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Appreciate all that you do, and all that you are, and be a better person and parent for it!

Please tell us how great you are today!!!

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I can go with the flow, I can let things go, I can ignore what I don't want more of, I can appreciate my kids and I can express that to them a lot, we do simple fun things and we hang out all the time. I have loosened up and I am often happy and silly. And if I'm not, I'm getting much better at letting that go too.

And I make good pbjs.
I appreciate that I pulled myself up today. I found myself and spoke from my heart and I was heard.
I appreciate how positive I am with my daughter. Driving home from shopping yesterday, she wanted to play "the I love things game", (2yr old version of a gratitude list). So, as we drove we took turns saying what we loved...these vary from "my toes" to "parks", "daddy", "i love my owwie", 'videos", and "trees". Such a blessing to express gratitude with my awesome daughter.
have a great day!
Today I appriciate my self for not giving into anger reaction..when my son's wallet was stolen when he was in the library playing-and two somalian boy's bigger than him did go and tease him from both side's and then ..he saw that his wallet missed when the boy'sp..ed off!!I aknowledge my feelings but did respond..Got the call jumped on my bike and started to act and help anton to act too and help him not be afraid after that to go and discuss and find out and do instead of just being a victim.
I am happy we got much back of hiscard's by just kept looking going back and fort and being loudly discussing because I had just ahunch they are not far with it!!I was right-the call came little while after and one of hidID card's was found inthe libraryrest was outside-rippled..but the cards that is missing are usable..so they think.Not anymor..We did go to the police station and Atnon got to see how everything is going.But he learend one thing too by this example when discussing all tonight before bedtime-mine aswell his feelings about what happened and how we created a lot of the postiive outcome by acting the solution.
Not denying that everything is fine when it's not..but turning the event in the end to postivie outcome.
Transformation and we can see we can and are powerful.
And now the one big question so it wont stir rasist ehaviour that has again put it's uggly head up here in the neighbourhood..this time it's like revenge I feel..but it's apattern too I can see it here-schoolending and so did the librarians see it(talking about other incident's like this...etc.)
I appriciate that I pointed out that not all humans can resist tmptetion no matter what race they are..so I really appriciate my talking about mistakes and dealing with my anger too telling I was angry but I did not go and act on that anger in negative way instead it fueld me to take action to solve the situation instead.
So I feel powerful as my sons parent.Iam proud of My son and I lov ehim dearly.
I am a very practical mum with the new tools on earth with kid's.I am strict I give my son guidelines but freedom as much as he can handle and give it as he goes..hislife'show him many things he needs to learn too to handle.
And I love him for being my sleepmagnet..just said it to me proudly I calm you down so much that youmum sleepbefore me because I can't decide wchich dream I want to see!!!so is my Anton...
Anton to me today!!He was so proud today of me!!He was saying I feel like you are kind of a egyptian god walking with me here on the street..they all resect and are fearfull of you(I asked fearful?)Yes they sense your power mummy!WEll -I said Good they do that!I said he has the same power in him too and how proud I am having him as my son!
love and blessings to you all here
we are on worldvillage festivalin Helsinki this weekend
and Anton takes a scouttrip.
So I appriciate today that Ireally could solve my parenthood today.
HSA and Anton


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