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Ouija boards are harmless enough if you don't go looking for trouble. There are no "evil forces" or "dark energies" at work in the universe, other than our own thought-forms and the thought-forms of others who BELIEVE in devils and demons.

Even books on witchcraft will tell you that no "spell" cast upon you by anyone can have any effect on you unless you THINK it can.

For example, I don't believe in Voodoo -- so you can stick pins in little dolls with my name on them all day long and they will have no influence in my life whatsoever. If I allow myself to have a FEAR of such, however, then I give you power over my circumstances because I BELIEVE YOU ALREADY HAVE IT! Then your "little dolls" can and will have a profound effect in my situations.

So if you venture forth with the expectation that you'll encounter evil, you shall. Whether it's a creation of your own or of someone else who believes in evil entities matters not -- the fact that you believe in them in the first place will cause something unpleasant to manifest in your experience.

Remember -- WE CREATE OUR OWN REALITY! For better or worse. So as you explore infinity, keep in mind that what you seek -- OR FEAR -- is what you'll find!

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Not having been raised with any belief system around the concept of evil, I find it somewhat hard to relate to the belief in evil spirits. But any belief system can manifest its own symbols. I suspect that Catholic faithful actually do see the Virgin Mary, or witness demonic possessions.

Decades ago, I recall an article where a journalist experimented with beliefs. He fabricated a spirit, gave him a name and history, set up a seance and attempted to contact the fictional entity. Well, according to the account of the journalist, things did start to go bump in the night. Chairs moved. Even the ouija board began to transmit messages from the imaginary ghost. Some would say this was a real spirit, but I think that we have the capacity to manifest our own phenomenon.
You're right -- we all create our own salvation or damnation. We get what we expect -- and the stronger our belief, the more solid the "reality" we create.
To tell you the truth it is hard for me to believe in either as I have experienced neither angels nor demons (experienced them with my senses). Of course, I am declaring now that I am open to only positive psychic experiences that serve me well...LOL
Reviving this discussion for a minute or two...

Pat, I think I'm going to hunt up a doll and try VOODOO out on you, so be careful, LOL!

There are some who've posted in the main forum about fears and psychic readings that have "ruined" their lives...and this is the kind of answer many of us give.

We are the entities you have manifested, Pat -- hope we're not too scary.

Voodoo . . . Hoodoo . . . Who do? You do . . . Yaa-hoo!

As for Shelly's last post, I find that I'm in the same imaginary (but real?) boat. I've only had one or two experiences that were rather eerie, but everywhere I've been, any attempts to experience the supernatural or anything other than just plain ol' everyday stuff (in the traditional sense though that can even be disputed) have fallen flat.

For example, as a kid, we did the slumber party levitation thing. Some have claimed that it really did happen. But the time we tried it, the person lying there stayed firmly attached by the earth's gravitational pull.

I've even allegedly been hypnotized and so on, and never felt anything strange except relaxation. I listen to CDs that encourage a meditative state and it has felt very nice. But no weird stuff. I'd really LIKE to experience certain things a little off the beaten-reality-path, but it hasn't happened.

And anything that might border on the slightly odd I usually try to explain...

And so it is.

I did have an experience once where I had just caught the scent of a bed of petunias, and it reminded me of my Grandma Koehler, who had a very thick bed of petunias out by the garage on my grandparents' farm. How I loved the scent, and to this day it reminds me of her -- a very pleasant memory. So I continued down the street as I walked my dog on an extremely hot and humid Kentucky day, and suddenly I felt a blast of cold air. I was on the sidewalk, far away from anything that MIGHT have emitted it -- no cars; a house was 30 feet away or so -- I don't know what it was.

Some might say it was my grandma's ghost. I dunno. It doesn't matter. It didn't change my life. It was an experience and it was fun.

I have also felt that feeling when I walk near a water sprinkler on a hot day -- in a mist of water. But no one sprinkles lawns in Kentucky that I know of. It's not necessary.

Who knows?
Interesting when I think about the use of the Ouija board as a kid -- at a slumber party a bunch of girls were using it and the thing kept cussing at them. That never happened to me.

Of course, it was all excitement to them -- giggles, screams, knowing adults would have had a cow if they'd been there...LOL!

Yeah, I went through an Ouija-board busting phase when I was into Jesus things -- it was evil, they said. So I got rid of some wonderful records and books and other such stuff because I wanted to do away with evil in my life.

I didn't buy a knew Ouija board later, though I did try to replenish a couple or three record albums. I now have a cute little Ouija keychain dealie -- it's a little box with a tiny pointer inside. It's just cute -- got it at a yard sale -- either in their freebie box or maybe for a quarter.

Yeah, I think what we create is simply what we create, and it's all for a purpose, for us.

Its interesting to me that I am quite prepared to accept the idea of distant healing but consider psychic attack to be illusion.
How can one exist if the other does not? How can my belief system create distant healing and not allow the negative equivalent? We are all effected and influenced positively and negatively by the people around us at a physical, emotional, intellectual level how come there is only positive influence at a spiritual level? Of course if its all thought projection then there has to be a history of thought projection upon which the current thoughts build, on both an individual, societal and global level.There is a hierarchy and history of thought within which we create our current thoughts and reality.The history is there as a neutral record and to speed up things once we have made our choices.I've done several "clearings" over the years where the activity started after the use of a ouija board so I tend towards the existence of other realities and the ability of entities to influence from another reality.
Dennis, I'll take a look at your link. I am inclined towards what you are saying here.

My experience with keeping my energies open as I naturally am in most days is not a good idea in an environment with people holding on to lot of depressing, clinging, wounded and negative emotional energies.

Being an emotional empath I learned over the years that we need some basic forms of psychic protection or regular meditative clearings of inner space especially when our energies are low or we feel confused, resentful or sick in our gut. My work is more nowadays with shifting collective reality mindfully.

Wow, this just answered another question that I posted in a different forum.  Thank you. 


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