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The Power of Twelve

Started by Tassel Daley(Creating Wealth) Dec 16, 2012.

Easy Street?

Started by Tassel Daley(Creating Wealth) Dec 5, 2012.

Are You Letting In Well-Being Today? How?

Started by Sebastian Keene Nov 25, 2008.

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Comment by Tassel Daley(Creating Wealth) on August 27, 2013 at 12:22am

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Comment by Tassel Daley(Creating Wealth) on March 24, 2013 at 10:31pm
Comment by Tassel Daley(Creating Wealth) on March 22, 2013 at 7:34pm

Midas Touch for everyone.


Comment by Tassel Daley(Creating Wealth) on January 31, 2013 at 3:47pm

Comment by Tassel Daley(Creating Wealth) on January 10, 2013 at 3:08pm

The Power of twelve..creating millionaires.

Comment by Tassel Daley(Creating Wealth) on December 16, 2012 at 5:06pm

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Comment by 100percentlove on July 5, 2009 at 1:49am
Midas Touch is when everywhere you go people are excited to see you. Everybody wants what you have to offer. They want what you're selling...An inherited Midas Touch is what I have. I had a very stylish, rich person in my family tree. I have very expensive taste. I've found that there are cheap beautiful things everywhere. One just has to open their eyes and style is not in everyone, sorry to say..........Ways to make money: work for someone else vrs. work for yourself......If for yourself, you buy and sell real merchandise or sell a service, or both...The reason people have a hard time creating abundance is they don't know what their strengths and talents are or what they really want to do. with their life. Sit down and write all your pluses and minuses out....Study the plus side. James Arthur Ray is golden. He's the mentor from the secret that's helped me the most....I'm still not done studying, but he says...on a piece of paper, write it out on two sides. One side is "reasons why I can't" The other side is "reasons why I can"......Are you fooling yourself with the reasons why you can't???.............I love to laugh and especially at myself....I used to be very sports oriented. Now I bump into everything and seem kind of clutsy. I get a real kick out of this....literally......hahahha...... It's an individual thing. Everybody has to pick what they know they are good at. Do what you love. I've heard that. I have to live it. I needed a marriage partner and I thought I had one...why is he fading in and out. Would be nice if I just had a partner there all the time. I hate chasing men..Because it's not done so easily ALONE........If you're afraid to get started you have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, realize that the only time is now...Don't give up. ...Listen to and read Napoleon Hill enough times and you will start to brainstorm ideas.....Sooner than later, everything he says starts to be crystal clear.....Find what you are good at. ....For me, I want to be a writer too. I just have to enter some stuff on my writing site. If I was more organized I would stop letting people move my writings. Get everything set up. Then just go for it. I get too caught up in helping people. Then when I need some help, there's no one to help me. So I feel like a cartoon character. I have to be Wonder Woman, Spiderwoman, Batwoman, Flash all in one person. I have to do all the jobs myself....because my daughter is a princess. My son is a prince. This leaves one little angel and she is a very talented artist and works very hard. She has seen me do it all. We are going to be business partners. I just designed a jewerly line by accident. I didn't know it would make people (mostly men) act bonkers. Men dream of selling it. Women are bitching me out and giving me the evil eye....I first did this when I was 20....I really need a Real Estate career....Anybody have an office???? This has been my dream for 30 years. I want to sell Real Estate....I just don't feel I can do much without a partner...but of course I have to... I just made the jewelry for myself really...I think it will be fun to design something for men too. I am just gonna start out slow....A man critized me...just fuel for the fire....He said I am going in all different directions...Duh, it's called multiple streams of income. It's perfect for Artists...because Artists need to be in flow in different directions. It's called creativity my dumb friend..
Comment by aboutagirl on September 9, 2008 at 6:13pm
Thanks for allowing me to join this group!
Comment by Sol Danmeri on July 31, 2008 at 6:08am
This Sol: www.ergonomicdialogueprocess.co.uk

Everything that you see, hear, touch, smell, think, feel, sense or intuit is a vibration. It is a form of energy that has a frequency. When you go to a forest, or spend time by the sea or go anywhere where you are in nature you feel a certain atmosphere, you have certain feelings of peace, beauty, God, love or magic. More often than not it is positive feelings that you would experience. Nature has a certain vibration about it that allows one to experience feelings of elegance and joy.

