heck do they do so much with what seems like such little effort? Why aren't they struggling like the rest of us???"

Then they get to know us and find out our "secrets" for creating extraordinary businesses and finding peace and happiness in the midst of what seems like chaos.

Here's what's different about us: We recognize that our mindset controls our circumstances - not the other way around. By changing our focus we change our reality. We simply use our "secret formula" to stay centered and focused, become aware of our thoughts, and create extraordinary results time after time after time, (and we have a ton of fun while we're at it)!

We are a company for women who believes that the media does not create our reality, we have the choice to question all thoughts and choose.

Join us for a free call on Oct 14!

Comment by Happy Thought Thinker on September 30, 2008 at 10:42am
What About Greed?

We're hearing much about the greed of Wall Street these days. Many people think that investors, bankers, and CEOs of large companies were trying to make too much money too fast and thus precipitated this situation where businesses are failing.

But what actually constitutes greed? The dictionary defines greed as the overwhelming desire to have more of something, such as money, than is actually needed. By that standard, most of us would fall into the greedy category, for most of us have significant desires for more money than we actually need to buy everyday essentials. Most of us want to do far more than just get by, more than just eek out an existence.

Further, the greed concept implies a world based on scarcity, on lack. It would matter little if someone intensely wanted and tried to acquire more than he/she needed if resources were unlimited. Under those circumstances, greed would not exist. Greed implies that someone can take more than they need and thus create shortage for others. As we view things from the broader perspective that we're learning from Abraham-Hicks, greed is, well, irrelevant.

I find that I no longer relate to this notion of greed, for it implies that someone is doing something aggressively selfish and I need to feel vulnerable and victimized as a result. Nope, I won't go there. Nothing good ever comes from feeling bad.

Cause and Effect, Supply and Demand

In my previous post, I hypothesized that, whatever the precipitating factors, the current financial shake-up is a manifestation resulting from widespread increase in vulnerable thoughts and feelings since the attacks on the World Trade Center. Vulnerable thoughts held long-term dramatically increase the likelihood that the Law of Attraction will bring us something new to feel vulnerable about, even if it's not in the same category as the previous event. Cause-and-effect is in operation every moment, with the Universe bringing us circumstances that match up with our mental focus.

So, if we want pleasing things, such as prosperity, it's important to focus on that - imagine it, savor it, mentally live it - regardless of what Wall Street OR Main Street is doing. That's how we usher in our desires.

In economics, there is a law of supply and demand: if a consumer item is scarce and lots of people want it, the price will likely go up. Conversely, if a consumer item is plentiful and lots of people want it, the price will likely go down.

On further scrutiny, demand actually creates supply. If people want an item that doesn't exist, some resourceful, inventive person will find a way to create it. That's how every new, improved product, from gadgets to rockets, reaches the marketplace.

Supply and Demand - on Steroids

Beyond this obvious supply-and-demand, there's a cosmic counterpart. That law says that what we demand, or rather let's say desire, comes into existence simply as a result of our desiring it. It gets supplied right off the bat by a Universe designed to respond to our every wish. Our supply of "stuff" - tangible and intangible - is then stored in a vibrational escrow account that each of us holds. Every time we think happily about our desire (or any subject, for that matter), it moves one step out of escrow and one step closer to physical manifestation. On the other hand, every time we think thoughts of fear, lack, frustration, or victimhood, our "stuff" moves back towards our escrow account - so near and yet so far away.

Where Am I Going With All This?

(Dang-it, why do I have to ask myself the hard questions?)

The important thing to know is that there is no finite amount of ANYTHING. Everything in existence came forth as a result of desire and mental focus, and as long as we creatures are able to do both of those things (I don't see any let-up in the near future), there will be plenty of all that we desire, including money, houses, cars, businesses, reality TV, and microwave popcorn.

As a result of this financial "melt-down," our economy has the potential to become more robust that it has ever been, for countless people have launched powerful rockets of desires in recent days for that very robustness. And all that robustness and stability has been wadded up and crammed into all those countless folks' vibrational escrow accounts, just waiting to be happily unleashed.

And that can happen at any time - as we remove our attention from "greed" and vulnerability and place it on well-being and endless supply. :)
Comment by Happy Thought Thinker on September 28, 2008 at 5:55pm
Lately, it has seemed surreal to hear of huge, long-established companies such as AIG and Washington Mutual calling for bail-outs and buy-outs. It seems bizarre to see so many restaurants and now car dealerships closing their doors, as well as a huge, previously flourishing time-share company in our Orlando area laying off hundreds of workers due to the credit crunch.

