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Some excellent Seth quotes involving the subjects of mental depression and suicide to some extent. Just sharing :)




Suicides, as a class, for example, do not have any
particular "punishment" meted out to them, nor is their condition any
worse a priori. They are treated as individuals. Any problems that
were not faced in this life will, however, be faced in another one.
This applies not only to suicides, however.



A suicide may bring about his own death because he rejects existence
on any but highly specific terms chosen by himself. If this is the
case, then of course he will have to learn differently. Many others,
however, choose to deny experience while within the physical system,
committing suicide quite as effectively while still physically alive.



The conditions connected with an act of suicide are also important,
and the inner reality and realization of the individual. I mention
this here because many philosophies teach that suicides are met by a
sort of special, almost vindictive fate, and such is not the case.
However, if a person kills himself, believing that the act will
annihilate his consciousness forever, then this false idea may
severely impede his progress, for it will be further intensified by



Again, teachers are available to explain the true situation. Various
therapies are used. For example, the personality may be led back to
the events prior to the decision. Then the personality is allowed to
change the decision. An amnesia effect is induced, so that the
suicide itself is forgotten. Only later is the individual informed of
the act, when he is better able to face it and understand it.



Seth-Jane Roberts
Session 546
Excerpted from the book: Seth Speaks
(c) All Rights Reserved



It is somewhat fashionable to place feelings above conscious
thoughts, the idea being that emotions are more basic and natural
than conscious reasoning is. The two actually go together but your
conscious thinking largely determines your emotions, and not the
other way around. Your beliefs generate the appropriate emotion that
is implied. A long period of inner depression does not just come
upon you. Your emotions do not betray you. Instead, over a period of
time you have been consciously entertaining negative beliefs that
then generated the strong feelings of despondency.

If emotion could be trusted above conscious reasoning then there
would be little point in aware thought at all. You would not need it.

You are not at the mercy of your emotions, either, for they are
meant to follow the flow of your reasoning. Your mind is meant to
perceive the physical environment clearly, and its judgments about
the environment then activate the body's mechanisms to bring about
proper response. If your beliefs about existence are fearful, then
the emotional reactions will be those leading to stress. Your own
value judgments need examination in such a case.

Your imagination of course fires your emotions, and it also follows
your beliefs faithfully. As you think so you feel, and not the other
way around.


~ Seth (Jane Roberts) – The Nature of Personal Reality,
Session 620, Oct. 11, 1972




You consciously give the signals for reaction. It is not the other
way around. Past events do not intrude in this manner unless they
are beckoned by the conscious expectations and thoughts that exist
within your mind. (Pause.) Those unconscious memories will be
activated according to your current beliefs. You will be replenished
and renewed as your thoughts motivate joyful body sensations and
physical events, or you will be depressed as you bring into your
awareness unpleasant past body happenings.

~ Seth (Jane Roberts) – The Nature of Personal Reality,
Session 632, Jan. 15, 1973
The nature of your personal beliefs in a large measure directs the
kinds of emotions you will have at any given time. You will feel
aggressive, happy, despairing, or determined according to events
that happen to you, your beliefs about yourself in relation to them,
and your ideas of who and what you are. You will not understand your
emotions unless you know your beliefs. It will seem to you that you
feel aggressive or upset without reason, or that your feelings sweep
down upon you without cause if you do not learn to listen to the
beliefs within your own conscious mind, for they generate their own


One of the strongest general causes of depression, for example, is
the belief that your conscious mind is powerless either in the face
of exterior circumstances thrust upon you from without, or before
strong emotional events that seem to be overwhelming from within.


~ Seth (Jane Roberts) - The Nature of Personal Reality,
Session 642, Feb. 21, 1973



Which you? Which world? If you are lonely it is because you believe
in your loneliness in this present point that you acknowledge as
time. From what seems to be the past you draw only those memories
that reinforce your condition, and you project those into the
future. Physically, you are overwhelming your body as it responds to
a state of loneliness through chemical and hormonal reactions. You
are also denying your own point of action within the present.

