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Modern Muse (Rayna's Advanced Coaching / Beginners Welcome)


Modern Muse (Rayna's Advanced Coaching / Beginners Welcome)

Spiritual, Law of Attraction, Intuitive Counseling and Readings with Rayna Tamarin, Starseed/Indigo/Crystal/EarthAngel/Lightworker


Website: http://raynatamarin.com
Location: The Crystal Closet, MOUNT DORA, Florida
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Latest Activity: Nov 9, 2017

The Modern Muse of Mystique Muse Magazine is Here to Help You.

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Ask me anything, I want to channel beyond the moon and stars to the heavens full of light for you my love...

This is a group that I developed where I will be able to answer your questions in a personal and intimate setting.

Mystique Muse Magazine

... is a resource for anyone interested in reading about Law of Attracttion, Self-Help, Relationships, Paranormal, Abundance, Manifestation, True Magick and so much more. I began this relatively new online magazine at the end of 2009 with the intention of having an outlet for my writing and counseling. I appreciate comments and input everywhere throughout the magazine on articles, writing in with requests, questions and for counseling and readings.

-Giggled yet today?

I have goals too:
I really want to guide people and I really want to gain a public platform from which I can reach many, many people and touch all of their hearts and lives in some way or another. I have so much to give that often it bubbles over and I find myself frustrated that I don't have enough people to shower the abundance onto. Of course I then come back into myself and know that those who need me, if only for one moment along their path, will find me. It is Law. I wish to reach a broad number of people and spread the message of self-enlightenment whether it be through my love of singing, art, designing, spiritual coaching, acting, teaching, or writing books and articles. If you have an opportunity or know of an outlet for me to fulfill my dreams of reaching a broader audience in any capacity, I graciously ask you to present it to me and I will receive it with Love holding you in my heart as the divine messenger.

What I do:
I answer, channel and reveal. I assist you to lift your veil and see the world like a child. I want you to be able to succeed on your own and understand how you got where you are and how to predict where you are going. I can teach you to "Read the Moment". Do you have to be a psychic to know how to predict your own future? Yes, but luckily we are all psychics, some of us just don't know how to use the abilities. Consider me a hand to guide you across one stepping stone to the next. Ask and I will respond. Further than our personal future, now matters greatly our collective future. At this time we have come, and I have come to bring the unveiling to all so upliftment can be absolute. Nothing matters more than becoming whole here and now.

What else can I offer?
I offer Intuitive Readings outside of PI. Sometimes I like to read the cards, pendulum and utilize other forms of divination. However the tools are simply tools, I don't need them to know you for you and I are One and the same. I also have all of my developed psychic senses constantly evolving and opening further. One of which is Psychometry--I can read the energy contained in objects and photos, and I can clear and charge objects with intention. I sell these "Haunted", Energized, Enchanted, Charmed objects so you can benefit form their proper use. These objects can be anything, but most commonly are these items such as jewelry with special metals and stones that I have cleared and charged and when worn by someone they enhance the ability and intention of the wearer. That means, for example, that I can energize a ring and when you wear it, you will reap its intended gifts by melding with it's energy naturally. Your energy will attune to the intended vibration at your will through affirmation. The ring or object may be charged with any intention and it will manifest the intentioned outcome in your life when you bear the energy by wearing the energized, haunted ring!

For more information on purchasing Haunted items, or to order a Reading of any type please visit www.mystiquemuse.com or email me directly at rayna@raynatamarin.com

In this group I will answer anyone who asks... so...

-Sit back, relax and get comfortable here.

Love, Rayna the Muse

Rayna is a professional clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, intuitive, channel, gifted with psychometry, a natural mental alchemist/"spell caster", energy worker. She is an Starseed Indigo raised to Crystal, and a Lightworker. According to Doreen Virtue's Earth Angels, Rayna is an Incarnate Angel, Elemental Unicorn, Starperson, Starchild and Wise One (giving the ability to work energy magick). Rayna has many other gifts as well.

Extra info: Rayna works as a spiritual advisor online through this free group, and paid privately through her own website providing Email Readings and Live Online Chat Readings. 

Past credits: Rayna was formerly employed with the CASSADAGA SPIRITUALIST CAMP™, BOOKSTORE & INFORMATION CENTER in Cassagaga, FL where she taught classes on the Pendulum. http://www.cassadaga.org

Rayna worker formerly as a Psychic, Tarot Reader at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida next to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

NOW: Rayna owns and operates The Crystal Closet http://www.thecrystalcloset.com in Sanford, FL where she hosts groups, classes, events, and sells crystals, hand made jewelry, hand made crafts, candles, herbs and other metaphysical supplies.

Discussion Forum

Indigo 3 Replies

I read the article that was posted and it was great but I have a question. What exactly is an indigo and how would one know whether or not they are one?Continue

Tags: Indigo

Started by Mike S.. Last reply by Rayna the Muse Feb 18, 2015.

I find it difficult to "FEEL" 3 Replies

I am so happy to have found a site such as this one as Ive been looking for ages to speak with like-minded souls and to see and hear stories of how the LOA has worked for them.I recently went through…Continue

Started by Sunflower. Last reply by Rayna the Muse Jan 15, 2012.

How do you vibrationally charge, or energize, objects? 24 Replies

How do you vibrationally charge, or energize, objects? What is the process that I could use to energize an item? Can you also energize a person? Thanks Rayna! Let me know if you ever get more…Continue

Started by Michael Parker. Last reply by Rayna the Muse Jan 15, 2012.

5 Tips for Harvesting Manifestations During Faster Higher Vibrations! Ride that Wave! 19 Replies

Do you feel the vibes?  The energy is soaring! Catch the wave surfers, because you're already on it!Five tips to keep in mind during high tides of vibes (flow):1. Stay on track by allowing receiving…Continue

Tags: of, attraction, law, tips, manifestation

Started by Rayna the Muse. Last reply by Rayna the Muse Jan 15, 2012.


