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WHO is SETH? How does Seth Relate to Abe? How was Abe discovered?

For anyone knew that doesn't know who Seth is or how Seth relates to Abe and the Secret.

Seth is the channelled enitity that came through in the 60's through a woman named Jane Roberts. Jane was a writer and was sitting at her kitchen table one night when something took over her for about an hour and when she aroused she had written an entire page called 'The Universe as Idea Construction'. Jane was really into Esp, she used a Quija board with her husband after that experience where she met seth, and finally trusted him enough to speak for him. From the 60-s to the 80-s, Jane channelled, seth taught and Robert Butts wrote it all down. Seth was teaching the law of attraction, the science behind it, and about alter reality, even how our cells are molecularly like the universe etc..
Jane passed away in the 80's right around the same time that Jerry Hicks discovered Seth and started reading book after book in facsination. He finally convinced Esther to let him read the books to her because at first she was quite wary, it was fascinating to them both and they both felt that their life had changed dramatically. Esther wanted to meet Jane, but found out that Jane had just died, they were really sad, but a friend gave the Hicks a tape channelled from another being 'theo'. They went and met Theo who told Esther she had her own guides waiting to speak through her.
She then found Abraham who spoke of what Seth spoke of, but yes, without the mechanics and easier to follow,less detail, easier instructions. The same teachings though.

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Comment by ArtistLaura on September 5, 2015 at 1:36pm

Does anyone have the info. the detailed description from Seth on changing the past?

Comment by Yvonne Rocks on October 16, 2011 at 9:23am
Just ordered four more seth books.  I am so excited!  I love how my perception of the material just changes and grows :)  He feels like an old friend now.
Comment by Playa on June 24, 2011 at 7:07pm

Here's an insightful Seth quote for the writers or someone interested in creative endeavors. (By the way, the emphasis is mine,  that's the part I wanted to share, the rest is just background info...haha)




When Ruburt [Jane] finished his project (God of Jane), he found himself with all of that time that was supposed to be used (underlined). He also became aware once again of his limitations, physically speaking: There was not much, it seemed, he could do but work, so he took the rational approach—and it says that to solve the problem you worry about it.

At the same time the natural person did emerge. Ruburt followed his impulses and interpreted your  [Rob's] dreams—all of which led you both into fresh creative activity. But it was not work, you see. What he needed to do was really relax, not prove that he could or should or must immediately begin another book. True creativity comes from enjoying the moments, which then fulfill themselves, and a part of the creative process is indeed the art of relaxation, the letting go, for that triggers magical activity, and that is what Ruburt must learn.

The Magical Approach: A Jane-Seth Book
by Jane Roberts
Session: August 6, 1980


Comment by Playa on November 18, 2010 at 12:23pm

"Now if you would each, for ten minutes a day, open yourselves to your own reality there would be no question of self justification, for you would realize the miraculous nature of your own identity."

Seth-Jane Roberts
ESP Class Session:
Feb. 9, 1971 (it appears also in Seth Speaks)

Some reflections of mine:

Now, the way I interpret this quote is that the realizing of the miraculous nature of our own identity may be done through meditation, but not necessarily. You can also do that by sitting quietly, focused on the Now (without thinking of the past of future), like the case may be with the person in this image (above).

I believe Seth means here to be aware of your existence for those 10 consecutive minutes (without interruption). In other words, for that period of time, to feel your existence and recognize your wellbeing in the present moment.And in that connection or recognition of Source Energy and wellbeing, could also take place at any other time. For example, while you are laughing with someone you love, or doing something that makes you feel good. There, in the moment, you could dedicate a few moments or seconds, to feeling your existence and recognizing your wellbeing in that present moment. In the Now.

Thanks for reading my reflections, hope you enjoyed them :)
Comment by Playa on September 28, 2010 at 4:11pm
~ You may be born into your present family for many reasons ~

"There is no rule saying that in each life you must meet again those
whom you have known before; and yet through the nature of attraction,
that is often the case . . .

"You may be born into your present family for many reasons. You may
find after death a much stronger relationship emotionally with a
personality from a past life. If you are married, for example, and
have no true rapport with your mate, you may instead find a past wife
or husband waiting for you."

Seth/Jane Roberts
Seth Speaks, Session 550, Chapter 12
© Robert F. Butts

tags: Past - "past lives* - past life relatioships, reincarnation, husband, wife, love
Comment by Brent Marchant on April 14, 2010 at 11:51am
Does the humanitarian message of the film "Pay It Forward," one of the movies profiled in my book Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies (Moment Point Press, www.momentpoint.com), have any genuine validity, or is it just a nice, warm, fuzzy feel-good notion? According to some new research, it's the former, documented through the scientific method. And now you can read more about all this in my latest blog entry, "A Down Payment on the Future." Enjoy!

Brent Marchant
Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies
Moment Point Press, www.momentpoint.com

Featured Contributor, Arts
VividLife magazine, www.vividlife.me
Comment by Rascal on April 7, 2010 at 12:52am
Here's a Link to the CosmoDot if you want to check it out.
Comment by Rascal on April 7, 2010 at 12:50am
One book I think you'd like is "The Writings Of Florence Scovell Shinn" in which she explains many of the bible stories as LOA allegories, and/or parables to explain things to the people in terms they could understand.

But to take that stuff literally . . . um, no. Not me.

Lynne McTaggart's "The Field" is another awesome book, in which she explores what science has figured out about the Zero Point Field. To me it seems that this field is the first physical manifestation of the energy of the consciousness that produces it -- virtually the soil from which the cosmic garden grows.
Comment by Rascal on April 6, 2010 at 11:25pm
Hi Lisa --

I don't think there are too many bonafide "scientists" here, though many of us are intrigued with the concepts of quantum mechanics as relates to the LOA conscious co-creation in general.

I'd like to invite you to my group The CosmoDot Eclectic where you may browse freely any time -- I've collected a number of video clips featuring Gregg Braden, physicist Michio Kaku, Bruce Lipton, and scores of clips from Abraham and Bashar, along with a few rare Seth videos. You might find any or all of this quite interesting.

" . . . the Law of Attraction has an almost mathmatical mechanism to prevent those who do not appreciate creation to even comprehend the message."

I like that! I get what you mean, and I think you may be right! Almost like, God won't tell you what you don't want to know . . . or the teacher will not appear until the student is ready to hear . . . yeah!
Comment by Brent Marchant on March 22, 2010 at 4:23am
Ever have a strong intuitive flash that you knew you were supposed to listen to but didn't? If so, you'll appreciate the lesson of Roman Polanski's new film, "The Ghost Writer," the subject of "Going with One's Gut," the title of my latest online film review for VividLife magazine (http://www.vividlife.me).

Brent Marchant
Get the Picture: Conscious Creation Goes to the Movies
Moment Point Press, www.momentpoint.com

Featured Contributor, Arts
VividLife magazine, www.vividlife.me

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