When ones house is messy and one gathers the energy to declutter ones house, one feels different. There is a sense of space and cleanliness that enables one to feel more in control of ones life and from this place of having order, one is able to manifest things from a centre of clarity within.

I know that when I eat good healthy food I feel differently inside myself. I have more energy and feel more alive. I know when I do not eat soul nourishing food my energy is low and sluggish. So Food being a vibration directly influences how I feel or my levels of energy. I know from direct experience that when I have clear goals about my life, I know what I wish to achieve and feel supported by the universe; my life feels different and I am able to feel a sense of accomplishment about myself as a spiritual being living a human experience.

Flower essence are the vibrational signature of flowers. These vibrational frequencies flood our consciousness. They influence how we make look at situation in our life that we would like to change or transform and transmute our consciousness so that our consciousness begins to vibrate at a similar frequencies.

The Law of Attraction is quite simple to understand. What I think about I attract. What I feel I attract. What I put my attention on I attract. My state of mind is a magnet that attracts anything that is vibrating at similar frequency.

Knowing this Law means that I am initiated into choosing to live my life from a place of Conscious Choice, responsibility for being the creator of my experience. It does mean letting go of blaming, being a victim and self pity. Because if I focus on not being able to change my situation and others or external situations being the cause of me not being able to choose an experience that comes from my free-will, than The Law of Attraction will give me experiences that mirror my state of mind.

Flower essences are vibrational medicine. It is very simple and effective way to take responsibility for making a change in ones life. For example there is Flower Essence called Christmas Bell in the Australian Bush Flower set that assists people in receiving Abundance. Sometimes we have thoughts that say we are not worthy of receiving wealth. We might have thoughts that focus on lack or what is missing in our lives, Christmas Bell works on transmuting these thoughts to trust in Universal Abundance. So in many ways Flower Essences work on clearing blocks to that you which you wish to receive or actualise and manifest.

With Flower Essences there are no contraindications for pregnant women or people on medication. Flower essences are self adjusting and work with you as an individual so they allow the change to happen at the speed that you are able to adjust to.

Using Flower essences with a Flower essence healer, doubles the effect. The Flower essence healer would assist you in choose either a combination of flower essence or just one. She or He would also invite you practice some creative visualisation and affirmations relating specifically to you your situation. It is important to use creative visualisation and affirmations with flower essence healing as it integrates the process at subconscious level and will allow a more grounded stabilisation of the flower essence vibrations.

I have been working with Flower Essence for five years. I have worked with Bach Flower and Australian Bush flower essences. I have been practicing meditation for 14 years and have studied with with metaphysical teachers from different, spiritual and religious traditions. I combine the Flower essence healing with creative visualisation, affirmations and meditation.

As there are many flower essences, one can feel a bit lost at which one to take. What I would like to offer to people here today, is an invitation to explore how flower essences may benefit you. There will be no charge for this service. I only ask that you make a donation for the cost of the bottle, postage and flower essences.Cconsultation can be done via email, skype or telephone.

I enjoy working with flower essences as I have seen too many times how people have been transformed by them. It is lovely to have people write to me saying thank you for assisting them and how they feel much better due working with flower essences.

This is an invitation from my Heart. An invitation to explore how you can create the changes that you would like to make to live a freer life.

Your friend. Sol Danmeri
Comment by Melissa K on July 6, 2008 at 4:59pm
Best book I've read thus far that has clarified so many things for me is The Astonishing Power of Emotions by Abraham-Hicks. All their stuff is good, but this really brought it all home. I highly recommend it!

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