HI  yesterday i realized LOA..i was very happy yesterday ..one of myfriend called me and said he is going for an important meeting.he wasworried. i said everything will be fine and the meeting will…Continue

Started by 51 LOVE Nov 20, 2010.

Sorry guys one more career one

I told hubby about my great day at work yesterday and his response was like ok so if those things are better are you SURE you still want to leave?  Yes I do and I want him to be OK with this.  I just…Continue

Started by QueenieAthenie Oct 14, 2010.

I apologise that it's ANOTHER career question but it's the ONLY area I need help in!

Things have been changing in my life - for the better.Even the money feels like it is coming and I have seen some proof and it is quite possible that when I DO leave my job next July - have already…Continue

Started by QueenieAthenie Oct 2, 2010.

How Do I Change My Physical Appearance? 3 Replies

I know many people don't believe it's possible to change physical appearance, but I don't see why not? But I'm not sure where to start? I have been visualizing, and quite frequently! So much that…Continue

Started by OverTheRainbow. Last reply by Rayna the Muse Sep 1, 2010.

I want extremely Creative Ideas to flow to me... 2 Replies

Hello Dear Rayna,I'm about to step into a new adventure in my life. I wish to start a new business and even though I know WHAT I want... I'm not sure what kind of business (not the kind of great…Continue

Started by Red Rose. Last reply by Rayna the Muse Aug 4, 2010.

how to control my thoughts 6 Replies

hi friends    I work as a lecturer in a college.I follow LOA for last three months.Its hard for me to control my thoughts when im in my staffroom.Because  we have a co-staff who is a relative of our…Continue

Started by 51 LOVE. Last reply by 51 LOVE Jul 9, 2010.

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You need to be a member of Modern Muse (Rayna's Advanced Coaching / Beginners Welcome) to add comments!

Comment by Rayna the Muse on January 13, 2012 at 4:35am


Comment by Rayna the Muse on January 13, 2012 at 2:38am

I'm back!!!! After a year of getting our center together in FL, I am back on PI and in Modern Muse. I'm now available again to give LOA and other spiritual advice. This is a new time. We are entering the 21 Century and the Aquarian Golden age. I can also offer advice to anyone who is an Indigo child (like me), Starseed (like me) and Crystal children (I'm transitioning). I can help you with Angel messages, and give you some other insights as well to your energy and aura. I'm here all!

Pao: Are you still creating your positive art? What have you been doing to charge it with the right energies? I'd be glad to offer you some tips.

Mike S: Would love to hear about your book tips! And as we are working on the album, and as I am working on my album, you can find the tracks as we create them here http://www.reverbnation.com/raynatamarin

~Love and Light, Rayna

Comment by Rayna the Muse on August 16, 2011 at 2:05am
Hi everyone!!! Please go to the following links to see what I have been doing while I have been away! www.raynatamarin.com I have opened a center called The Crystal Closet. Our facebook page is facebook.com/thecrystalcloset, and I am working on a album facebook.com.raynatamarin. I am going to start posting video blogs to my blog www.mystiquemuse.com and feel free to keep sending questions that can apply to many as I answer them and I will include what I can on the video blogs. I also want to invite anyone who is local to Central Florida to join my meetup group The Crystal Closet's: Indigos, Starseeds, Lightworkers Group. ~ Love and Light, Rayna
Comment by Pink Deva on May 1, 2011 at 10:05pm

Hi Rayna, 


Can you give me a tip on how to charge an artwork, im a painter and I want to charge it with positive energy some for soothing effects and others to happy and blissful effects, what incense should I use?




Comment by Mike S. on February 25, 2011 at 5:27pm
Congrats Rayna! That's awesome. let us know when your music comes out, I'd love to buy a copy. I've got a few tips for you if you decide to write a book (you're smart, you have a lot to share, so you definitely should).
Comment by Rayna the Muse on February 21, 2011 at 10:10pm
I'm so happy! I opened The Crystal Closet in Sanford, FL to help my community. Hey guys! I've been away from PI because I spontaneously manifested a spiritual shop in Sanford, FL as a means to help my local community evolve spiritually. Please know that you can do anything! The Universe responds with better ways for you to reach out and do your part. Hope you are all well. :o) Life is good, embody goodness in every moment!
I'm also writing and recording uplifting music which I hope to share once complete. Maybe I'll write a book. We are all on our missions. What will you do next in this great world? Let it be as great as you are! SHINE!
Hope you are doing what you love. Please love what you do!
Love and Light! Rayna Tamarin Owner(407) 878-2700303 E 1st ST, Suite 101Sanford, FL 32771www.thecrystalcloset.com
Comment by Rayna the Muse on October 14, 2010 at 1:49am
Thank you for staying active in Modern Muse while I have been away! I will be answering the new questions coming up here over the next few days. This is a great month for everyone in business! Face this information and GO FOR IT! $$$$$ It's happening now!!!! LET IT IN!!!! $$$$$ If you find you are resisting, I can help you see the green light!
Comment by Rayna the Muse on August 19, 2010 at 3:50pm
If anyone is having a difficult time right now, know that it is temporary until you have gained more momentum in the direction you'd rather be headed. Take back your power today and move ahead by allowing the path before you to unfold before your very eyes.
Comment by modesttreasure on August 19, 2010 at 12:03pm
Thanks, Rayna!
Comment by Rayna the Muse on August 19, 2010 at 9:29am
Hi everyone! I am here for you. Stay active in the forum whenever you would like answers and to interact. I have been filming and doing my music as well as private readings, http://mystiquemuse.com/book-me/

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