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getting to the success side

Started by Suneel Aug 23, 2008.

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Comment by irfan asghar on December 25, 2009 at 2:45am
the pivot of the law of attraction is "trust in the universe" and this is here where most of the people fail in the process of implementation of the law. my experience says that if u develop the quality of firm belief in "the love and support of nature "for u, u start feeling urself a great sort of person whose aura goes to erase all kinds of barriers, limitations and obstacles.
Comment by irfan asghar on December 25, 2009 at 2:39am
cultivate the potential to use the principle of 'the mind over matter'. the most important thing is ur mind and all the experiences ,events and attitudes of the people around are just illusions. all these illusions--attitudes of people,events and experiences around--- are bound to change their appearance and character in accordance with the dictates of ur mighty mind.
second and the most important factor that keeps u unwavered and unstaggered is the firm belief and trust in the support of the universe for u.when someone Greater than all is there to take care of u and ur interests, then what sort of fear,worry,anxiety etc.
Comment by Bullion Grey on December 24, 2009 at 7:45pm
Hey all,
Greetings from the shores of the largest known body of water in the known cosmos, pacific ocean!

Well, I am new so whatever.....

here something you might benefit from:
Get a large white foam-core sheet at an artist supply store.
Get a stack of Post-it Notes in different colors.
Put your white Foam-core up on your wall, where you'll see it everyday.
Write on the center of the white foam-core on a post-it note something you are choosing for your growth. Can be an aprtment, a car, health improvement, or $, what it is doesn't matter as long as it is for your and other's highest GOoD.
Put a pen on a string on your white foam-core, and keep your stack of post-it notes next to it.
Now everyday, or whenever, look at it, and ask yourself:
"What could be missing?"
"Who can I ask for help to get this?"
"Where are people that will share know-how?"
"What might I try next?"
When you ask a question, write that question on a post-it and put it up. When someone shares with you, write their name on a post-it and put it up.

The most amazing thing will happen.
You'll start to get more ideas, help and resources to move you toward what you want. It is an 'Active Thought Map' and each week will become more amazing!
I promise you, if you do this greater powers will come to your aid in many mysterious ways, unanticipated, even strange ways.
Look a it everyday and ask: "Whats missin?" and if you get a thot, add it.
I have taught this to many people over a five year time span, and have heard some amazing things as a result of this type of mystical work. I use it in my own way for the last 20 years. If you want ask any question to clarify if you wish.
Sorry I wrote soooo much, but it felt right.
into the Silence,
Bullion Grey
Comment by Mampi_Priti on December 23, 2009 at 4:55am
Hi Mindgym, thnk u sooo much for ur advice 4 using The Secret in a planned way. Ur idea of writng down the path for a planned stdy on a paper seems to b a moral boost. I hv already chalked out d plan n whyl writng it in d paper, i actually found myself visualisng the whole thng n thus it boostd my cnfdence. Hope i wl gv u a gd news bout the result soon as u only told that thers nothng in this wrld we cn say huge ie impossbl!! Right? Wish me lucks. Anyways thnk u again. Hope tht the cming season bring all d joy n happynes of d univrs wd it n may all d pleasent surprises come knoking on ur door d nxt year. Bye
Comment by Mind Gym on December 21, 2009 at 6:39am
See there is nothing in this world we can say huge, impossible or silly. You just believe in yourself, see yourself to the position when you would have won that exam and partying with friends....Imagine the "you" after good result of exam. Just see your face in mirror and make reactions in-front of mirror that will be having the day when you would achieve that position you aches for. Try to make the words for that moment like you have to speak about your success in front of friends.

And then cheerfully write the path on paper, how you will going to do it. Means just write like- I will prepare this A lesson in x much days so i will reach in this level of understanding to exam upto k% and then that B lesson and S subject will clear the understanding. After this I will take this C subject because it is pretty important and then I am going to see the changes of my knowledge and after that i will go for this subject subjects revisions and thats it. At Dth day I will completely know about the exam strategy and subject so i will look in the mirror ask for myself about exam, how I am going to do it and where i will be after that exam result apparently at cloud nine. I am going to rock the world and exam.....I am going to win the situation or thing.....now paste the paper on the wall where you see it frequently, read it if you see it anytime you passes by...

Thats how you can direct your mind to learn and win in exams....Its just an example to appease mind and make it work for you , you can place any thing in between the ratios and percentages....any wish you wishes for...and the way how you gonna achieve it...Sometimes you dont have path for certain things....just stick with the part I am gonna achieve it , i dont know how but I will.....
Comment by Mampi_Priti on December 19, 2009 at 3:28pm
After coming across THE SECRET I have got many positive changes in myself, like I am much more confident thn I used to be and I have started finding more reasons around me to be happy and I am very very grateful to the Universe to bring about these changes as I really needed them.
But now I want to use these changes to attract my dreams n wishes. I am a student and I have got a very important exam coming up in a few months. Ofcourse I m studying hard for it but then can u suggest me some ways which can help me reach the result I dream of!!!!!
Comment by gav on March 23, 2009 at 10:44pm
In the past, I was a slow learner, but in the now and the future, I am smart, fast learning, and love working hard

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