Vitamins, better food, medical attention, may temporarily rejuvenate
the body, but unless you change your beliefs it will quickly become
swamped again by your feelings of depression. In such a case you
must realize that you make your own loneliness, and resolve to
change through both thought and action. Action is thought in
physical motion, outwardly perceived.


~ Seth (Jane Roberts) – The Nature of Personal Reality,
Session 656, April 16, 1973


Note: Vol. I of The Seth Audio Collection
http://www.sethcenter.com ] consists of six (one hour)
cassettes plus a 34 page booklet of Seth transcripts.
One of the topics included in this volume is: Spiritual
healing, how to handle emotions, overcoming depression
and much more.



Student: When I get home I probably won't relax, I keep wondering
why I am still blocking.


Seth:  Instead imagine yourself clearly receiving inspiration. You
are thinking negatively when you are thinking mainly about your
problems. See them solved imaginatively in your mind, do not
emphasize your limitations.


~ Seth (Jane Roberts) - ESP Class April 13, 1971.
1995 SNI membership gift, pg. 12.]


"Tell yourself frequently, 'I will only react to constructive
suggestions,' for this gives you some protection against your own
negative thoughts and those of others."

~ Seth (Jane Roberts) -- The Seth Material, Chapter 13.



".... however, the inner self should be allowed to make the
judgment ultimately, as to which suggestions are constructive and
which are not."

~ Seth (Jane Roberts) – The Early Sessions, book 4,
Session 164, p. 101



[Note: please keep in mind when reading the above two quotes, that
as per the Seth material Seth does not mean that we need protection
per se – only that this suggestion is very helpful when we have
negative or limiting thoughts, beliefs and expectations.]



Subject: Depression and contemplating suicide (Seth)


pg. 264
"If you are a person who contemplates suicide often, you should
indeed talk to a confidante about your problem."


pg. 265
"This communication on your part will help clear the air to some
extent. Such a person is considering an irreversible step - one
certainly that should not be taken lightly. Often such people are
in a very depressed state of mind, so that they have already closed
their thoughts to the reasons FOR living, and only keep reminding
themselves of the availability of death.


"Often other people can make some small, seemingly innocuous comment
that suddenly opens the disturbed person's mind to new
possibilities. Because the entire mental, physical, emotional, and
spiritual portions of the self are always stimulated to seek further
growth and development and satisfaction, then it is quite possible
for the mind to seize upon even the smallest event that will
spontaneously release the person at least momentarily from
depression, or even despair.


"If you are in such a situation, do remind yourself that it is far
more natural and probable for any problem to be solved, and that
every problem has a solution. Death is not a solution. It is an
END in a very basic manner.


"No matter how depressed you may feel, you do still want to live, or
you would be dead by now - so there is a part of you that seeks life
and vitality, and that portion also deserves expression. It is a
good idea to put off MAKING any decision for a while. After all, if
you do choose suicide, you can always kill yourself. If you commit
suicide, however, your choices for this life are over.


"Tell yourself you will make no decision until after your birthday,
or after the holidays, or that you will put off any decision for a
month, or even a week - whatever you feel most comfortable with.



~ Seth (Jane Roberts) -- "The Way Toward Health", Chapter 11



Seth on setting the conditions in life / suicide


There are people who feel that existence is meaningless without wealth.
Now this sounds idiotic to you. There are people who have committed
suicide because they established wealth as a condition of existence.
They were unable to appreciate a love relationship because of this
preoccupation, and you have been unwilling to appreciate the true
miracle of your existence because of your preoccupation.

If every cell set up the conditions of its own existence you would not
have a body. The conditions blind you to what life is, even to the
miraculous balance and imbalance of physical and nonphysical that allows
you to think and breathe. Forget your conditions and you will realize
the meaning of joy within your own life.

Now my dear young friend for whom I have great affection, there is no
other way. Life must be accepted. You do not set the terms. You are
worthwhile, and unique and glorious, whether or not you are loved by a
man. [Seth is replying to questions addressed in a letter] You have a
purpose and it is yours to fulfil, whether or not you are loved by a

When you cease holding this as a condition of existence, then you may
very well be loved by a man. But no one sets the conditions, or pouts
in a corner, or threatens suicide without courting severe difficulties.
Ruburt has ridiculed the conventional idea of a god who says "Do what I
want you to do or I will destroy you", and yet you say to life "Give me
what I want or I threaten to destroy myself."