How did we get into this predicament? Well, there are the plethora of home loans that banks and other institutions made to people who don't seem to be able to keep up with their payments. Before that, according to our local congressman, was a well-intentioned but misguided mandate from Congress for banks to make these loans to people who were a credit risk, in order that these folks, too, could have a piece of the American dream. And behind all of it could be the fact that we, as a nation, increasingly live on credit - buying things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't even know. (Ha - I've long chuckled at that definition of credit coined by some witty person.) Perhaps this is the bursting of the credit bubble that some pundits have predicted.

Here I go again...

The causes for our current economical situation could be (and will be) debated until the proverbial cows come home. But all of these are merely precipitating factors. There is a broader principle at work here, and it stems from (you suspected I was going there, didn't you?) Law of Attraction.

Since the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9-11-2001, the majority of people in this nation have felt a new level of vulnerability. In order to try to decrease the likelihood that this country would experience another such attack, we have thought a lot about terrorism, guarded against terrorism, and issued incessant warnings about terrorists. Even though we've relaxed some about this issue in recent years (much to our peril, experts would say), we still shudder at the likelihood of another attack, allowing feelings of vulnerability to ever simmer on the back burner of our vibrational countenance.

Thankfully, we have had no further large-scale terrorist attack in the U.S. HOWEVER, these thoughts and feelings of insecurity are powerful energy and MUST manifest in physical experience. "Like attracts like" applies to nations as well as to individuals. Enough people have held enough fearful thoughts long enough for a significant manifestation to occur in physical experience. This time, it's not the collapse of buildings; it's the apparent near-collapse of our economy.

We know from Abraham-Hicks that anything we "push against" will get bigger in our experience - either that very thing or something similar in essence, something equally unwanted. That's what I speculate is happening in our financial world.

Old way of thinking vs. new...

I'm not chiding anyone. Heaven only knows that if one doesn't understand Law of Attraction, a person would seemingly be daffy not to give plenty of thought to terrorism. One would think that it's only prudent to be alert, vigilant, and well-informed about everything that can go wrong.

But if one DOES understand Law of Attraction, well, we know that it's always counterproductive to give our attention to unwanted circumstances.

The good news is that by refusing to listen to bad news reports and wring our hands, we can THRIVE no matter what our economy is experiencing. By staying on course and knowing that this financial "correction" is just a tiny blip on the radar screen compared to the absolute immensity and preponderance of prosperity, we can absolutely flourish in the future.

By sidestepping thoughts of vulnerability, we can indeed experience unprecedented abundance in days to come. New opportunities and fresh ideas will come to us. We'll be in the right place at the right time. We'll seemingly live a "charmed life" despite the struggles around us.

It's all about mental focus. It's simply and endlessly all about that.
Comment by steve soucy on September 24, 2008 at 12:52pm
Well, hello Mara

Great idea for a discussion!

Myself, I can't say that I struggle with the issue of some people disaster while others 10 feet away are unscathed. I believe what this thread is about, is also truthful for me.

However, when I see ads on TV asking for my money for poor ravaged folks, I still tear up at their misfortune. I cannot look at people that just went thru a hurricane like Katrina, and accept that they attracted this to themselves, without feeling guilty that I might be blaming them for their own problems. I have some growing to do there..

But the biggest and toughest part of this kind of discussion, is how to talk to non-believers about this aspect of the Law of Attraction. I don't want or need to change anyone's mind, and I also don't want people to think that believing the Law of Attraction requires that we become less caring about the state of the world.

For instance, the current banking crisis, is really affecting a lot of people's lives, and many others are looking for scapegoat, like this should be some kind of witch hunt. It occurs to me that this is about greed, but my judgment is biased because I haven't completely let go of my controlling belief that extremely wealthy corporations have become wealthy thru nefarious schemes.

As a Canadian musician, I remain isolated from that crisis, because I haven't yet made enough money to have invested in the American economy. That's not good or bad, that just is, for now.

Or worse yet, how does the Law of Attraction & Abraham, explain the holocaust? Millions of people perished in the inhumane ways. How can we talk about this subject with non-believers of the LOA, without them becoming enraged at our seeming lack of empathy?

That's a subject I avoid completely, mostly because my real empathy and grief for mankind, overwhelms my ability to apply the LOA.

I'm learning tho.
Comment by Happy Thought Thinker on September 23, 2008 at 10:11am
I so agree, Mara, that our well-being depends on our vibration (habits of thought) as opposed to anything "out there," including global financial conditions or weather patterns.

My partner, Mark, and I were immersed in that belief four years ago, and we had no damage when a hurricane visited our area, although the wind was so strong on the garage door that our SUV was actually pushed forward in the garage.

Mark owns a payphone company, and after several years of decreasing revenue, the company is doing well right now as more people are using the payphones, possibly as a result of less people affording cell phones.

Some people struggle in the best of times and other people thrive in the worst of times. It has nothing to do with the times, unless we choose to believe that it does.

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