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I know many people don't believe it's possible to change physical appearance, but I don't see why not? But I'm not sure where to start? I have been visualizing, and quite frequently! So much that sometimes when I look in the mirror, I'm shocked to see my face because it's different than the image I hold in my mind. I don't feel like the reflection I see is my true face.... it's not the one I hold in my imagination at least.. . How can I manifest my vision?

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You have been working on this desire for a very long time. Please stop and ask yourself why you do not accept yourself as you are. What is it that you are really wanting? Yes there are ways to change your physical appearance but you must truly be happy with yourself before you manifest something like this. But you are not happy with your appearance and therefore your true belief is that you do not look the way you wish you did and so you are not happy in any way, inside or out. So how can you be in the right mind-frame to love your appearance when your true belief is that you do not?

If your goal is to be beautiful then you are not ready to be beautiful because you don't believe that you are beautiful, and therefore you can not be beautiful in your own eyes no matter how many glances you take in the mirror. You know you do not look the way you want to and so you recreate what you see as unappealing to you. Not what you want it to actually be. Each glance, more disappointment. That is not remaining as strong and positive as you think you have been. That shock is the shock of your self judgment. Your Soul is shocked that you can't see your beauty. Your ego is shocked that you haven't changed your face. Can you love yourself right here and now unconditionally? Why does the mirror determine your love for yourself?

Instead of looking in the mirror, look at a picture of who you want to look like and convince yourself that you are looking in the mirror. Over time you will actually alter yourself through mind over the physical matter of you. But stop right here and ask yourself why this person is more attractive than you in your opinion. What is your standard of beauty? What is your measure of importance? What is your level of confidence? Self esteem? What is the relationship you have with the Real You? These are why you are not looking the way you want to look. Because you have not overcome these low vibrations. Self worth, self doubt, self loathing. Why do you do it to yourself?

Feel beautiful inside first always before manifesting anything and measuring results. You won't have any results until you fix the inside. You can't be something you're not. You have to become what you want to be, do or have in essence from the inside before it can show up on the outside. So if you ARE not beautiful, then you will not APPEAR beautiful. If you ARE beautiful, then you will APPEAR beautiful. Try smiling more. Try glowing from within. Over time you will really glow so brightly that your glow will be the most beautiful thing you have ever seen. So what if it isn't the taste of another's standard of a beautiful appearance? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. See beauty! In YOU! Whose standards are you trying to live up to? Who told you what is and what isn't beautiful? Why did you listen? Change your mind, change your inner beauty and then you will start to see results. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to another. You will never be, do or have exactly what another person is, does or has because although at our Source we are all ONE, we are here and now living individual perspectives. Your perspective is the most important perspective in the world because it is yours and the only one you have. Learn from your experience so you can grow. You live out all perspectives at your Source because we are all ONE, but right here, right now, you are the star. And so in your world you are the standard of beauty, intelligence and everything. You are the only person you need to worry about. And worry is the wrong word.

If you can not possibly do these things, then you have the option of plastic surgery and cosmetic alterations. These are physical manipulations which also are born in spirit. Some people created technology that would alter looks based on a desire they had to do so. Cosmetic surgery and augmentation, alteration, and what-have-you was therefore the manifestation of those someones' desire to change appearances. There is nothing wrong with choosing a method that feels right to you. Whether you manifest a surgery or if you manifest a non-surgical change, shapeshift or morph, then you have still reached your goal. Or have you? If you have not changed your inner perspective on who you are and if you base all of your success solely on your outer world including your body, then you have changed nothing. This is what causes surgical malfunctions, more depression, non-creating and a vicious cycle of self loathing.

Please check up on your motivations. After you take all of your power back in all of these areas, then you can begin to manifest rightly and therefore effectively. Once you have it on the inside and become it, then the outside must follow.

You have every right and every power, every tool to accomplish any goal, even this one. You just need to utilize your rights, power and tools within the proper vibration. The vibration of LOVE.

Love and Light,
Rayna the Muse
Thank you so much for your response. I feel that I am an attractive person, but perhaps my dreams of being an actress have created a desire to be extremely attractive or to have an appearance that will stand out in a group of people. So my standard of beauty is very high. When I ask myself why I want to change, the first thing that pops in my head is "I want to stand out". I want a career in the entertainment industry, where looks are important. I think if I were attending school to be a nurse, I wouldn't care too much about changing anything. I'm pretty and I like my appearance. Everybody has things they would like to change if they could, but most are not aware that they have the power to change these things. I want change because I know I can, not because I don't love myself.
Also, I know there are actresses like Ellen Page who are not knock outs, but are finding plenty of fulfilling work in big films. So it know it's possible to make my dream come true without the physical change.

So your real goal is that you want to "Stand Out". Now you have come to the heart of your desire. So, now manifest Standing Out in your own unique way. Know that you have something different to offer or you wouldn't have the desire to be here physically at this time. Go fourth and stand out in your own beautiful unique way! Do something original, something with your own twist. JUST BE YOU and you will be all you ever wanted to be and more. If you are truly genuine then you can not be a copy or a clone. Therefore you will always stand out!!!

I am very excited for you!

Love and Light,
Rayna the Muse


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