Now. The answer is no. When you understand my idea of life, then you
do not destroy yourself in any form. You do not take it for granted
that in the next life you will solve your problems. You take it for
granted that this form and this personality, like all your other
personalities, is unique, with purpose that it alone can best achieve.

You are your own inner self, it is true. You have set your own
problems, but the life force is not entirely yours. You have decided to
do certain things with the vitality and life that has been given you,
that flows through you, but it is not your right to end any given
personlity. You rob those you could have helped, and you deny the
ecstasy that is the natural right of your being.

Seth-Jane Roberts - The Early Sessions, Book 9, Session 440


Jane Roberts writes in The Seth Material, toward the end of Chapter
13 (p.191) :

Remember our friend who kept falling in love with men she
couldn't have? Finally she grew more and more morose, and
attempted suicide several times. One night in her absence we had a
session for her, and Seth's advice here has important general

"You have not accepted life on life's terms," he said.

"You are demanding that it behave in certain ways and take
courses that you have consciously decided upon. You are refusing to
accept life gladly, as its own reason and cause within you.

"The idea that you MUST find a man that will love you is a cover
to hide this deeper refusal to accept life on life's terms . . .
You are saying, `Unless existence meets my terms, I will not
exist,'and no one has the right to so set themselves against
their own innate vitality.

"Once you wholeheartedly accept life on life's terms, then
you may indeed get what you are after, but not while you insist upon
it as a condition for continued existence . . . Your own purpose will
make life a daily joy when you let your conditions go. You forget
what you do have – health and vitality. You forget your intellect
and intuitions. You forget what blessings are yours.

"You cannot pervert them by trying to force them to serve
purposes that you have set up as a condition of existence. You must
live in the faith that your purpose IS, and will be fulfilled, is
being fulfilled. You must live in the faith that you have such a
purpose and meaning, or you would not be here . . . "




[Here Seth says that changing the sleeping patterns can be of help
to a "persons with problems of depression, or those with mental

[SETH:] You have trained your consciousness to follow certain
patterns that are not necessarily natural for it, and these patterns
increase the sense of alienation between the waking and dreaming
self. To some extent you drug the body with suggestion, so that it
believes it must sleep away a certain amount of hours in one block.
Animals sleep when they are tired, and awaken in a much more natural

You would retain a far greater memory of your subjective
experiences, and your body would be healthier, if these sleeping
patterns were changed. Six to eight hours of sleep in all would be
sufficient with the nap patterns outlined. And even those who think
they now need more sleep than this would find that they did not, if
all the time was not spent in one block. The entire system,
physical, mental, and psychic, would benefit.

The divisions between the self would not be nearly as severe.
Physical and mental work would be easier, and the body itself would
gain steady periods of refreshment and rest. Now, as a rule, it must
wait, regardless of its condition, at least for some sixteen hours.
For other reasons having to do with the chemical reactions during
the dream state, bodily health would be improved; and this
particular schedule would also be of help in schizophrenia, and
generally aid persons with problems of depression, or those with
mental instability.

(9:52.) Your sense of time would also be less rigorous and rigid.
Creative abilities would be quickened, and the great problem of
insomnia that exists for many people would be largely conquered—for
what they fear is often the long period of time in which
consciousness, as they THINK of it, seems to be extinguished.

Small meals or snacks would then be taken upon rising. This method
of eating and sleeping would greatly help various metabolic
difficulties, and also aid in the development of spiritual and
psychic ability. For many reasons, physical activity at night has a
different effect upon the body than physical activity during the
day, and ideally, both effects are necessary.

At certain times during the night the negative ions in the air are
much stronger, or numerous, than in the daytime, for example; and
activity during this time, particularly a walk or outside activity,
would be highly beneficial from a health standpoint.


~ Seth (Jane Roberts) - Seth Speaks,
Session 532, May 27, 1970

(c) All Rights Reserved


 (Note, for some very insightful ones from Bashar on this subject, see the Bashar group here in the PI community.)



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